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  1. John Wick 2 was so terrible take myself into not seeing this one. mistake?
  2. Warrior.....the worst word in sports
  3. Trading our #1 pick for Doug jolly and drafting a kicker with our #2 was extra special
  4. Anyone hear the bouncer who called WFAN a few days ago with an Ed Oliver story? Apparantly he was wasted out in manhattan and tried to take on entire security team. Said, “you guys are gonna need guns to take me down” pass
  5. I think we’ve gotten to the point where the majority of this board never even saw Klecko play. God I am old.
  6. anyone else getting a ton of pop ups when they use the site on an IPhone?
  7. How terrible does the giants passing on Darnold look? Not only did they allow the Jets to draft him but the Giants are possibly giving the jets so much draft capital the next year?? Turning point wow
  8. I’m taking amtrack to all the games this year.
  9. I started playing the year Keyshawn was drafted....over 20 years
  10. He is. Not even close. when was the last time a jets player went in the first round of a fantasy draft like Le’Veon Bell will this year? Never
  11. So you agree that the only perk of having season tix is locking in any potential home playoff games at face value prices?
  12. Warrior......it basically started with Paul Oneil and has been misused ever since
  13. If you think the Jets are hosting the AFC championship game this year than get the season tickets. That’s literally the only valid reason to pull the trigger.
  14. Robwrt Kraft is a well known hound. Likes letting 22 year olds try on his SB rings at Cuccina in Palm Beach at 2am
  15. as a huge jets fan, I never thought the butt fumble was a big deal at all
  16. Remember when Aaron glenn was the highest rated player on the Jets in Madden?
  17. You talk about these thing like you are a 12 year old......then again weren’t you the guy who sexually harassed all the women at gate D halftime?
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