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  1. There’s a difference between “winning with,” and “winning because of.” Also, I don’t think our team can be further built to get to a talent level of Seattle if we have to pay Jamal what he wanted, so it really doesn’t matter to us what he does elsewhere, especially out of conference.
  2. the golden age of jets fandom, lol
  3. As far as vaccine and waiting for it, the vaccine will be basically pointless because NOBODY will take it. We lose 40-60,000 people a year to the flu in this country and yet less than 40% of adults get the flu shot. There is NO CHANCE they get more than 40% to take a cover shot that obviously was rushed. As far as your comment about restaurants, people are going crazy to return. Restaurants are getting plenty of people as they are opening with their limited outdoor dining, I have seen places absolutely jammed with people. I really think the protests were the tipping point in people being willing to remain locked up at home. The streets are full of traffic, people are everywhere, nobody is really hiding at home anymore.
  4. wonder if he feels the urgency to get a new deal right now because he figures the cap will be going down due to covid and loss of revenue?
  5. https://www.tailgatejoe.com/tailgatejoe-lafrieda-delivery/
  6. 700k from aids, and it feels like people act like that isn't even a thing anymore.
  7. On one hand I agree with your sentiment, but on the other hand, they aren't creating false scarcity, its due to public health reasons. If you bought psls, you bought rights to those seats and should be able to resell them. I say that as a psl holder from day one who has never sold a ticket and wouldn't, but I don't think psl ticket holders shouldn't be allowed to. I don't think people should be able to buy additional tix beyond their psl and sell those, and I I don't think single game or maybe even non psl season ticket holders should be able to sell theirs.
  8. NFL teams share revenue, and 40% of ticket sales go toward that national revenue share. Do you think teams are more interested in unfair advantage of fans in some stadiums, or getting that revenue share from the teams who can let fans in?
  9. Hey bud, I run TailgateJoe, the biggest gameday NY Jets fan club and tailgate party at Metlife. We are 100% visiting fan friendly and always have some visiting fans with us. You are more than welcome to join us. You can check out tailgatejoe.com or our social media accounts to get info, feel free to email me at joe@tailgatejoe.com
  10. just a heads up guys, I'm still out there delivering the good stuff if anyone needs anything. Check out my instagram @tailgatejoe to see pics.
  11. 2 things that Tyson relied on was the psychological intimidation, and his quickness the way he moved. Psychologically, he had a lot of his opponents beat before the match even started. I don't know that any boxer straight up intimidated fellow boxers the way Iron Mike did. Regarding his skills, D'amato's peekaboo style that Tyson relied on was perfectly tailored to him, as long as he was light and fast. Tyson didn't block or parry punches, and he didn't use a sideways stance to protect his body. For him it was about those slips and slides, weaving, and shuffling and changing stances so quick, and having knockout power with either hand coming out of those shifts with his feet. The style took away a lot of the advantage of distance that taller opponents had. But the biggest con to the peekaboo style was that it relied heavily on constant movement and speed. Once he got away from the great trainers from early in his career, and he put on weight, there was a drastic drop in his skills. If Rooney and Tyson had stayed together, he would have had a longer career at the top.

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