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  1. we will be better but you need to define your definition of good. It will start and end with the lines. If the Oline is a lot better and we establish a running game we will be a lot better than most think. If our d line gets to the qb and causes havoc the back of the defense will look better and we will be more competitive. This will be a year of growth and improvement, weather 4 wins, 7 wins or 9 wins. We need to see who will be worth keeping and who invest in.
  2. the issue is he could also be Terrelle Pryor or dwayne Haskins. Maybe not fair to the kid but its the history of OSU QB's. Watch the wissconsin game this year.
  3. If someone special slips that the Jags need and we can trade the 23 for their 2nd first and 2nd second or even just for their 2 seconds we could take a creed, CB LB and maybe a frymouth if he slips. We can then use the 2 thirds for another OL and WR or RB and be very happy with the draft
  4. Take some qualudes folks if we end up with Lawson Galloway and Keanu Neal I would be very happy can do OL in the draft.
  5. Like everyone else on the board my head is spinning on our path to a qb next year. Watson? Darnold? Wilson? I have bounced back and forth like a ping pong ball at the pros and cons of each. I finally got to thinking logically instead of emotionally and it come down to Wilson. Everyones first choice is Watson but the Texans being the Texans will try to rape us and they have already let the situation drag on too long. JD not wanting to bend over for anyone will let it go to the draft then do what he needs to do. So Darnold vs Wilson will come down to restarting the clock. With huge salar
  6. I think JD knows more than any of us if that was not proven in the Adams trade. Lets be clear that contract dropped the return for wentz hugely. Darnold is cheap and much less of a risk. That said wentz is going to his old coach who knows him and should be able to fix him and motivate him. If he goes back to his rookie year form colts get a steal.
  7. Keep sam, trade down and get more picks if sewel is still there at the pick we trade down to take him its gods will otherwise take an edge at 23 take best available wr or OL in round 2 edge if we did not get one in first then (we should have gotten another 2 from trading down) RB CB WR or OL depending what we did at 23 We still need a lot and this is dependent what we have filled in in FA. I like sewel a lot and if we got him let the chips fall between him and becton for LT. I think they are both happy to compete and both would want a dominate line. The edges this year
  8. So you take trevor and what do you have, TRrevor on a sh*tty team without weapons. If you trade him you have 3 1rst younders gor get Edge, wr, cb and 3 - 4 end round picks to get wr te center ol
  9. 1) fire Gase now he has lost the team. Give it to williams for the rest of the year. 2) Hire Joe Roman or Lincoln Riley. Throw a boatload of money at them. (let JD Hire the coach) 3)Hire The best training conditioning medical staff you can. Find them, steal them whatever it takes 4) Keep Darnold, trade the pick for a kings ransom. If we end up with 4 1st round and 4 2nd round picks that will fill a lot of holes. Edge CB Wr1 wr2 TE Center more ol. Can trade up and down for impact players. 5) Fill in with free agents
  10. I don't really care as long as he stops the run and collapses the pocket Sacks are nice but but do your job.
  11. I don't think that anyone thinks Jamal does not deserve a raise, its the over 20 mill a year that is freaking people out. If he would take, 16, 17. 18, 19,20 with 50 guaranteed I think Joe would do it.
  12. I think you are crazy, Robbie took 1/2 the plays off, Thomas needed a walker, chrowder is still here and perriman and doctson are upgrades Quincy will either be healthy or off the team if any of the rookies give us anything we are way ahead. Throw in we will have a TE to throw to and its not even close that this year will be better.
  13. I think most people forget just how good our defense was last year without our best player. With CJ back we are automatically better. With all the CB help we have added I am sure this unit will be better also. I think Q is too good to suck as much as last season and will step up this year. With a solid defense we turn to the offense and what we hope to be a vastly improved OL. As we have added a few road graders I would think the running game will be better. If they can keep Sam upright it will get interesting. Mims and Perriman should make the receiving corp better. Having a healthy H
  14. Whats the over under on how many weeks before him getting nabbed for offering an Uber drive beads to see her assets
  15. It does not matter which ol prospect anyone on the board likes it just matters who JD likes. If he thinks Josh Jones has the most upside and can trade down ad get him and get a 2nd or 3rd in the process its all good. That could turn into a center or an edge or another wr while leaving our 2 and 3 s open for getting a primary wr and cb.
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