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  1. Goodell on thin ice (finally)

    I think most here fall for too much crap from ESPN and Fox sports. If you listen to then Goodell is the devil and the players are all angels. Does he deserve 40 mill, hell no but do players deserve what they are getting, its a very large honey pot and he is the pinata. Lets remember that he works for the owners and does what they say. Most decisions are based on profitability (Greed) and do most owners give 2 sh*ts about the fans? The sports networks only care about stirring up controversy to improve their ratings, I mean did you really care about ray rice and that he only got 2 games before ESPN got all the women stirred up about domestic violence? As for the players most could not care about goodell. There are maybe 20 players that do and they are union reps or guys who get into trouble. For the record, he would not have gone after Brady if the rest of the owners, including Jerry Jones, wanted him to purse it diligently. It was never about the damm ball it was Brady sitting there before the super bowl with the dumb smug smile on his face lying through his teeth that he knew nothing and could not tell the difference if the ball was soft and made the nfl look like assholes. If he is fired we just get a Jerry puppet and then the league will really suck.
  2. The two safeties vs Watson/Mahomes and Cook

    one use your spell checker, two please please please find a new team, take the patriots, you will be happier and we all we be happier missing your constant diatribes. Funny how if Adams is such a bust why he was a consensus top five pick in all the scouting reports. As with any pick, including cook, mahomes, watson, insert who you wanted here you cannot grade the draft until after 3 years.
  3. The two safeties vs Watson/Mahomes and Cook

    For all those that just cry for a qb here is the list of 1str round qbs in the last 10 years
  4. Screw me like that baby, I am sorry the avg salary is "Only" 2.1 mill a year Some more fun facts NFL Players salary per game 131,200 NBA 62,500 MLB 27,500 If NFL plays avg was at NBA or MLB the total salary cost would be 8 - 10 billion, yea the owners are going to give that up.
  5. They can be out for whatever they want, different sports different pay structures. If they want that be a jag in the NBA. Only 11 players and 80 games to make money plus lots more games on tv. They will also not ever get guaranteed contracts unless all contracts are capped at 2 years. With the rate of injuries you have 5 - 10 players injured and under 5 - 7 year contracts and you will soon be bankrupt. If the players think long term healthcare and pensions are important push for a 5% contribution of their salaries and a matching 5% by the owners to fund it. I would bet their greed will speak louder than their conviction.
  6. I liked Watson and would not have been upset but remember he would still have to play with our weapons and our offensive line. I don't think he would still look soo smooth.
  7. On a strictly football aspect he has regressed from his sb performance. He needs to roll to be productive at all and teams just started to close the pocket on him and let him throw. He has a big arm but cant throw into small windows. The biggest knock I have heard is many GM's do not think he is 100% dedicated to football. One of my best friends is a niners fan and they felt about the same about Kaep as we felt about Fitz. Just remember he opted out not the niners. He could be working right now. As far as Miami I bet they get Cutler out of retirement. Their coach got the most out of him.
  8. This is not sustainable. worse than social security. If they have 20 guys go down a year with lifetime benefits they will be bankrupt. If they are bankrupt the kids get nothing.
  9. Which Quarterback under 30 would you choose...

    Luck Luck Luck Luck If he gets an offensive line we will really see what he can do. After Luck I would take Carr
  10. ArDarius Stewart must read evaluation

    Yes I think doublecross is even smoother but the elit is awesome too. I hate grey goose. For a good everyday try Sobieski
  11. ArDarius Stewart must read evaluation

    I like doublecross
  12. Whine about Jamal Adams here.

    Hmmm Andy Reid has a killer offense line and a veteran qb that cab tutor the kid. I doubt that Mahoms see many actual snaps this season.
  13. Grade the Pick: LSU Safety Jamal Adams

    Please identify the "winning" QB there for the taking. Everyone said this class does not even have a 1st round QB. People will take them because they are desperate. We need more pieces now nor a risky 1st rounder. Lets see what the rest of the draft brings, we still need OL, CB and RB. Lets get the OL fixed before we get a 1st year qb killed.
  14. Grade the Pick: LSU Safety Jamal Adams

    Umm remember Vernon Gholston, the combine warrior. This kid is a football player.
  15. Whine about Jamal Adams here.

    OMFG we grab a great player, maybe the next ed reed and people are whining. If we did not trade own this is who I wanted. Lets see in 3 years when he is the rock of our defense and the receivers are jags.