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  1. 207 Yards 1 TD 1 Int 1 Torn rotator cuff eLOT
  2. M. Kay is a homer, a tool, and is all over ARod's dong, but the guy does know about baseball. He guessed last year exactly how many games the mets would win, and i dont think it was luck. 2nd highest payroll in the NL(Houston #1), and 6th highest overall. As far as the Mets going to the NLCS/WS . . . if the pitching doesnt fall apart(Pedro/Glavine/finding a 3ed starter), and the team continues to play very well(97+ or so wins), ill agree that NLCS should be the worst that we do. eLOT
  3. Philips play was ok, while Jeters was amazing. David Wrights bare handed grab > both eLOT
  4. I really dont like Kay. He knows nothing about any sport other than baseball, and when he discusses the Yankees, all he talks about is Arod and how no one loves him. If i didnt know any better, i would think they were going out. eLOT
  5. [sarcasm on]Yeah, that sounds like a sweet deal for Philly, i doubt they can get anything better for Abreu[/sarcasm off] eLOT
  6. I made this post on a different board about Beltran. I made this post on the same day as this topic was started(5/24): David Wright has been great for us, and the kid has the potential to be a GREAT player. Carlos Delgado has been better than most of us expected him to be, and that is saying alot. With all that said, Carlos Beltran is the best player on this team IMO First of all, his fielding/arm is definately in the B+ range i think, but that has really never been questioned about him. The guy is a very good fielder. But have you guys really taken a look at th
  7. Read what i wrote "He's easily going to be considered a top 10 player when his career is over." The baseball nation as a whole will considered him a top 10 player of all time, it doesnt matter if you dont consider him clutch, time will get rid of everything except for his statistics. eLOT
  8. With the numbers that he will retire with, championships or not, he will be a top 10 player. P.S. David Wright is the man eLOT
  9. Im a Mets fan, and even i wouldnt call A-rod a top 25 all time player. He's easily going to be considered a top 10 player when his career is over. eLOT
  10. Maybe they wanted someone with versatility. He can play TE and FB. eLOT
  11. The Drob thing is completely different. He was a DT that every team wanted and happens to only be a servicable player. So we drafted a bust, it happens. We didnt give up a first for Jolley. What angers me about McCareins is that his market value is not a 2nd round pick. He simply did not prove enough to be worth that much and didnt deserve a 31 million dollar contract either. eLOT
  12. Can people get over Winston Justice? Him slipping to the second round MEANS NOTHING TO US. The Jets wouldnt have drafted him in round 4 either, he's not the type of player that they want on this team. The Jets got VERY skilled players in Ferguson/Mangold, with great characters/smarts. Players like that arent available in round 4. eLOT
  13. Let that just sink in guys. A 2nd round pick for McCareins . . . God im just so thankful to have a new regime, one that doesnt get taken to the woodshed. eLOT
  14. If were lucky, he will become Ted Johnson for us, and thats with a good amount of luck IMO eLOT
  15. Im impressed with the new regime and how they stuck to their plan. Can anyone here picture Belichek giving up half his draft to move up for a RB? I certainly cant. Mangini and Tannenbaum wanted smarts and character, and they went after it, even if some people here dont like. Those people should shut their mouths since what we have done in the past hasnt worked, so maybe this will. eLOT
  16. Akili Smith and Joey Harrington were Tedford QB's, and thats why they have failed in the NFL. Clemens plays in a completely different system. Any other terrible generalizations that you need corrected? eLOT
  17. Obviously you didnt watch the videos because he made some throws that were BULLETS while he was on the run. eLOT
  18. So after you watch those videos you come to the conclusion that he has a weak arm? Pennington cant come close to making half those throws, even if he was juiced. eLOT
  19. Pause it and let it fully load or let it load most of the way and hit play. eLOT
  20. I havent posted here in a LONG time, but heres something i figured some of you should watch. Now lets get something straight, im not argueing whether or not he's a good QB or anything else, im simply trying to prove everyone that said he has a weak arm wrong. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xe6J0OtjZHQ&search=oregon%20ducks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUbDqRx_Q44&search=oregon%20ducks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7alsWRjT8w&search=oregon%20ducks eLOT
  21. I got a Vilma jersey for my birthday, and the person gave me the black and green Jets cap with it. eLOT
  22. Ya EB, thats a really tough call. Do we sign Ty Law if he's at full speed to a cheap contract If he's at full speed, what makes you think the contract he will want will be short or cheap. eLOT
  23. Buffalo Bills third round pick, TE Kevin Everett was carted off the field, Torn ACL. Good Luck Bills eLOT
  24. This is how i see our CB problem for next year: We have Barrett who im a big fan of, but the guy is at most a good #2 guy and certainly not a #1 type guy. Straight, if were lucky, could be a #2 guy for us but thats most likely wishful thinking. If he is our #2 guy, then he probably wont be too good at it. Mickens as we all know is not qualified to be a #2 guy either, just a good nickel guy. Miller is a rookie, and while i do think he will be good either next year or the year after, i dont think he's anywhere near ready to be our #2 CB this year. So what we ha
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