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  1. Holmes being the 2nd best player on offense doesn't mean squat when the offense is bad. He is a #2 receiver in the nfl and can easily be replaced. The offense didn't magically get better once he got here and it definately won't be worse once he leaves. He may be a good player, but when the rest of the team wants nothing to do with him, you get rid of him. Rex should have had the balls to bench him and remove him from captain, but he is too worried about the players liking him and that is an issue. Holmes needs to go. Seems like the Steelers replaced Holmes just fine. And this has nothing to do with the QB. He will not make Sanchez or any other QB brought into the jets any better. And if the Jets decide to go in another direction at QB, you don't want him anywhere near that QB.
  2. Jenny Vrentas @JennyVrentas 10m Reply Retweet Favorite · Open Holmes' teammates questioned Holmes' passion, in this game and the season. Tomlinson this sparked an argument in huddle in 4Q. #nyj 3:57 PM - 1 Jan 12 via UberSocial for BlackBerry · Details Reply Retweet Favorite Jenny Vrentas @JennyVrentas 11m Reply Retweet Favorite · Open Late in the fourth quarter, WRs coach Henry Ellard sent Patrick Turner into the huddle and said to get Holmes out of there. #nyj
  3. RGIII is alot like Vick....small, fast, and rocket arm. He will probably have the same injury concerns as Vick.
  4. matt moore is going to make everyone really hate Sanchez
  5. So then would your point be to give Sanchez more time to see if he gets better or not?
  6. I posted earlier that Sanchez and the D were looking good. I stand corrected.
  7. Sanchez has been pretty accurate today (I pray I didn't just jinx him)
  8. I didn't either, how close is he? plus I think 1300 yards is about right for a good season by a running back nowadays
  9. I like it when Rex talks. the Jets usually do well. And by well I mean winning. They always look piss poor on the field winning or losing.
  10. You guys forget this is the Jets. they will Beat the Giants and then lost to Miami. Jets 27 Giants 21
  11. I'm in the opposite camp. If Gholston and Ducasse were not draft busts, the Jets are sitting pretty good. And of course if Sanchez were playing better. I think those three are really hurting the Jets, not depth. LB's are slow and safety's suck, but you can only rebuild so much at a time. LB 's are about to get an overhaul. Maybe safety too.
  12. Can't make plays when they don't throw your way. Why throw at Revis or cromartie, when Smith or the LBs can't cover sh*t.
  13. WTF? where has Rex mistreated the refs other than going ballistic against the Ravens?
  14. I think the "dumbest thing he has ever seen" was a heat of the moment comment. And he may very well feel that way still. I sure do. But he did nothing but praise Sanchez after halftime and after the game to cover it up. He may feel sanchez won't ever be what he thought he would be, but I doubt he would ever say that to the media I believe he has a policy that any negative comments regarding players production and such stays behind the scenes and pubicly he will never call them out. I guess you will only be able to tell come contract time, how he really feels about players.
  15. How dare those eagles study tape and tendencies of the Jets!!!!
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