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    Because 1) NFL teams that constantly thrash coaching and management stink more than ones that don't. 2) Owners of teams are in the business of making money - and so when your fan base is whining and birching, you're more likely to thrash your coaching and management. Ergo, birching makes the Jets suck more.
  2. Also, don't tell Warfish I liked his posts. Will totally make him run back and try and download all of them, then ask Max for a separate forum he can re-post them in.
  3. Yeah - that's one I miss. Although, I seem to recall Ham went away for a while even over there at JI.
  4. That, I agree with 100%. Although having dick fingers might be more useful than Amaro.
  5. Amaro was NEVER on waivers because he was placed on IR after the first cutdown date, when teams need to go from 90 to 75 players. Teams can place players directly on IR without going through waivers from the date of the first cut down date until the end of trading that same season. From the trading deadline through the following year's first cut down date, waiver rules apply for <4 year players. /class bell
  6. Thinking of you and your family, Phil. Thoughts and prayers headed your way from thousands of people who may have never met you, but you are part of our daily lives. Kick it's ass - and know that we've all got your backs.
  7. Well, yeah. I'm not sure a lot of folks ask for the franchise tag so that they can really start negotiating. The bottom line is that the franchise tag this year and next year is probably less than you'd pay Mo for those two years on a long term deal. Keeping him tagged gives the FO flexibility to decide what to do next year.
  8. Well, technically they can franchise him again next year. And if one of the other two 'all-pro' linemen has a really bad year (or runs into some off the field bud issues) then they can work on the long term deal next year with Wilk under threat of Franchise. Lot more room next year too (in other words, we can actually afford the enhanced franchise next year if we wanted to work on a long term deal for him while he's signed (until Jul 15th).
  9. Holy crap what a bunch of sexist-tards. God help you lot when you have daughters.
  10. You two can do it, chief. Sending prayers your way - and will do so every time I come to feed my addiction at JN.
  11. thanks b. Was looking for a stream thing I guess, but this isn't a bad idea...
  12. yeah. The three year old and 7 year olds are kind of a damper though.... ?
  13. anyone know where to actually watch this game in NYC area?
  14. Yeah - this was something I'd love to hear more about. He was pretty passionate about this at the end, and said he tried to 'act like an owner' when he was playing. Good Q faba.
  15. No need at all to apologize - 'WHERE IS MY FREE sh*t FROM MAX!?!?!?'
  16. Happening to me too still - can't actually read any of the good forums any more. Scanned for viruses like crazy the first time I saw it.
  17. Uh... what kind of shape do you have to be in to not have your leg break when a 240+ pound guy falls on it?
  18. Silly article. Sillier responses. Woody PAYS 650 million, and then the value of the organization increases (as he pays for a new training facility, and half of the new stadium (800 million plus), and looks to get paid back in PSLs). The fact that the paper value of the team is over billion is only helpful to pay player salaries if you think he's selling part of the team for cash. Unless Revis is going to take a 1% share of the team every year instead of that salary, the two are completely unrelated.
  19. My number came up to - got the post card in the mail yesterday, and yeah - there are some sweet seats left for 2009.
  20. No - I'm referring to 'Miracle at the Meadowlands'. It involved Herm Edwards as a player on the Eagles. Game against the Giants, Giants were winning and running out the clock. Edwards recovered a fumble and and ran it back for a touchdown, winning it for the Eagles. Pretty much the impetus for every coach calling the 'kneel down' to run out the clock - and might be the reason that Edwards, a relatively unknown and buried on the depth chart, got to stay with the Birds. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_at_the_Meadowlands As a side note, when Edwards was coaching the jets, before every game he walked to that spot of the field and touched it before every game.
  21. I know it as Monday Night Miracle - since it was MNF that nite. I remember, as they stopped selling beer, and I didn't get home until 2:30 AM
  22. That would be the Monday Night Miracle - 'Miracle at the Meadowlands' involved an ex-head coach of the Jets and onetime Philadelphia Eagle. Still, my fav. game to have ever attended, of course...
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