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  1. I feel like there is a lot of hate for ed from season ticket owners who think THEY should be leading the chant and doing Eds job.
  2. waiting for Ed to do the chant at home games after a score is LITERALLY the ONLY tradition we have as a franchise........the only one
  3. you think ed was getting comped in 1992 when Browning Nagle was going 13-35 with 0 td's and 2 picks? he was at every game. Ed is as diehard as it gets
  4. this is why he needs to come back. jets Fns don't know their history
  5. did you leave before or after halftime of the Monday Night Miracle? lol
  6. And here is was actually excited about our defense.......figures
  7. Sam literally exorcised every Jets demon of the past 40 years with that interception.
  8. I headed ira on Wfan over the summer. He said the Jets would make the playoffs
  9. There is only one PRESIDENT....I wish Jamal would get off his cosplay thing
  10. When redesigning the Jets uniform ask yourself one question and one question only....... ”would this guy rock it?”
  11. The jets will find a way to muck this up. 100 percent guaranteed
  12. if I’m you I’m chugging that bad boy right out of the bottle as the National Anthem is playing right before Darnolds first super bowl
  13. I was going to do this. What are the pros and cons? Thx
  14. The real question is what is everybody using for the real nfl? reddit?
  15. if this was the early-mid 90's this would be the greatest idea of all times. hip hop is dead
  16. Coulda sworn you made this same post about Jim Harbaugh last year? Or was it 2 years ago?
  17. Berman and Fat Mike on a similar career arc lmfao. In in all seriousness, lots of parallels between both their situations. Suits tried to get “younger and edgier” and it failed. Sports fans generally don’t do edgy imo
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