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  1. http://www.cheatsheet.com/sports/nfl-who-is-quarterback-prospect-garrett-grayson.html/
  2. Here's the deal. Is there an Amari Cooper in every draft? There usually is. If they sign Denarius I think the pick is an OLB or QB at 6. They can get a WR in the 2016 draft.
  3. Love it. Jets are filling holes through Free Agency. I think their draft policy is now best available player.
  4. Mariota is a bust and there's not a chance the Jets will draft him. Qbs like him are available each and every year. Jets need to draft Cooper at 6 or an olb they love or trade back. Their future qb is not in this draft.
  5. Solid hold the fort guy till Jets draft a Franchise QB at some point. Who knows, if they can keep him healthy he may do pretty good with these weapons.
  6. The point is there's NO GOOD QB's available and the Jets have NO QBs!
  7. But they get in back if he doesn't start 8 games or something like that.
  8. #20 in rd 1, #20 in rd 2, Sam Bradford, and a 2016 #1 and #2 in a heartbeat for #6.
  9. Jets are going all in this year. Bradford or Glennon or Fitzy will be the starting QB. If the Jets can get Bradford they'll then have two 1st rd picks in 2016 to draft a QB if need be. Makes too much sense. Draft Hundley this year in rd 2 also. Jets NEED QB's!
  10. Bradford is better than Geno. Geno is still on his cheap rookie contract. Keep him as #2. But he's not starting in 2015. No way.
  11. If Mariota is there at 6, Philly is absolutely trading us Bradford and multiple picks. Sadly I see them trading with TN instead. Philly is ALL IN for Mariota.
  12. Sam Bradford #1, Fitzpatrick #2 (or gets cut after training camp), Geno Smith #3. OR Brett Hundley #3.
  13. Cro, Revis, and Skrine would be awesome. Milliner is the backup and eventually replaces CRO next year.
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