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  1. Can a mod please clarify this post for me ? I don't have my hick to english dictionary handy.
  2. How many more anniversaries will the Muts keep having for the 86 team ? I know it will be quite some time till you win another one. I just think it may be time to let those players rest in rehab , in peace.
  3. Braves fans shouldn't be throwing stones at anyone, considering all the times they have choked themselves to sleep. I guess since the past isn't fair game, we won't here anything ever again on this forum about how the Yankees choked the series away to the teabaggers...right ?
  4. Don't you have a bloody sock to go curl up next to ?
  5. 96- blew a 2-0 lead going into ATL 99- wasn't even a series Good night now. U= YOU English is your friend. Unless you're a toothless Braves fan.
  6. Big Pee Pee > Ted Williams Guess which one got key post season hits when it counted. One's a world champion, the other one never sniffed it.
  7. First of all, it's " He's a good player".....second of all, if all you can say about Jeter is that he is "good", you need to visit a doctor to have your eyes examined.
  8. A Braves fan should be the last one to flap his pie hole at a Yankee fan. Considering how many times we beat you in the World Series recently, that should be enough for you to pipe down for the rest of your existence. How's Mark Wholers doing these days ?
  9. You can't be the best franchise EVERY decade. We have held that title enough times, to know that. Last time I checked, the decade isn't over yet either. The Muts have no titles, and the Sux have 1.
  10. Agree. He won his rings...which is more than the fans of the 2 other teams here can say about their franchises in the last 15 years. It's now time to go.
  11. She will receive the same kind of deal all these famous people get. Some community service and that's all. If it happend to me, I would be looking at some jail time no mater what. Must be nice to be a white and famous girl in this world.
  12. Thanks for the great memories Joe, and for managing a memorable dynasty. Now the time has come for you to pack your bags and sail off into the sunset. Time for some new blood to get in here . He has made some critical mistakes this year, and it's unacceptable. Someone pack Giambi, Abreu and Proctologists bags too.
  13. We aren't like the teabaggers
  14. What an idiot. I guess moronic behavior runs in the family.
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