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  1. You should have asked me this 20 years ago. I would give up nothing now
  2. Lebron forced the cavs to trade for clarckson and nance contracts to free up cap space so he can sign with Lakers. The dude is playing chess while the rest of nba is playing checkers
  3. The networks must just be throwing bank at any recognizable, longtime referee! These guys have built their brands on tv for 25 years and now they are cashing in!
  4. Which entity has more longevity? Ryan Fitzpatrick or a left handed set up relief pitcher?
  5. It’s amazing why having a franchise qb does
  6. Came to comment on Hack but apparently this is a Tebow thread. Gawd I love Jets fans
  7. This is the most excited I’ve been about a young Jets we group in forever. The new qb has a lot to do with that
  8. Oh I know.....but if I did have to convince you...lol
  9. https://m.soundcloud.com/ninja-tune/solid-steel-radio-show-31-8-1 this Paul’s boutique sample mix is a sonic journey through the history of rock, funk, and soul. Beasties were the greatest group to ever do it.
  10. At the time when Woody took the ambassadorship I said it was the closest a sports team will ever come to “firing an owner.” it has really worked out well
  11. My friends and I gave Marvin Jones the nickname “THE PRESIDENT” back in the Jetsinsider days. I still have the email I sent from dec 10, 2002 to SHADE55@aol.com with the subject line “Marvin THE PRESIDENT Jones” in which I reveal his nickname to him under the guise of contributing to his charity. We hit it off over the web. I played in his fantasy league many years later. Entry fee was 10 bucks a head. Marvin took it very seriously. Too seriously
  12. My brain isn’t functioning properly because the jets have a stud qb
  13. Would be nice if we were able to get a pick for him.
  14. I just can’t wait until I’m drafting him in the first round of a fantasy draft. Real talk
  15. Like, do we actually have a qb? And do we have that qb because the our older brother the Giants passed on him? This is the day the student becomes the master.
  16. Can you imagine getting drafted to the nfl and they play a 30 second video highlighting your families accomplishments right after? Espn didn’t even show 1 football highlight for almost a minute? Feel bad for the kid
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