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  1. They should have @joebabyny run the concessions in MetLife Stadium.
  2. Parcels to groh to herm to Mangini to Rex to Bowles. See the pattern?
  3. No video for people to get outraged over
  4. Basically what I take from all of this (and ray rice) is.....it isn’t so much the crime, but the video is what’s gonna get you
  5. Ran into the same scenario recently I was playing poker (palm beach kennel club of course) and I saw an older gentlemen (about 85-90) sitting off by himself in one of the corners. He was staring intently at his phone with his headphones on. Got up and walked past him to use the bathroom and I hear the sweet sounds of boinking coming loudly from his phone. This guy was watching porn and didn't realize his headphones weren't plugged in. Hystrical Then I got to thinking. Senior Citizens with smartphones have never had easier access to porn in their lives. This is the generation that had to go to the special beaded off section of the local video store to rent.a "Debbie Does Dallas" tape. Or wait til the magazine store was quiet to go pick up a copy of Club magazine. Or get the scrambled porn channel on their cable where they can barely make out a nipple thru the fuzz. Must be a good time to be an old guy.
  6. saw Jim James solo acoustic at Town Hall last night. the guy is a ******* genius, just him and a guitar and a drummer on some songs. he is playing at the Capital theater tonight and the is a free webcast at 9 pm. check it out side note, great weekend for music here in nyc.....jack white at kings theater in Bklyn and bob weir at the beacon
  7. ask yourself this. when was the last time a Jet was drafted in the first 5 rounds of a fantasy draft?
  8. The Jets havent hired a head coach with previous head coaching experience since Parcells. The Jets haven't hired a coach for the offensive side of the ball since Kotite. This team doesn't do what you are asking it to do. it is sad
  9. Gruden is a genius. He is tearing it down while the team is still in Oakland. They are going to be sooooo good for sooo long once they get to Vegas.
  10. Nope, because it’s sad to see the women’s lib movement reduced to a marketing ploy for ratings. Carry on
  11. the bending over backwards to "please everybody" in this world is really getting old
  12. Never wish injury on anyone......but this guy packed it in long ago so does it even really matter?
  13. Nepotism reigns in the nfl. These guys take care of each other’s offspring.
  14. After 3 years of watching this marmaluke fold his arms on the sidelines I want pizzazz
  15. At least Herm, Mangini, and Rex had a little pizzazz how Bowles became a head coach in the media capital of the world is beyond me
  16. 2 things have happened in the last week that will have every true jets fan in stitches. Darnolds first pass against the Lions (you can’t make this stuff up) and now this. the goddamn Jets man........
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