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  1. Oh, and here's my entry... The Mutz Lafrieda blend of chuck/brisket/short rib House made mozzarella Crispy onions Smothered in motor oil gravy Royal Crown Bakery bun Served with a crispy fresh fried beet root and goat cheese riceball
  2. So, pretty excited and honored to have been invited to participate in and compete in the Food Network's NYC Wine & Food Festival in their marque event, The Burger Bash. I will be competing against 23 chefs and culinary pros, some of the best chefs in the city and beyond. Having grown TailgateJoe over the past 10 years with a reputation for a passion for food and hospitality into one of the biggest organized tailgates in the NFL, it is an honor to be the first "pro tailgater" and non restaurant chef to be invited to compete. Chefs all over the country try to get into this. Info here if anyone wants to check it out, https://nycwff.org/burger/ Oh, and of course it is the same weekend as what is shaping up to be a BIG TailgateJoe party for the game sunday. Even with the team having a tough time, we are seeing plenty of fans joining us on game day, which is great to see.
  3. Bollywood was worse, he had a much better line and a team coming off a 10-6 playoff season. I can’t hate on Falk, this o line is putrid.
  4. Sorry man, I am competing in the NYC Wine and Food Festival Burger Bash the following Friday so I don’t have time to organize an away game tailgate the weekend before that.
  5. Bro, I was just about his age hanging out in the Palladium and Limelight nightclubs in NYC with my chemotherapy medication and digital thermometer in my pockets while undergoing treatment for very late stage Hodgkins lymphoma. I guess some of us are just more alpha and deal with pain and suffering better, lol. You can't assume anything from that clip. At the time he didn't know he had mono and I'm sure he didn't want to look weak in front of the media.
  6. I personally couldn't care less about catching a tshirt, but do you see the people go crazy for them? Every time the canon comes our way, my niece and nephew go shooting down the stairs to try to get his attention to get one. They are 9 and 12. The Jets probably have some bit of interest in trying to lock in the young fans like that as lifelong fans and future season ticket holders. And for every kid that gets excited for it, there are 20x as many adults jumping over each other to catch one. So yeah, it may not interest me, but plenty of people enjoy it, especially in the 100s level. And although it doesn't interest me, it doesn't really bother me either. There is a lot of dead time in a football game where the game isn't actually played, and it has to get filled with something. Those tshirt throws are hugely popular, go to a Knicks game and see the level they take it to. And for however that team is, the Garden is one of the cathedrals of sports in the world. I will say though, when they were doing the waste management garbage tosses those were kind of cringe-y. Lol.
  7. To those asking for an end to the audio visual stuff on the PA, the Knicks did this back in 2017 in a sold out game vs the Warriors. It was universally disliked by the players and fans. Without the stadium audio, the place would turn extremely quiet, and then it would probably kill the biggest reason for going to the game vs watching from the comfort of your home in hd. It's kind of one of those things that you think you don't need until you don't have it. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2017/03/05/knicks-turn-back-the-clock-pulling-the-plug-on-in-game-music-and-sound-effects/
  8. I am guessing the same could be said for pretty much any team's 3rd string qb though.
  9. The TailgateJoe crew is at every game no matter what, welcome to join us.
  10. Apparently age, and having a 4inch tumor removed from your neck are both issues with your voice bouncing back. I am still feeling the effects from the yelling I did on the float during the hall of fame parade in the beginning of august.
  11. My phone did in fact die in the stadium, how will they account for that happening to people? I have 2 season ticket accounts with 4 seats each. I am wondering how the app handles juggling 2 accounts? Now that the tix will live on my phone, how do my guests have verification to ushers? Am I going to have to pull out my phone and swipe around when going to my seats? That will be fun with 2 arm fulls of mediocre food and over priced beer. This isn't about saving printing costs, and it is partly about data, but what it is REALLY about is the team and nfl controlling the secondary ticket market. They control and see where every ticket goes for the life of the ticket. They can make it difficult to sell in marketplaces where they don't want it sold, and can find ways to participate in profiting on the secondary market.
  12. Actually, he walked up to the register and stated "I am a season ticket holder and I'd like to apply the discount," to which the cashier said she didn't know how to verify that. It isn't on the customer to know how to jump through the hoops.
  13. So anyone have any interesting experiences with mobile ticketing? My brother walked into the team store, grabbed a jersey, and went to the register. Told the cashier he was a season ticketholder for his 25% discount. She gave this dumbfounded look, said there was no way to verify that, to which my brother said here's my ticket and waved his phone. She just gave him the 25% discount. Did the same thing with another customer. So looks like they don't have a way to tell if someone is a season ticket holder at the point of sale now that it's mobile. I assume at some point they will sort it out, but for now it's a little crazy.

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