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  1. Bit this post is about the cowboys and Dak not the Jets. We can address sam and his outrageous demands in 2 years. If he takes us to the playoffs twice and is a top 5 qb no one will say a word on what he wants. If he is 20th ish and ehhh you will have the same discussion as Dak. As for the Jones Boys can you argue they have a commitment to winning. They have paid a top 5 offensive line, defensive line man, linebackers. They went out and got a top flight WR. Now you adequate QB wants the most money in the NFL. You are willing to give 30 million that puts him in solid range and he sticks his nose up at it. so hypothetically if they wanted to trade zak straight up of another qb what team would bite. is he better than Brady, wilson, wentz, goff, maholms, brees,. taking his line and weapons into account is he even top 20 never mind top 10. Hell Joe Flacco could win with Cowboys. So it comes down to do you bay 120k for a pick up truck because the seller things he has you bay the balls and says it looks like a Mercedes, or play hardball a bit and hope everyone is reasonable. I do not envy the boys as between the elliot, dak and cooper they cannot pay everyone what they want without some major cuts, How happy will zeeke and Dak be id 2 offensive linemen go and the end up on their asses 40 percent more then they do now.
  2. KRL you are awesome, much better than the hacks who cover our team from the papers. You should be rewarded Open a YouTube channel and a patreon and let us donate to cover you travel and hotel expenses. Even if you just did a power point on your notes with a voice over on your thoughts it would be awesome. I bet your audience would be much wider than just JN.
  3. Can we get this crappy post off the Jets fourm, No one here cares about Jones.
  4. At the end of the day where does he rank as a potential GM. If the avg salary is 2 and he is asking 3.5 that's ballsy. If he is confident ask 2.5 and for performance bonuses. I do not blame him for asking but be realistic and lets all let this play out. Best scenario is that both sides are happy.
  5. Would you take Shreff, Allen the no 1 no2 from the redskins for them to move to our pick. This would help both lines let us take best center / wr at 17 and a good player in round 2.
  6. I like it in theory but if we get lucky and Nick Bosa is there you grab him. If he is gone trade to a QB hungry and get the best LT or center available. If I could get White and Golden Tate with Anderson and Quincy I think we will be good. Then fill where needed and we need a bit.
  7. If we sign McCarthy and he hires Todd Monken and Greg Williams I think we would be ok.
  8. Depends what it costs, no more than a 4th. He could easily do what Brandon marshal did for us the first year and help Darnold's development. We have the cap space and need weapons. Then use early draft pick on an edge rusher or OL

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