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  1. Greensince69

    Trading before draft day

    Would you take Shreff, Allen the no 1 no2 from the redskins for them to move to our pick. This would help both lines let us take best center / wr at 17 and a good player in round 2.
  2. Greensince69

    Wide Receiver

    I like it in theory but if we get lucky and Nick Bosa is there you grab him. If he is gone trade to a QB hungry and get the best LT or center available. If I could get White and Golden Tate with Anderson and Quincy I think we will be good. Then fill where needed and we need a bit.
  3. Greensince69

    Just hire McCarthy already

    If we sign McCarthy and he hires Todd Monken and Greg Williams I think we would be ok.
  4. Greensince69

    Amari Cooper

    Depends what it costs, no more than a 4th. He could easily do what Brandon marshal did for us the first year and help Darnold's development. We have the cap space and need weapons. Then use early draft pick on an edge rusher or OL

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