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  1. He assured jurors in his placid, high-pitched voice that the real killer is still out there, despite the prosecutorial equivalent of a royal flush having been recovered at the crime scene: Cortez's fingerprint, on the wall, in the victim's blood.

    Instead, Cortez told jurors, he is a poet, dancer, musical-theater buff, aspiring rock musician, yoga instructor, appreciator of sunsets and reader of sacred Hindu texts.

    Oh yeah, this is gonna have a happy ending on Rikers.

  2. Oh..I thought you were trying to embed a vid that wasn't from youtube..sorry about that..good tune BTW..

    That neighborhood with that Caprice looks very familiar.:character42:

    Cranford NJ, 1988. The end of High Street.

    Killing Time'd be my favourite son from On Fire.

    And to think the guitarist used to play in Carcass.....

    I love their sound. Most metal bands ruin their sound with keyboards, but this band uses them correctly.

  3. They made 2 good albums but i didn't see them being around for that long. If the Police can get over their differences then RATM can... I'd pay alot of money to see them again.

    Irony abounds. :lol:

    "I'd pay alot of money" to watch a band who's raison d'tere is/was anti-capitalism.

  4. NYC crime...

    So many to keep track of. The ones that have left an impression on me (I remember them for one reason or another):

    John Lennon

    The Central Park "wilding" rape

    a model who's face was slashed, I think her last name was Richards


    A cop that was executed protecting a witness, it was in Queens. I remember the two suspects were in the paper alot. That was back in the 80's.

    There was also a murder, a family from Utah here for the US open, happened on a Queens subway in broad daylight. They all made me sick to my stomach.

  5. Guys, I got some kick ass pictures of cars me and my brothers had owned/crashed before I got married. What I can do is, upload them as sig pics, and then if somebody can help me put the jpg thingies on them so I can post them all in a thread, that will be real neat.

    If you know how to tag sig pics with jpg, do it with my current sig pic as an example and demonstration of your awesome abilities (it's a picture I drew in 12th grade from a dead kennedy's album inner sleeve).

    You won't be dissapointed, my pictures are kick ass and you car nuts will really appreciate them.

  6. Nice cop out.

    Chad and Tom are what they are. If you honestly think the gap between our teams would not be closer if fate intervined and swapped our respective QBs you are blindly foolish.

    Their respective won/loss records might be different, but the QBs they are at heart would be the same. Brady would have raised the pathetic history of the Jets higher then anyone since Joe and the Patriots would not have three rings if that gimp armed QB wore Patriots' blue.

    Totally unfair. You totally disregarded the Herm variable. Chad's "gimp arm" is the result of injuries, inflicted by a total neglect of the offensive line. Brady would have been relegated to the "what if" dump heap of NFL history if he had been drafted by the Jets, because he's a total bitch when his line breaks down.

    The facts are clear- The Pats won 3 SB's because they had a clutch FG kicker, and a damn good defense. Brady is no Joe Montana.

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