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  1. joebabyny

    They are killing the Giants

    Absolutely no comparison. Hack was a wasted pick, this is sooooo much worse.
  2. joebabyny

    LeVeon Bell Tweet

    I mean, isn't that what football is all about?
  3. joebabyny

    2019 Road Trips

    Right on! That was a good time, until we went into the stadium.
  4. joebabyny

    2019 Road Trips

    Definitely possible depending on how well the team is doing, we have done parties there in the past.
  5. joebabyny

    2019 Road Trips

    I am considering doing @tailgatejoe parties in philly and maybe Jacksonville/Miami.
  6. joebabyny

    Wild & Crazy Trade Idea

    There is always one dope in the fantasy football draft who pulls something like this. It never works for him though.
  7. The jerseys the players are wearing are NOT the jerseys being sold on the jets shop, it is not a difference of lighting or camera. from instagram from jets shop On the Jets shop you can even click the pic and zoom in, seeing there is no stitching around the letters, numbers, fabric patches etc. Maybe they will come out with a game authentic, but there isn't one yet. I am disappointed there is not one available on release.
  8. only short guys know that statistic. lol, sorry dude, j/k
  9. joebabyny

    I think murray could drop

    ever since GoT I prefer "imp."
  10. you know they will also need to travel back right? But yes, lots of close games. I have driven to and done TailgateJoe parties at each of those stadiums.
  11. @Maxman I think it is time the official origin story gets written and stickied. There are a ton of posters here from way after the beginning that have no real idea of how this lunatic asylum came to be.
  12. joebabyny

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    McAvoy's performance was fantastic, especially when he went rapidfire going through the characters. Other than that, yeah, very disappointed. It's one of those instances where Shyamalan goes a little to out there.
  13. joebabyny

    Wrestlemania 35 @ Metlife

    So, any wrestling fans? Anyone going? Just an FYI, we will be doing a TailgateJoe party at the stadium for it. We had a great time and a really good turnout for it last time it came to Jersey, we are expecting an even better turnout this time. And please, if you are a WWE fan or have friends that are, share this info on your fb, twitter, whatever, we would love any help getting the word out. https://www.tailgatejoe.com/product/4-07-2019-wrestlemania-35-tailgate-party-metlife-stadium/
  14. joebabyny

    Adam Shein on Todd Bowles

    Well in fairness, we know Bowles as a HC. If you go back and research before he got the gig with us, he was about as hot a coordinator as their was and his defense was pretty good. He even won the coordinator of the tear award from AP his last year. Then we hired him. So as s coordinator he was proven. It’s as HC that he shyte the bed.

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