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  1. NFL teams share revenue, and 40% of ticket sales go toward that national revenue share. Do you think teams are more interested in unfair advantage of fans in some stadiums, or getting that revenue share from the teams who can let fans in?
  2. Hey bud, I run TailgateJoe, the biggest gameday NY Jets fan club and tailgate party at Metlife. We are 100% visiting fan friendly and always have some visiting fans with us. You are more than welcome to join us. You can check out tailgatejoe.com or our social media accounts to get info, feel free to email me at joe@tailgatejoe.com
  3. just a heads up guys, I'm still out there delivering the good stuff if anyone needs anything. Check out my instagram @tailgatejoe to see pics.
  4. 2 things that Tyson relied on was the psychological intimidation, and his quickness the way he moved. Psychologically, he had a lot of his opponents beat before the match even started. I don't know that any boxer straight up intimidated fellow boxers the way Iron Mike did. Regarding his skills, D'amato's peekaboo style that Tyson relied on was perfectly tailored to him, as long as he was light and fast. Tyson didn't block or parry punches, and he didn't use a sideways stance to protect his body. For him it was about those slips and slides, weaving, and shuffling and changing stances so quick, and having knockout power with either hand coming out of those shifts with his feet. The style took away a lot of the advantage of distance that taller opponents had. But the biggest con to the peekaboo style was that it relied heavily on constant movement and speed. Once he got away from the great trainers from early in his career, and he put on weight, there was a drastic drop in his skills. If Rooney and Tyson had stayed together, he would have had a longer career at the top.
  5. I have gotten at least 20 different people today sending this to me. Of course I catch shrapnel, getting mentioned in a few comments.
  6. If people are going to return to the stadium to go to a game, sitting in seats shoulder to shoulder with others, then I don't see how tailgating will be much different.
  7. Hey guys, so like everyone else, A bunch of big events like my huge Wrestlemania party in Tampa and something I was going to be doing at Ultra in Miami got canceled, and I am just sitting home ready to go crazy. I spent a few days last week using my relationship with Pat Lafrieda meats to stock up friends and family, and figured some other people could use that as well. I worked out logistics with them and pt something quick up on my site. If anyone wants high quality steaks/meat delivered in a safe manner let me know. There are some of the popular items right on the site, but I can get pretty much anything you want, including big prime ribs, leg of lamb, thicker cut steaks, dry aged, whatever. Everything is prime grade. Feel free to email me if you have questions. https://www.tailgatejoe.com/tailgatejoe-lafrieda-delivery/
  8. That’s it, better to just defer payments for everyone and hope this turns around rather than having sth’s calling up to cancel their tix.
  9. I think it makes the league more competitive at the top of the playoff race as well as the bottom. The #2 seed no longer gets a bye, so teams in 2nd place will keep fighting for wins that may otherwise be meaningless, and now that #2 becomes harder path to SB. At the bottom adding the 7th seed in both conferences rights a possible wrong where a low win weak division winner gets in over a 10 win team. It also will make for more competition for that 7th seed and more new crazy what-if scenarios that we all like to run through as we get a few weeks left in the season. I think it amps up the competition across the board.
  10. I had 2 wrangler unlimited's and I absolutely loved them. I eventually needed a pickup so I had to go that route. If I could I would be on Wrangler number 5 by now. Something that is capable regardless of weather, has enough room to road trip packed out, and a full removable top and doors, it's a fun car man. At that time I was keeping a place in Palm Beach and I'd do a lot of road trips with the jeep. Also, the resale value is fantastic, way better than the Germans, those things sink like a rock. I will say, I'd rather a wrangler but the Ram Rebel I picked up in July is pretty nice.
  11. So, it was a cold but decent morning and I decided to catch the Guardians game. After seeing the Saturday games I wanted to see if the xfl is something I wanted to get involved in with TailgateJoe. I got in to the lot at about 11:15am, 15 minutes after the lot opened. There were a few cars in line but moving quickly. I walked the lot to check out the feel, and was surprised to see as many people in Guardians gear as I did. Also, a decent number of people in Jets gear, almost none in Giants gear, an observation that easily held up in the stadium the rest of the day. There were some tailgates happening, looked like a lot of young people just looking for an excuse to get together and spend their time outside partying a bit. It wasn't the drunkfest that the original XFL was, I was a season ticket holder for that year. About an hour fifteen before kickoff I went to ticketmaster and bought a ticket. There were definitely 100 level tickets for $30, but I saw some coaches club area tix going for 100-130 after all the fees on Ticketmasters secondary market and figured it would be cool to check those seats out at a price much lower than Jets season. I went in an hour before kickoff to see what fan stuff they were doing. They had an area set up for kids flag football, skills test etc in front of the Jets/Giants tam shop and a guardian head thing to take pics with, and over inside the Toyota club lounge they had a fan fest thing. It was kind of odd to go into the doors for the Toyota club, take those 2 long escalators to the mezzanine club area, hang out and then get kicked out before kickoff. Overall, maybe unless you had a kid, the fan stuff they had was all a little lacking. I went into the coaches club, and hung out on that patio area behind the home bench during warmups. Shane McMahon was there with his family standing right in front of me on the field. He definitely looked to be a Guardian fan. Everyone at the game looked to be enjoying themselves. There were a lot of couples, lots of women, and a decent number of dads with multiple kids in tow. I am guessing the super cheap tix make it much easier to make a family day out of it vs an NFL game. People were cheering, but it looked like a carefree day, no misery like we see so often during the season, lol. people just aren't emotionally invested. There was a season ticket guy who had gotten my info from a few of his Jets fan clients and wanted to talk to me, but I had been too busy the last 2 months to really talk. I emailed him from the stadium and he came and met with me to talk a few minutes. Some things I learned, they had sold or comped out about 22,000 tix for the game. They are definitely motivated to be selling tix, and you can still get seasons and they will give you some promo stuff like the opportunity to sit on the actual field for a game. They are doing the 3 hour parking lot thing because it is what the stadium wants. Apparently, the stadium did not want to pay the hours for staff and security, so they made it only 3 hours instead of the regular 5. They saw a decent line of cars waiting at 11, and they know that a lot of football fans want the 5 hours, so they are supposedly going to work on that, I would guess for next season maybe. Overall, it was a pleasant experience and if I had kids I would definitely think about it as an entertainment option. With the pricing at movie theaters these days, this isn't much more.
  12. Yeah I was gonna say, with the supposed investment the team is making into that lot J development I can’t see them leaving town. BUT it did seem like they were alluding to this 2 game situation to maybe being done in subsequent seasons as well so I don’t know what to make of it.

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