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  1. I don't think that anyone thinks Jamal does not deserve a raise, its the over 20 mill a year that is freaking people out. If he would take, 16, 17. 18, 19,20 with 50 guaranteed I think Joe would do it.
  2. I think you are crazy, Robbie took 1/2 the plays off, Thomas needed a walker, chrowder is still here and perriman and doctson are upgrades Quincy will either be healthy or off the team if any of the rookies give us anything we are way ahead. Throw in we will have a TE to throw to and its not even close that this year will be better.
  3. I think most people forget just how good our defense was last year without our best player. With CJ back we are automatically better. With all the CB help we have added I am sure this unit will be better also. I think Q is too good to suck as much as last season and will step up this year. With a solid defense we turn to the offense and what we hope to be a vastly improved OL. As we have added a few road graders I would think the running game will be better. If they can keep Sam upright it will get interesting. Mims and Perriman should make the receiving corp better. Having a healthy Herndon at TE will be huge. I think we will be more competitive than the press think and do better than the Pats this year.
  4. Whats the over under on how many weeks before him getting nabbed for offering an Uber drive beads to see her assets
  5. It does not matter which ol prospect anyone on the board likes it just matters who JD likes. If he thinks Josh Jones has the most upside and can trade down ad get him and get a 2nd or 3rd in the process its all good. That could turn into a center or an edge or another wr while leaving our 2 and 3 s open for getting a primary wr and cb.
  6. no one can really say this. over the last 20 years how many sure fire wr have lived up to the billing, Calvin Johnson, Green, Julio Jones? Hell Claypool may end up being the best receiver in the class when all is said and done. Until they get on the field and compete at the NFL level and show heart an desire and drive its a crapshoot.
  8. you take Williams from GA and smile for the next 10 years, He will be our next Brick. The draft is very deep in WR and hit rate on first round receivers is not great. Easier to get a sleeper at wr. We also need an edge
  9. In a nutshell owners will pay 1/17th more to each player for the extra game. They will increase the cap and give up stupid stuff like the MJ which they really dont care about other than saving face (Now they can say ya he got busted but the players negotiated no penalty). For giving up this small amount they get 11 years of peace. If the players do go for this they should have an opt out after 5 years if revenues exceed x.
  10. Before we get too excited about the numbers the real important part was the interviews, Need someone smart that plays mean and loves football
  11. It is part of the contract. It specifies if you do not meet certain specifications you will be fined. If he called ahead of time they may have released it. Not doing what you are supposed to do is a choice. you can choose to speed, if you get caught you need to pay the fine.
  12. Bit this post is about the cowboys and Dak not the Jets. We can address sam and his outrageous demands in 2 years. If he takes us to the playoffs twice and is a top 5 qb no one will say a word on what he wants. If he is 20th ish and ehhh you will have the same discussion as Dak. As for the Jones Boys can you argue they have a commitment to winning. They have paid a top 5 offensive line, defensive line man, linebackers. They went out and got a top flight WR. Now you adequate QB wants the most money in the NFL. You are willing to give 30 million that puts him in solid range and he sticks his nose up at it. so hypothetically if they wanted to trade zak straight up of another qb what team would bite. is he better than Brady, wilson, wentz, goff, maholms, brees,. taking his line and weapons into account is he even top 20 never mind top 10. Hell Joe Flacco could win with Cowboys. So it comes down to do you bay 120k for a pick up truck because the seller things he has you bay the balls and says it looks like a Mercedes, or play hardball a bit and hope everyone is reasonable. I do not envy the boys as between the elliot, dak and cooper they cannot pay everyone what they want without some major cuts, How happy will zeeke and Dak be id 2 offensive linemen go and the end up on their asses 40 percent more then they do now.

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