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  1. There should be a book discussing the formation of this site and all these stories. It wouldn't sell, but it should exist.
  2. Bwahaha!!!! Oh my god @Maxman I am so sorry!!! when will the in tshirts with this be available?
  3. It was great to spend time with you and your son and brother night 1 and 2 in the theater!
  4. I mean, he could have tried, lol.
  5. Jets getting into the whole NFT thing. Just got mine emailed to me for day 1 and 2. I may make a print on canvas, I like the graphic.
  6. That’s cool! I hadn’t heard of this service, looks like a separate company but it’s the jets you did it through? Any details about it you care to share? Does it get you in the inner circle? If you see me down there tap my shoulder to say hi, I’ll be in a #2 green jersey with TAILGATEJOE on the back, and some wild hair.
  7. I’ll be there Tuesday-Sunday. Staying at Nobu at Ceasers. Anyone get inner circle tix? I’ll be in there day 1 and 2. There will be lots of fan parties. Thursday night I will be at the Buccaholics party, all fans of all teams are welcome. Friday night is the Elite Super Fans party at the golden nugget, might swing by that, not sure yet. I’ll be posting on Instagram @tailgatejoe any parties I’ll be heading to so follow me there.
  8. e-15, along the curb, not taking up a parking spot
  9. My father is at the check-in table, if its sold out ask for me.
  10. Flipside, it can be a great bonding and family tradition for a family. I know it has been with my parents, brothers, nieces and nephews joining me. I am sure @Maxman will agree. Having been doing TailgateJoe since 2019 I have seen people grow older together and seen what started as a dad bringing a small child become a dad bringing his college son who came home for the weekend just to spend game day with dad. For a few extra bucks you can turn an expensive 3 hour game into a bigger day spent outside in the fall weather, bonding with family away from the distractions of video games and all the other nonsense. As the kids get older it gets harder to get them to want to hang with the parents, this is one of those ways to do it. Sure there are tailgate groups made up of young or old guys that maybe go a little too hard on the beer, but the majority are families and friends enjoying each other's company. My own party is a great mix of ages with everyone feeling safe and comfortable and having a great time, because that is the way I present and control the party. My food pretty damn good, better than anything you can get in the stadium by a mile, and between the DJ, corn hole, beer pong, and my surly yet hilarious mom, there is fun for everyone. I know your troll game on here, lol, but maybe come check it out one day? I'm in lot E.
  11. Keep your head up brother. Prayers for you guys every day.
  12. sorry, just saw this, haven't been on jn in a bit. Thanks @Maxman ! Hey @JCJetsNation, you guys are def welcome to roll with us in the lot, it's gonna be a great time!
  13. OHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna be a great season, I have a good feeling about the team this year! TailgateJoe is gonna be back and bigger baby!
  14. What do you mean lost TailgateJoe? I’ll most definitely be back at the stadium.
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