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  1. joebabyny

    Is something wrong with the site?

    This is a ploy by Maxman, I know it. How far off is the “sorry but costs to run this insane asylum have run up.....” post???
  2. joebabyny

    I need a new hobby. Any suggestions???

    If you have a trainer, check out zwift if you haven't already. Just bought my first "road-ish" bike this winter, Specialized Diverge E5 Comp. Haven't had a lot of time on it yet due to the wintery spring we had and the surgery I am recouping from, but I love it so far. As for other hobbies, I used to sail and yacht race. I also cook/BBQ. Haven't gotten into it but beer brewing seems interesting.
  3. joebabyny

    Get Well Soon Tailgate Joe

    Made it my bitch, that's how I roll yo! Thanks 👍
  4. joebabyny

    Get Well Soon Tailgate Joe

    Yeah, did chemo/radiation years ago in '95-96 my freshman college year on a 1 year bid with hodgkins lymphoma, def not fun. Trying to explain to the bouncers at Limelight and Paladium that the pill bottles in my pockets were chemo and not ecstasy was a total pain in the ass, but a young guy has to do what he has to do. Glas it all worked for you. It was a life changing experience for the better for me, I'm sure it had a profound effect on you as well.
  5. joebabyny

    Is Bates The Right Coach?

    That’s no joke, that trail goes through some serious grizzly population areas
  6. joebabyny

    Get Well Soon Tailgate Joe

    Yeah, we maybe just got the first true franchise qb of my Jets fandom life, I don’t plan on leaving for those gates for a while, lol!!!
  7. joebabyny

    Get Well Soon Tailgate Joe

    Hey guys, thanks for all the well wishes. I did it the hard way with chemo and radiation 22 years ago this August, this time around surgery is all it took. It’s a week and a half post surgery and I’m well on the way to being 100% back. I should be all good by the end of Memorial Day weekend, just in time for summer and with plenty of time to get ready for the season! im super excited for this season, and we are going to be bigger and better than ever, holkefully the Jets will be on the rise as well. Hope to see you all in the lot joining us!
  8. joebabyny

    Draft Day Movie Discussion

    The team that gets played for fools, the Jags, was originally supposed to be the Jets, but at the last minute the Jets pulled out, feeling the bone headed decisions the movie version of the team made would upset the real life Jets fans with the team.
  9. joebabyny

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    Went to a 10:30 imax showing last night after the Jets draft party. Holy hell, what a movie. Unbelievable how moving a super hero movie can be.
  10. joebabyny

    Draft Party Tailgate

    Great meeting everyone at @Maxmans tailgate yesterday! Looking forward to connecting during the season! Of course everyone is invited to join us at6 the TailgateJoe parties all season long!
  11. joebabyny

    The interview.

    Revisionist history, Geno was throwing a tantrum and left the damn building during the first round because he was dropping, someone had to talk sense into him to get him back in, and they had to convince him to come to day 2. If he was gushing, it was because the long bleed out from the first round into the second finally stopped.
  12. Detroit style pizza has been having a moment the last year or two, might be a good reason to visit again and get a fix.
  13. joebabyny

    Draft Party Tailgate

    I'll be in attendance! If the weather is nice I may even whip this up,
  14. joebabyny

    2018 Road Trips

    Working out logistics to do a tailgatejoe party for the bears game!
  15. Looking into the logistics of doing a tailgatejoe tailgate party in Chicago. Trying to figure out the deal with Parking with the trailer. Any local chicagoens who know about the stadium/Parking?