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  1. joebabyny


    Yup, I am doing good, thanks. See that story in the Post today about the male breast cancer cluster at ground zero from 9/11. Yeah, I only lived 2-3 blocks from the tower back then. I'm not counted in that cluster, yet. But regardless, I am happy to be here and happy for the start of the season, and looking to fire on all cylinders!
  2. joebabyny

    Ira from Staten Island

    I don't see the reason for any hate for Ira. He is a dedicated fan, but he doesn't fall into the "same old jets" fan mentality. He is an older gentleman who bleeds green and wears his fandom on his sleeve. We all have to be pragmatists and deal with a lot of bulls##t in real life, I see no harm in being an optimist and a homer for the team you love. I am sure there are some people who look at me as a little kooky for my TailgateJoe stuff and my dedication to that, but whatever, we all express our fandom in our own ways. With all the games he goes to, as a fellow Jets fanatic and Staten Islander, I'd love to have Ira join my tailgate party in the lot.
  3. joebabyny


    Anyone heading to the games that doesn't want to deal with putting together a tailgate party is welcome to tailgate with us! I run TailgateJoe, the biggest and best game day fan club/Tailgate party in the lot. The food is pretty good, not typical catered stuff.
  4. You just got me hard Max.
  5. joebabyny

    Patriots 2nd rounders

    I have to wonder, if after years of Brady playing for vastly undermarket contracts, he is offered a very favorable deal for ownership in the team, is that outside compensation that never went against the cap? Is that possibly a major violation? Any way to even prove it though?
  6. joebabyny

    Mack traded to Bears

    Did we actually offer those players in a trade for Mac? Because if not and you are just using them as representatives of the picks dealt, then your correct hypothetical shouldbt be those players particularly but ANY players in the league that COULD have been drafted at those spots.
  7. joebabyny

    Mack traded to Bears

    Sure it’s always a possibility, but the rookie wage scale makes the gamble more palatable. Also, I would say the risk when going oline at the top of the draft is probably less than other positions.
  8. joebabyny

    Mack traded to Bears

    Keep talking out my ass? Getting a little aggressive there. I think we can just disagree with where those 2 firsts would be better served. I’d rather not play the part of used car buyer every 3 years looking for new olinemen, a position where great ones drafted high can last over a decade and are probably the best value positions on the team.
  9. joebabyny

    Mack traded to Bears

    We just signed a 20 year old phenom QB, and you want to just keep plugging in mediocre and retread olinemen around him?
  10. joebabyny

    Mack traded to Bears

    It isn’t so much what he is worth, it’s that the jets need other things, and 2 firsts and that cash needs to be allocated toward building around our QB. If the O-like were solid or at least decent and we had our 2nd next year, then ok maybe we talk Mack, but we have neither of those.
  11. joebabyny

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    Agreed, I was expecting a total bomb, but it was a lot of fun. I won't spoil it, but there was a scene where I actually jumped up a bit and fist pumped and screamed "YESSSS." I don't remember the last time I did that in a theater. Also, if you can, by all means see it in one of AMC's Dolby Cinema theaters. Dolby Cinema is currently the best viewing experience, beating out imax. The transducers they put in the reclining seats go wild durning this movie, giving you thumps during the action. Between moviepass and AMC Alist, I have seen a lot of movies in dolby cinema, imax, and regular screens, and dolby cinema is worth the few bucks more.
  12. joebabyny

    ok,so, who's already had a Colonoscopy?

    I've had 2, started young due to diverticulitis. Had to deal with that awful fleet soda, first time i took a swig of that stuff I painted the wall in the bathroom with my puke. Had a rough time choking that stuff down. The procedure went fine. I told the doc if I felt 2 hands on my shoulders we were going to have words. At the end of the procedure the first time, in my high from the anesthesia, from the waiting room on my way out I stuck my head through the reception window, called out to the doc and thanked him for his gentle and warm touch. Lol, my mom was there to drive me home and she was mortified.
  13. joebabyny

    Get Well Soon Tailgate Joe

    Hey guys, thanks for all the support! I am doing great. Surgery was at the beginning of May. There was soreness for a few weeks, but now it just feels like a little tightness in the chest, like wearing a heart rate monitor band. No big deal really. I’ll be back in the lot this season doing my thing, nothing gonna stop me!
  14. Because this years New Jersey becomes next years throwback, and throwbacks are usually pretty expensive. Get in on the ground floor and corner the market!
  15. joebabyny

    Anyone here ever quit drinking?

    JN Friends of Bill W Meeting Thread.

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