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  1. At this point nobody knows what has been put on the table. It is possible the Jets said that they would pay the whole bonus in the next week and Zach's agent is still holding out trying to get the offset out of the contract (something no Jet in the history of the rookie wage scale has gotten). Nobody has any idea who has turned down what. The only thing we know is that Zach's agent (so far) hasn't gotten everything he has asked for...and I'm okay with that for now.
  2. Clearly none of these people have ever been involved in serious negotiations...these are probably the same people who fall for the old used car salesman taking your driver's license trick.
  3. We have an entire thread discussing the holdout situation...can we just keep this one to camp updates please?
  4. Being that he must have tested positive at camp, I assume that means he is asymptomatic, which is good news.
  5. Love the fact he shows up to work proudly wearing a BBC shirt....what?....you guys are sicko's.
  6. How about nobody in this thread has any idea what Zach's camp or the Jets are negotiating in order to either include or exclude the offset language so untwist your panties. Missing a couple practices when he received 100% of first team snaps in OTA's is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.
  7. I assure you, nothing Wilson is doing is nearly as damaging or embarrassing as this grown man tantrum you've been throwing in this thread.
  8. I don't know why posters find this take so hard to believe. 1) What are the odds that Chicago keeps Dalton, Fields and Foles on their roster? 2) What is the likelihood that the Jets go into the season with Zach, Morgan and White as their QB's? Neither situation is very likely, Chicago close to 0% unless one of the other QB's get hurt in Preseason and our situation is unlikely unless Morgan or White lights it up in training camp and the preseason. Based on the fact that Morgan and White couldn't even handle OTA's with just shorts on, I'm not taking that bet. To those questioning why
  9. There are a few interesting story lines - The return of Dak, McCarthy could be this year's Adam Gase etc.
  10. I honestly thought the article was going to be about Zach Wilson being able to complete a press conference without using the word "awesome" 10 times, unlike Sam Darnold. Would it be a ridiculous and uninformative article? Yes. Would it fit right in with 90% of other sports articles coming out of the media recently? Also yes.
  11. Makes sense...someone will shake free in the coming weeks. CHI isn't keeping Fields, Dalton and Foles on the roster unless one of the top two get hurt.
  12. Anyone else hear that? I think it's the sound of Crowder's paycheck going down lower and lower.
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