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  1. But its the Bungles. They historically are our brothers in suck
  2. The Jets being a 10 point home underdog to the Bungles feels like rock bottom to me
  3. Hahaha i thought it was hysterical when you said it years ago! Want a burger? Lol
  4. Sums up everything wrong with ownership. Always listening to and trying to appease the outside noise
  5. This. How do the Johnsons constantly get let off the hook by this fanbase?
  6. I will say its amazing that the Jets had the best Center in the league from 1998-2018 with Mawae and Mangold Just like when Peyton gave way to Andrew Luck……or Favre to Rodgers
  7. Of all the positions for the Jets to produce 2 Hall of Famers……….Center Kind of sums up the franchise
  8. Jets fans booed Wilson in his first home game….his first actual time playing in front of his “fans” thats worse than the Philly fans booing Santa Clause imo shameful
  9. And here we are. Still the Giants cucks Woody coulda changed all that
  10. The fact that the Johnson brothers didnt even build us our own stadium. They CHOSE to play second fiddle to the Giants by staying in their building. Wow
  11. Amazing that this fan base hasn't turned on the Johnson brothers. people defend these clowns. Amazing
  12. Also have the most underrated wide receiver in football on the roster
  13. Tyrod Taylor better than ANYONE we have trotted out since Pennington
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