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  1. First issue ”What if…Peyton Manning entered draft in 1997”
  2. There were lots of rumblings this off season that the Jets were not thrilled with Bryce Hall. I have no link but its something i heard on a few different podcasts
  3. These draft lines are ridiculously manipulated. Wouldnt be shocked if they arent offered soon
  4. Jojo left his home in Tuscon, Arizona for some California grass
  5. Ding ding ding, we have a winner. Trade those picks immediately to move up or secure an established veteran. These picks are fools gold
  6. Who do you think the best Jets second round pick in the past 25 years is? And the worst?
  7. Ive had him on my fantasy team many times. Thats good right?
  8. 1996 NFL draft round 1 - keyshawn Wr round 2 - alex van dyke Wr even with the number 1 overall pick invested at WR we double dipped. Where was the outrage then? Run it back
  9. The amount of miles you needed for it wouldve killed me already lol
  10. There was no better club than the old Tootsies that was closer to the stadium
  11. Anyone who thinks any athlete would choose to play in NYC over Miami is living in the past. Zero benefit to living in nyc. These guys arent going to theaters and museums
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