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  1. I just don't understand this. What are you supposed to do when you trade up to a spot so you can have Darnold or Mayfield 'fall in your lap'. Trade back to 6? Only Jets fans could kill a guy who moved up to get a franchise qb and got one.
  2. This board is the prototype definition of Dunning–Kruger effect.
  3. I'd say yes. Let me know if you need any photoshop help.
  4. This. Chucky likes to do things his way. and in the past, that means he goes through a period where people laugh at him for being too simple, but he's really just breaking things down to the point where he's on the same page with his GM, coordinators, and players, then he starts adding sh*t back in again. If you didn't see this the first half of the season in Tampa Bay, you weren't paying attention. That was some vanilla vanilla stuff there, until they started to rally mid-season.
  5. Uh. I remember that Becht's nickname was Stone Hands.
  6. Bates is probably the Master at that. See what I did there, huh huh?

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