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  1. this hurts much more than the Giants winning the Super Bowl
  2. Not actually sure I'm going to make it so I'm reluctant to prepay, what are the chances you actually have to start turning people away?
  3. anybody make a gif of this yet? and if not, they what the hell are the gif makers of the word doing with their spare time?
  4. eh, i wouldnt worry too much about joey porter...unless i was defenseless in a casino
  5. alright rays...win 4 more games and spare me the indignity of living in philly after a phillies championship...its the least you can do for a mets fans after raping us in the kazmir deal...
  6. so what was the time frame for all this riff-raff? and will this exodus provoke more asterisk spelling on JI?
  7. couldnt see that one coming...oh wait, it was obvious from the get go...
  8. well thats just, like, your opinion man...
  9. funny you should ask...my great grandpa (or something) was one of the guys who helped invent the catalytic converter...
  10. deadringer


    talk about a "butter face" (picture one)...
  11. 2 things...first, you cant call someone a "former jet" if they were a part of the team for less than a month in the offseason... secondly, who the hell cares abotu the giants signing a couple of scrubs as training camp fodder?
  12. dont blame the cfl or the argos...not their fault that drug laws in their country are far more humane than in the us...
  13. i'm sure none of joe's family or friends have any problems to speak of:rolleyes:... the nfl's policies are a joke...a guy who uses women as a punching bag gets to play a long career, but a guy who smokes weed to ease the incredible pain inficlted on his body is a scumbag...talk about priorities out of whack...
  14. i think you have to assume that if this team has 3 or less wins by week 8 than he'll be the starter, if not than he'll take over whenever we're eliminated from contention...
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