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  1. only short guys know that statistic. lol, sorry dude, j/k
  2. joebabyny

    I think murray could drop

    ever since GoT I prefer "imp."
  3. you know they will also need to travel back right? But yes, lots of close games. I have driven to and done TailgateJoe parties at each of those stadiums.
  4. @Maxman I think it is time the official origin story gets written and stickied. There are a ton of posters here from way after the beginning that have no real idea of how this lunatic asylum came to be.
  5. joebabyny

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    McAvoy's performance was fantastic, especially when he went rapidfire going through the characters. Other than that, yeah, very disappointed. It's one of those instances where Shyamalan goes a little to out there.
  6. joebabyny

    Wrestlemania 35 @ Metlife

    So, any wrestling fans? Anyone going? Just an FYI, we will be doing a TailgateJoe party at the stadium for it. We had a great time and a really good turnout for it last time it came to Jersey, we are expecting an even better turnout this time. And please, if you are a WWE fan or have friends that are, share this info on your fb, twitter, whatever, we would love any help getting the word out. https://www.tailgatejoe.com/product/4-07-2019-wrestlemania-35-tailgate-party-metlife-stadium/
  7. joebabyny

    Adam Shein on Todd Bowles

    Well in fairness, we know Bowles as a HC. If you go back and research before he got the gig with us, he was about as hot a coordinator as their was and his defense was pretty good. He even won the coordinator of the tear award from AP his last year. Then we hired him. So as s coordinator he was proven. It’s as HC that he shyte the bed.
  8. I like the hire if it happens, but hearing Gase and Williams haven’t met yet is a head scratcher. Between that and the rumors that Rhule and McCarthy were leery of ownership wanting too much say in the hiring of staff, what’s going on there????
  9. I have been to both, even doing TailgateJoe parties at each. I have actually been to Baltimore 2-3 times for games. If you have a choice, do Baltimore. The stadium is right in the city, it’s a nice stadium, Baltimore has some good restaurants and there is nightlife close by near the harbor. Hotels are not as expensive either. Just make sure you stay in a good area. Washington is in the middle of nowhere, and the stadium truly sucks. Way too many obstructed view seats, and I’m not just talking about the columns and poles, there are actual roofs that are too sloped, cutting field views. Total sh*tshow of a stadium.
  10. I have been pretty excited about this schedule for a while! This is my 10th anniversary season for TailgateJoe, 2009-2019, so we are planning on doing some road games. Interestingly, in the course of doing TGJ, I have actually done road game parties at each of those stadiums at least once already. I will figure out how many of those games we will travel to once the actual schedule comes out.
  11. joebabyny

    2018 METLIFE Experience

    Well, nothing I can do about what goes on inside the stadium, although i can say that my section 123 seems pretty decent with regard to this issues. I do want to invite you to join the TailgateJoe party in the lot with your kid. I can promise at least your pregame experience will be great and make the overall gameday better. Plenty of my guests say each year that we are a huge reason why they continue to come to the game. Either way, i'd say wait at least one more year and see how the team shakes out with whatever changes this season, and get yourself transferred to another row.
  12. gonna go unabomber on the organization?
  13. Yup, as Phil said, we will be there as we are for every game! If he has any questions he can shoot me an email at joe@tailgatejoe.com

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