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  1. Bates is probably the Master at that. See what I did there, huh huh?
  2. Given your name is joe willy 12 , you'd think you'd have a bit more respect for namath's number.
  3. #4 No way active players ever tank #5 No way active coaches ever tank #6 Being a crappy team makes it so much harder to sign free agents, and probably offsets any draft order advantage you get. I think this is mostly ignored, but free agents want to go to a contender, and if you're not on the upswing, expect to pay 10-30% more for free agents AND your own re-signs. #7 Getting a Top 2 QB isn't a guarantee - and this team knows about guarantees. Just ask your man Joe.
  4. Edgy

    Todd Bowles Press Conference

    You guys crack me up, what a bunch of whiners! Complaining that BB would never say it's just shorts? Really? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/07/29/bill-belichick-scoffs-at-evaluating-players-before-the-pads-are-on/ Come on boys...
  5. Uphill. Both Ways. In the Snow.
  6. Edgy

    This Site...

    multi post
  7. Edgy

    This Site...

    delete this.
  8. Edgy

    This Site...

    Because 1) NFL teams that constantly thrash coaching and management stink more than ones that don't. 2) Owners of teams are in the business of making money - and so when your fan base is whining and birching, you're more likely to thrash your coaching and management. Ergo, birching makes the Jets suck more.
  9. Also, don't tell Warfish I liked his posts. Will totally make him run back and try and download all of them, then ask Max for a separate forum he can re-post them in.
  10. Yeah - that's one I miss. Although, I seem to recall Ham went away for a while even over there at JI.
  11. That, I agree with 100%. Although having dick fingers might be more useful than Amaro.
  12. Amaro was NEVER on waivers because he was placed on IR after the first cutdown date, when teams need to go from 90 to 75 players. Teams can place players directly on IR without going through waivers from the date of the first cut down date until the end of trading that same season. From the trading deadline through the following year's first cut down date, waiver rules apply for <4 year players. /class bell