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  1. 8 minutes ago, jgb said:

    What is a Woody move that public perception initiated that shouldn't have happened?

    This smells like a repackaging of the "it's the fans fault" canard.

    OK, even skipping over the whole letting a team rebuild in a decent time, one of the greatest of all of these was the:

    'noodle-arm can't throw, force mangini to take farve - oh fart, favre tore his bicep - force mangini to stay with him'.

    It's not the fans fault at all.   It is TOTALLY Woodyys fault for being that thick skinned, or short term thinker. 

    But I just think that the Rex/Idzik (this vey thread, btw) would have worked out differently if the boss got the two employees together and said 'I'm ignoring the media and fans', instead of both of them realizing (Idzik waaaaay too late) that the best way to 'get ahead' was to make Woody feel the pain through media/fans.

    Totally Woody's fault for being this way - but doesn't change the fact that the thing that triggers him is the fan outrage.

  2. 34 minutes ago, jgb said:


    Some good confirmation in there with what we all knew/suspected about Woody. Negative public perception is his kryptonite. 

    Which is why, even though it should NOT be, every-time we fans go melodramatic 'the sky is falling', it actually hurts the football team. 

    Because Mr. Softy owner wants to get rid of the symptom, and know the melodramatic are the most likely to love the new folks (for a year).  Even though it shouldn't be that pointing out problems (loudly) makes it worse .... it does.

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  3. 13 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    Going for tomorrow at 2:00 ET, 3:00 CT & 5:00 PT to draft so it doesn’t interfere with the game. For the most part is that good with everyone?

    I can’t make tomorrow- traveling.  But if you do do tomorrow I’ll  auto draft and still win ;)

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  4. 1 hour ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    How does it work w none of these guys under contract?  What if someone blows out an achilles?

    Seems risky for these kids to do this w/o a contract.

    There are unsigned NFL rookie agreements that basically protect the player if they go down before the contract.  Otherwise, there wouldn't ever be rookie camp.


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  5. I heard a story from Brian Costello at the NY Post - that Douglas wanted to bring Robbie back, but the problem wasn't that he undervalued or low balled him.   He was pretty sure that Robby was going for the 15-16M/year slotting.   In the early stages of a rebuild, he only wanted 11-12 at the veteran WR position, so he went out and signed Perriman.  By the time Robbie's high end market dried up (that apparently both Robbie and Douglas misjudged) the band for WR money was already used up by Perriman, so it wasn't like Douglas could throw an extra 500k at Anderson to stay.

  6. 23 minutes ago, rangerous said:

    historically the jets have not been cheap.  my point is that after laying out all that green for met life and atlantic health maybe he started to look at the money more carefully.  and then who knows how much control he maintained once he went overseas for the past 4 years.

    Totally get it.  It may in fact be that he got a splash of water in the face having to pay for Met Life.  But is suspect his accountants tell him the cash outlay for 1/2 ownership in metlife was more than made up for in the corresponding value of the team if he wanted to sell.   

    I just think the evidence of rolling out big guaranteed contracts with signing bonuses, the non-roster spending, and evidence other than how did the GM structure contracts doesn't back up the cheap bit.

    Woody is a member of the lucky sperm club who never has to worry about anything in his life, the bastard.

    But I'm sure he wants to win.  It's not his thriftiness that's the problem, it's his hiring and management judgement.

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  7. 18 hours ago, rangerous said:

    i think there's some truth in this.  imo woody really started to get involved when he started pushing for a new stadium which resulted in the met life monstrosity.  some things he did do well like get the atlantic health facility built but once he laid out all that green for the stadium he started pinching pennies.

    There's really no evidence that I can see that backs up this whole 'woody is cheap' agenda.  (There are enough problems he has without this one.. lol)

    Woody was pushing hard for a Jets Stadium of his own, and there's no way this thing was going to be cheap.  They ended up back at Met Life when crooked Sheldon Silver and the Dolans blocked this so it wouldn't be a threat to MSG.  They were ready to pay.  (Now the experience would have been very different, and might have killed the Jets vibe - but he wasn't being cheap.



    Atlantic health is no doubt an amazing facility, that woody was not cheap on.

    Woody doesn't stick with coaches and GMs just because they still have contracts, quite the opposite, he's paying like 3 this year I think. (could be wrong on that).

    Reports from the road this year were that the team regularly bought out the hotels so that players could have some normalcy, walk around, and not have to stay in their rooms for covid precautions.

    I think some fans confuse not spending to the top of the cap with being cheap, (vs what you can roll-over and use following years) but even that doesn't make sense when you look at the historical numbers that the jets have spent.

    Woody isn't cheap.   You can dig him on his decision making and meddling all you want - but it's not a money problem.

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  8. The only thing I fear is that the environment around the NYJ makes us repeat the same cycle over and over again - and yet I'll never have the ability to walk away.. 

    The drama created by the clickbait media, the armchair GMs and owners that propel the impatience and 'get the bums out of here' mentality as if they have 1/100th of an idea - I honestly do not believe front office staff with choices or coaching staff with experience would ever come here.   You only do because there are only 32 of these jobs, because who would want to deal with the likes of us.

    So yeah, my take - the 'fans' make the Jets stink.

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