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  1. Espn abuses the Jets yet they hire ex Jets at an alarming rate. Kinda like the girl you liked in 5th grade that you would pull her hair and make fun of. Rex got abused as a coach but his whole squad got hired as analysts. What does this say about ESPN? Fascinating https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2021/04/27/jets-are-the-worldwide-leader-in-producing-espn-analysts/amp/ There is no telling whether any of the players the Jets draft this week will be any good in the NFL. However, if they one day want to work in sports media, they will have been picked by the right tea
  2. Have we ever gone into a draft knowing exactly who the pick was gonna be? The closest i can remember is Keyshawn? Something has always had to break for us. Weird and a bit anticlimactic spot for us at #2. Any of the gray beards remember when we knew exactly what the pick was before the draft?
  3. Media always has a narrative, comes down to if you believe whats being fed to you
  4. Dee millner at 9 Sheldon Richardson at 13 Geno Smith at 39
  5. What hurts worse? the actual needle or having to watch Jets football?
  6. Pick 7.235 – Lachlan Edwards, P, Sam Houston State even the punter lol
  7. I feel like i hear this every 4 years. Seriously
  8. this trade isn't going to age well.......sam could be hitting his stride in 2026
  9. I would trade a 2nd rounder for sure considering our history with the pick
  10. Wow that CGI on the field looks beyond fake
  11. The Daily News Sunday Sports section was my bible from about 1986-2010. Its a shell of its former greatness. Too bad
  12. Bone rattling tackles....he was everything that the Louisville Slugger was supposed to be
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