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  1. Jets almost covered. where was the disaster?
  2. Uncalled for never once have i heard of a player or coachs religious preference being relevant. Not one time. Tell me about your religious beliefs Vader….do you not like Muslims?
  3. All time nyc athlete grocery bagger Every time i see this dunk feels like the 1st time
  4. I thought Marvin Jones was the second coming of Dick Butkus
  5. I remember being a 10 year old kid in Section 238 feeling so horrible for him when everyone was chanting “Joe Must Go” week after week. It made my stomach turn RIP coach
  6. Did you wait 45 minutes for your hot dog like i did? That store is a disaster
  7. When was the last time you stepped foot in that particular store?
  8. People are talking about Moore the way they were talking about Mims last year
  9. Denied bail in Seattle is a terrible sign lol
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