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  1. Just like you took names a few weeks ago when you tried to shame the board into collectively apologizing to our “fearless leader” Christopher Johnson? You are irrelevant at this point, showed your ass to the entire board. I would just hush at this point.
  2. The way I see it people like you are the biggest part of the problem. Cheerleaders/social climbers throwing their money into a billionaires pocket. Weren’t you the one who wanted the board to collectively apologize to Christopher Johnson a few weeks ago? You are a clown show.
  3. Been saying for years.......If the jets aren’t hosting a playoff game every year then it’s not worth it. End of story, that simple.
  4. And Kerry Rhodes is a fiercer fashionista than our boy Jamal.
  5. @joebabyny is doing the tailgate down there. A bunch of us will be there
  6. These pics are ruining a lot of my fantasies you guys
  7. That’s what they were saying about Darnold a month ago
  8. anyone in SoFla go to see Crazyfingers on Thursdays and Sundays? best Dead cover band ever
  9. Can’t wait to hear Bart Scott ask Jamal about that Brady play. “Leader of men” my ass. Should’ve lit him up
  10. This guy is all over the place right now. His name called every play.
  11. And here I thought you were secretly “Ira from Staten Island”.......you ARE capable of criticizing the jets!
  12. Lol I used to do the same to Jason taylor down at the hard rock hollywood
  13. Ding dong. Another woody hanger on
  14. lol I hears ya......OR we have been terrible forever and these writers are just calling it how it is
  15. Could it possibly be that Woody is pulling the strings behind the scenes to make Chris look like a fool so that we all welcome the Ambassador back with open arms? Game Theory at its finest
  16. NFL Season Futures 5/26/2019 Future Odds Status 9/30/2019 - Le'Veon Bell - Which team will he be on for game 1 of the 2019 Regular Season JETS 380-100 Final BUCCANEERS 12-2 Final EAGLES 750-100 Final RAVENS 8-1 Final TEXANS 8-1 Final HOUSTON 8-1 Final COLTS 10-1 Final RAIDERS 12-1 Final CHIEFS 14-1 Final REDSKINS 16-1 Final DOLPHINS 16-1 Final LIONS 16-1 Final PACKERS 16-1 Final 49ERS 18-1 Final BILLS 20-1 Final BROWNS 20-1 Final SEAHAWKS 25-1 Final BRONCOS 25-1 Final STEELERS 30-1 Final PATRIOTS 30-1 Final
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