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  1. I dont see them getting those offensive FAs if they stick with Sam. surprised you didn’t mention picking up the Packers center Lindsay in FA I also don’t see drafting Sewell at 2 because 1)Benton looks to be a beast at LT, so whether he stays at LT or moves to RT, this pick amounts to drafting a RT at 2 since that’s the position that will be filled by drafting Sewell. You don’t draft a RT at #2 2) it would suck having those monster deals for their next contract coming 1-2 back to back 3) too much value in that pick to not trade down if not taking a qb.
  2. Titans were 11-0 and heavy favorite to go all the way at the time, and we dropped 56 in a beat down on the eventual nfc champion that only lost the SB by 4 points.
  3. Everyone talks sh*t about the 08 Favre year, I don’t get it. That season was the most fun I had as a Jets fan. I remember being at the Opener in Miami sitting at the 10 down in front as Brett threw a bomb for a 60 yard td that Cotch caught right in front of me and looking at my friend and saying “we finally have a real qb.” I remember being at New England and having to fight my way out after a Jets win. I remember walking out of the stadium in Tenn with my friends after beating an 11-0 Titan team and all of us expressing this was our year to go all the way. Had it not been for an injury it likely would have been our year.
  4. its a package. Eli had location and success, but not the personality or cool factor. Rodgers and Mahomes have talent, success and personality. Watson coming to NY and winning a SB would combine what all those guys had plus doing it in the city in the center of the world. A young, athletic, black role model QB leading the jets to a Superbowl, and the fact that he is a genuine good person, it's another level.
  5. Eli isn’t Watson. Eli was never considered a cool kid, and he didn’t come up in the social media age that Watson is.
  6. Either Rodgers or Mahomes play in NY and they are making even more money on endorsements. Watson comes here and somehow the Jets become a top 5 team or win a SB, and the amount of money he makes outside of football salary blows those other 2 guys out of the water. The fact that Watson is a great human being on top of all world talent even furthers this. A case can be made for an increase in revenue potential outweighing the nj tax burden for his salary. I'm no tax expert, but he could have his residence in a tax haven state, and then only his football salary is taxable to NJ, and further I think maybe only his home games, but not sure about that.
  7. Rex was always all about the D. He was pretty honest from the beginning that he was going to find an oc to run the offense and he was going to concentrate on the D. Coach Saleh seems to me to more buy into the HC as CEO coach, taking command of the entire team, and understanding the mechanics of what it means to be a successful coach, not just a star Xs and Os guy full of bluster, piss, and vinegar. I feel like he and Rex only share their history as DCs and being publicly passionate, and frankly there is a lot more to Saleh than that.
  8. Right on, congrats dude👍🏻🤘🏻
  9. I don't think being on the spectrum counts as being a minority.
  10. I'd love to have a copy of a taped Gase interview, lol. I can only imagine what that googley eyed whack job interviews like.
  11. I think overall it is a smart move to keep Sam around and all options open until he hires a coach. JD might have some feelings about if Sam is the right QB for us, but maybe part of the interview process is hearing what a coaching candidate feels, and selling him on the idea that Sam is fixable, or why a certain draft prospect is the right way to go. Regardless, I think the smart thing to do before making a decision, and definitely before announcing that decision, is hearing the opinion of your future coach. The only way JD knows for sure at this point is if he knows he is going to move on. In that case, it can only put you in a weaker negotiating position to reveal this to the world.
  12. As the play clock wound down on the 2020 season, Max and the mods slide into the server room awaiting the fury of a fanbase looking for blood...... BigheartedAllBoaconstrictor-mobile.mp4

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