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  1. Jets Cheerleaders, bikinis, Puerto Rico..... Jets Cheerleaders in bikinis
  2. GM

    Cimini Talks OTAs

    You and me both. Tebow will start for only 2 reasons. Injury or mop up
  3. He tells him to stop talking Teddy tells Tebow to shut up
  4. I know you all love Cimini.. Jets OTA Report
  5. Here is the entire 9th inning for you Mets fans: http://video.staged.com/greenmachine/santana_nohitterlast_inning
  6. Funniest Jets player on team... Mangold Gets waxed
  7. This guy leaps over the wall to rob the hitter from a HR! http://video.staged.com/greenmachine/derrick_salbergs_leaping_catch
  8. Couple put their baby in the machine to scare him but it turned out to be a bad idea as the machine had auto lock system and it took the child for a spin.The child suffered minor injuries and is safe Baby in Washing Machine
  9. How to be a douche: Douche Bag Video
  10. http://video.staged.com/greenmachine/donna_summer__hot_stuff http://video.staged.com/greenmachine/donna_summer__last_dance http://video.staged.com/greenmachine/donna_summer__she_works_hard_for_the_money http://video.staged.com/greenmachine/donna_summer_mac_arthur_park http://video.staged.com/greenmachine/donna_summer__on_the_radio_1983_live
  11. Anyone plan on going to see his induction? The greatest RB in NYJ history! 14101 yds Rushing 17430 yds from Scrimmage 100 TDS 10 straight 1000YD rushing seasons MArtin Tribute 1 C-Mart Tribute 2
  12. For those who are lazy or have not seen video highlights of all the new Jets draft picks, here is a compilation video: New York Jets 2012 Draft Class
  13. NSFW http://video.staged.com/greenmachine/owned_big_mouth_gets_silenced_instantly http://video.staged.com/greenmachine/you_got_knocked_the_****_out http://video.staged.com/greenmachine/drunk_gets_knocked_out
  14. GM

    Man Vs Baseball

    Bear Grylls throwing out the first pitch at a Dodgers game. He lights the ball on fire first. Would have been more like him if he pulled it out of his a$$. Bear Grylls 1st pitch
  15. I love watching these jackasses get crushed. Batman Gets Slammed And now he is banned for life.
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