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  1. And he can go back to sitting down we he pees!
  2. I bet my life on it these scumbags new what was going on .Whats more ironic is to think that you Patsies swear they didn't! Damn how pathetic!
  3. The worst unhappy lookin son of a b- - - h! the NFL ever let be a part of!What a miserable bastard! If I were his wife Id be glad the bastard cheated on me.All the more reason to get rid of him.
  4. I'm guessing video cams were hard to come by in Cleveland HuH?
  5. Yea but your so called talented team had to resort to cheating! Do they fear losing to the jets that much?
  6. And what was the pats first score was that not a lucky fumble recovery? They sucked yesterday Garb and played like **** I think that qualifies as a COLLAPSE! Enjoy the off season!
  8. If the refs didnt screw oakland in the snow they dont even go that year! are a good team ?yes! are they a great all time team no!
  9. Classy thing to do would be not to show up in Hawaii !After that choke job Id spend my time trying to get a wr who can actually catch the ball! You let a fat ass lineman like klecko get out to the flats and score that td?, and they consider you a defensive genius please!Dont bother to go
  10. Ok lets make it easy for you Tom Brady is gonna sit at home with all his Gay friends and wacth the Super bowl from his sofa! He couldnt handle the loss and ran like the little bitch that he is to the locker room to cry! What a P- - - y!
  11. Maybe you could get belly to donate some of the money he stole from Leon Hess to the One Campaign! OOOps I forgot ALIMONY!
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