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  1. Hey Jas - must have missed me! http://goallineblitz.com/game/player.pl?player_id=187933 Level 4 Lineman - if you're still looking for G's, take my T and put him there?
  2. How much of a penalty to you get for playing a T out of position as a G? I know there's some - but was just curious.
  3. Ack. Realized that my email address was wrong, and so changed it. Sorry about that - That's great, thanks. Looking forward to it.
  4. I made a Lvl 4 OT named Rusty Edge... I came out of lurking for this?!!?! hehe Anyway, looking forward to making the team! http://goallineblitz.com/game/player.pl?player_id=187933
  5. Did anyone else notice that according to the official schedule, our Nov. 13th game starts at 1:00 PM on a Thursday? Of course, the Patriots schedule says they start their game at 8:15 PM, so we have 7+hours to run up the score....
  6. This is why I always hate the - "lose out for a draft pick" mentality, it means you have to overpay for free agents. Regardless of reality, if the perception is that you don't have a shot to compete, then you have to pay more.
  7. No pro football team tanks any game (with the possible exception of the last game of the year) for draft picks. 1) As someone smarter than me said here - losing begets losing. 2) Your players start to give up. 3) It's harder to get free-agents to come - given the choice between the same money for a contender and non-factor team, they always want the shot at the ring. See our good friends to the north on this. 4) People don't come to games when you're losing. No parking, no beer, no merchandise money. If you think that the owner isn't keenly aware of this... 5) You don't get to fix what's wrong with your team, you're just standing still. Losing hurts your team a lot more than the difference between a couple of draft spots.
  8. He doesn't... but he was also fined 100k, if I recall, probably about 1/2 his salary, as opposed to the 500k being maybe 1/8th of Bill's? Let's see, Wilson does something that doesn't affect anything outside of his bedroom, gets the 'perception' speech, and doesn't get to coach for 5 weeks. Billy Boy cheats, for years apparently, is warned, does it again in flagrant violation, and gets no suspension and gets to keep a much larger percentage of his already much larger salary. Yep, no double standard here, move along.
  9. The 3RD QB designation has only to do with a roster spot - not who's getting the snap. Any player can take a direct snap, without making them the 3rd QB. The thing is, if you want an extra guy on the game day roster, he can't go in unless you don't want your first and second string QBs to go back in. He's the insurance policy that doesn't count as a roster spot. If Brad Smith is the emergency QB, he can't play anything else. If Kellen or Tui is the emergency string, Brad would take up a roster spot, but would be able to play WR OR QB...
  10. You don't HAVE to have a 3rd QB, but it's a free active day roster spot. The emergency QB doesn't count on the active day 45 man roster.... remember, there are 8 men who don't dress every week. If you don't have an emergency QB, then you don't get that slot. If you're not going to use it, you might as well keep Tui.
  11. I think the theory is that while Kellen would be the Depth chart #2, Smith would be listed as the game day #2, which means that Kellen couldn't come in for a series until the fourth, it would have to be Smith. Again, theory being, that if Penny is out for more than a series or two, he's not coming back, and we have more to worry about than if we can have a trick play from Smith. With Smith as the official #2, he can play anywhere, including QB, WR and Special teams. I still think it's far fetched, and would suck for Kellen.
  12. Sorry, you're right... he had to dig up something that another reporter had written about a player unimportant to both teams.... much different...
  13. No - Ball is def... a jag and wittle kittly cat, as you say. My point is, Cimni has to find this guy who briefly, uh 'played' with Mangini, and dig up what he has to say about having been in multiple systems over three years, twist it a bit (to leave out the 'made me mentally stronger side'), all to try and keep up his "This Mangini hard-line is going to fail" campaign he's got going ever since his gravy train left for greener-bbqs.
  14. Cimni's negative nelly strikes again... check out this in the comments:
  15. Just curious - do you get one for each game, or a single one that is good for the season? Thinking about getting a single game or two (still waiting on the list) and wondering if I can try and get tickets with the pass.
  16. This is what stinks about this.... the guy gets to take our playbook to a division rival? And he finds out what we've been working on, and how we block on the line, etc...? Or do we just not coach our O line when Ken-doll is around? Yuck.
  17. I haven't seen specifics of the restructure actually ever released, but I'm pretty sure there were some significant playing time clauses in it that would allow Chad to make back all of the money he was expected to make in '06. Forget '07, this was 'if you last the whole season, then we'll pay you like you were worth' money. To add insult to injury, now that he's performed, he'll get paid that way again this year - but his actual cap for this year will be as if it's the original 06 AND 07 numbers all in 07. A worthwhile way to go - but as far as 07 is concerned, it's a bit of a double or nothing bet as per the cap. Up until recently everyone was reporting we were 20-25 million under the cap, then recently all the numbers changed. The only thing I can tell that changed would be that the league finally did the NLTBE changes, and that's why we dropped to 15 million.
  18. I know you don't believe me... but Chad's incentives were NLTBE, so you've got between 3m and 6m more coming off.
  19. I don't think that there is a distinction between injury or second string. How would the league office determine if a coach didn't play a guy in a certain game because he wasn't healthy yet, or because his replacement looked better? Here's a page from the atlanta falcons site that goes into it, and doesn't mention anything about injury http://www.atlantafalcons.com/team/article.jsp?id=2699 - as a matter of fact, I've never seen any site that clarifys anythingn other than previous season performance. No big deal - but I highly suspect that we're losing a substantial amount of that ~22 or so mil.
  20. Actually, I think this isn't true. (Apologies from a long time lurker to a long time poster.. LTBE calculations are, to my knowledge, simply made based on the previous year of the player. Since Chad only started 3 games in 2005( see http://www.newyorkjets.com/players/stats/chad-pennington ) than if the games started number was greater than 3, it would not be LTBE, and as such, would not count toward the cap number. The exception, of course, is if the renegotiation occurs after the start of the season. IF this occurs, all are considered LTBE.
  21. Brutal, horrible. Darn Houston.
  22. Dilfer wanted to go home, as far as I know...
  23. He did do all teams - if you look at the PPT link at the bottom, it shows the actual players names. I think this is great stuff - one question I would have is how he came up with the criteria for the QB (there's both starting and a QB rating requirement to not be a bust) whearas other positions can start (but stink) and still be a starter. Take that as a question - certainly not a criticism - as I think this is amazing good stuff.
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