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  1. JetFreak89

    TE Tomlinson and OL Qvale re-signed

    Doesn't matter how well you block on 3rd and 1 when you move before the whistle and turn it into a 3rd and 6, changing the call from a run to a pass so that your "run-blocking" TE jogs over to the sideline shaking his head.
  2. JetFreak89

    TE Tomlinson and OL Qvale re-signed

    100%. Qvale has been here 5 years! Tomlinson 3. I'm not looking for Pro Bowlers, I'll settle for league average players. But if your back up roster spots are all taken by guys who have been around for 5 years and still haven't amounted to anything, you're limiting the potential to find a diamond in the rough.
  3. JetFreak89

    AAF players you would like to see at Jets camp

    I know we addressed the WR position already but Rashad Ross from the Hot Shots has been playing really really well. A lot of speed (though tough to judge against the slower competition) but has made some really nice grabs on poorly thrown balls. Could be a good kick returner to replace Roberts too, he had a KR TD vs the Giants a couple years back.
  4. JetFreak89

    TE Tomlinson and OL Qvale re-signed

    F that....we know who these two guys are and the one thing they aren't is good. I'd much rather sign some no-names or players that were lower round draft picks that ended up injured and never got a shot to stick with their original teams. At least they would have a 1% chance of turning into something useful. Hell, look at the AAF and scout some lineman that looks halfway decent. I really don't care but continuing to employ two worthless bodies for "depth" does absolutely nothing to improve this team.
  5. Not sure if anyone else watched but Jalin Marshall scored on Dexter McDougle during the AAF Hot Shots vs Apollo's game....I chuckled.
  6. I actually had to leave that group because of the sheer idiocy that supposed fans were posting. It was just completely uninformed nonsense that made by blood boil to the point that I was like why am I even looking at this crap? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. JetFreak89

    Tyreek Hill to be released???

    I was all for signing Hunt but this is a whole other level. Pearl clutching? Really man? The guy broke a 3 year old’s arm. I really hope you aren’t old enough to have kids and if you are I really hope you don’t have any. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. I’m just playing around. I don’t mind getting a new logo but those hats are hideous. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. What, you don't like the look of our logo transformed into an MLS football club???
  10. JetFreak89

    Paradis on TV and explains what he wants

    Haven't seen this posted and didn't think it needed it's own thread but this could be the reason the Jets never made an offer:
  11. Nah man, just spend $35 bucks on a nice knock off from China. Enjoy the jersey for a couple of years and then when they leave the team or head to the AAF chuck it in the donate pile. Rinse and repeat!
  12. JetFreak89

    Discussion on centers

    I think it puts us in position that if the rookie is totally not ready and falling on his face, we have another option that can start for a few weeks or even year until the kid gets up to speed.
  13. Don't forget that he won with Peyton at 39 too.
  14. JetFreak89

    Just Joined the Forum

    Welcome aboard!
  15. I posted a topic about this earlier today that got no traction due to all the FA moves but the Jets are doing a guess the schedule contest. Note the color scheme they are using for home vs away games:

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