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  1. I actually feel bad for any kid who playes TE and gets drafted by the Jets in the first round. The expectations for FAILURE are sky high.....lol The list makes me sick. J. Mitchell K. Brady A Becht If I was Keller, i woulda been praying for the Jets to grab me in the 2nd round...hahahah I DO think he will break the jinx though....he reminds me sooo much of Tony Gonzalez....his moves, his stature.....he will be a stud
  2. Dustin "Hellen" Keller is such a "SPECIAL" player dont you all agree?? He has no fear, its like he can't "see" or "hear" oncoming tacklers. SPECIAL indeed......."Hellen" Keller!
  3. Its up to us to keep the flame lit my man! good job
  4. Listening to WFAN on my comp. Joe B and Evan said there are tix still availible to the game tonite on ticketmaster at face value. God, i wish i didn't livedown here in Florida. You gusy should take advantage
  5. ....so im walking down the street in downtown Delray to get my coffee this morning. Im wearing my old school Jets t shirt. I see white hat losers with dirty Patriots hats walk by and say, "nice team." I turn around and yell like a primate at the top of my lungs, "SEE YOU AT BRU'S ROOM TONITE BITCHES......BRING YOUR SHINEBOX!" They look at me with the blankest stares......gotta love gameday
  6. Please Joe, we were lab partners in Biology freshman year and you were too much of a fairy/***** to cut open the Guinea pig.....you got us kicked out of the class! BIG TOUGH JOEY SCARED OF THE LIL PIGGY!! hahahahahhahahaa
  7. Joe, i always knew you were a "pickle smoocher" but this is going waaaayyyy too far
  8. Hey, we both joined this site in April 2005.......i just have several thousand fewer posts than you do.
  9. I respect that we have differing views on the matter but how could you be so short-sighted??
  10. Those who know.......they understand.....
  11. .................................
  12. because "air force one" is a jet isnt it?? HOW YOU DOIN!!!!??
  13. After the election, Barrack Obama gets briefed by all the different heads of departments at the White House so he can get comfortable. The chef asks him about food, the decorator asks him what color drapes ect ect. Finally the official White House Pilot comes to brief him, He says, "Mr President, i want tell you about Air Force One." Pres Obama quickly waves his hands and interupts, "Man, I used to shoot hoops in my Air Force Ones all the time back in the day!" Flame away
  14. Ive been making president jokes on Jets Message Boards for like 8 yrs or so........just ask MARVIN JONES
  15. If by no one laughing you mean yourself (who has 6 of 18 post in this thread, or roughly 33 percent of them) than fine.......
  16. wow, look at all the closet Republican Obama supporters....... People, we just lived thru 8 yrs of unmerciful bashing of a president.....whether it was right or wrong...... My post was a litmus test for how much we plan on coddling young Obama?? is he off limits??? Is someone gonna make a movie about him whilst he is in office ala "W"??? Maybe i shouldve just said......"MARVIN JONES FOR PRESIDENT!"
  17. Then you must be a Herm lover....tsk tsk tsk
  18. As with all political jokes..........if i told it to 100 republicans, 80 will laugh........if i tell it to 100 democrats....99 will tell me its the dumbest joke ever..
  19. The election is over......Obama won, he is MY president........Am i not allowed to re-tell a joke i heard?? To a community of jets fans??????? PEOPLE WILL MAKE PRESIDENT JOKE UNTIL THE END OF TIME.......NOW THAT OBAMA IS THE PREZ WE HAVE TO STOP?? Lighten up people!
  20. The ONLY reason i posted this was more of a joke towards Herm......and only a jets messgae board would understand
  21. I know that this is SLIGHTLY political but it is more of a joke that can only be understood by diehard jets fans... DOES OBAMA REMIND ANYONE ELSE OF HERMAN EDWARDS??? -Great communicator/motivator from Monday thru Saturday.....then Sunday comes and the guy has no gameplan! -"YES WE CAN" = "YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!"
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