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  1. Keep your head up brother. Prayers for you guys every day.
  2. sorry, just saw this, haven't been on jn in a bit. Thanks @Maxman ! Hey @JCJetsNation, you guys are def welcome to roll with us in the lot, it's gonna be a great time!
  3. OHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna be a great season, I have a good feeling about the team this year! TailgateJoe is gonna be back and bigger baby!
  4. What do you mean lost TailgateJoe? I’ll most definitely be back at the stadium.
  5. And this would only really happen because of Jamal, Jets can't get Watson without those 2 Seattle trade picks and Seattle is now significantly hampered in drafting help to appease Wilson because they squandered the picks to acquire Jamal. Let your noodle bake on that for a minute!!!
  6. Actually, stone is used to sharpen iron. Be the stone, dude. I enjoy your posts and outlook, stick around!
  7. 1) that beer bong pull was like my 4th in a row and after I smoked some like 6’7 guy. 2) I think she was popping the caps off the bottles with her teeth, that chick was a pro.
  8. Future picks are generally valued as a round less for every year out. So... 2022 1st is valued as a 2nd rd pick 2023 1st is valued as a 3rd rd pick. so those picks wouldn’t even be worth our Seattle 1st this year. The only crazy thing is that LA just avoids 1st round picks like they are Covid contaminated.
  9. You don’t think NFL popularity and media market money has exploded in the last 20 years? The advent of fantasy football alone has led to an explosion of popularity and revenue. Games and content are streaming on all kinds of devices, the nfl is playing games overseas, they even launched their own network in 2003. A LOT has happened in the last 20 years that caused a huge increase in revenue and valuation of an nfl team. So yeah, just looked it up, NFL went from 4 billion in revenue in 2001 to 15 billion in revenue in 2019. So yeah, the team value tracks very well with the overall rev
  10. Yeahhhhhh, but that gain wasn’t made in a vacuum. I’d say pretty much every nfl team has made about the same % gain over that time. The popularity of the game and exploding tv contracts in the last 2 decades brought these valuations, and that wasn’t due to the Jets or anything they did. Also, there is tremendous scarcity with available NFL teams for ownership. I would bet any team coming on the market would sell at a premium to its value. Besides, if any member on this board happened to have that kind of generational wealth handed down from a great grandfather, they would have made the same de
  11. But there’s also opportunity cost to forcing this hold out, on field, in the stands,in the media, and with sponsors. Lots of things to consider in going to the mattresses in today’s world.
  12. I have no inside info whatsoever because I’m just a super fan, lol. Here is what I think today. 1 I think today the Texans genuinely may believe they don’t need to trade him and he will come around. 2 I think the Texans are also supremely tone deaf and not living in reality and this is why they believe it will get worked out. This same tone deafness is why they ignored minority candidates for interviews and why their eventual hire was a 65 yo temporary guy they thought would cover their ass on minority hiring. 3 I think easterby is reinforcing this belief because that DW comes around
  13. I wonder what the total cost to him would be if he held out, or held out long enough until the minimum amount he needed to report to get a year of employment off his contract. Exactly how many training camp days, game checks etc.
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