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  1. As someone with a Sanchez and Revis jersey in his closet, yes.
  2. Can't blame you one bit. The tix will be there once(if) we ever get some real leadership in here.
  3. You must have missed the interview a couple days ago where Petty said he didn't receive ANY 1st team reps in practice this year. Unless you mean they are evaluating the two of them learning other teams' offenses and pretending to be other QB's. Or maybe they evaluate them in warm ups. My point remains that I don't expect either of them to be better than McCown in his 15th year. I want to see where they are when they start and where they were a few games in to see their floor and growth potential.
  4. Don't get me wrong, it isn't even the wins that I am most upset with. It's the fact that they are McCown wins. If they were 5 Petty wins or 5 Hack wins, we might have an idea whether we could count on either of these guys to at least be our backup QB for the next few years. Right now the wins served us nothing.
  5. Hmmm if only people could have seen this coming in the preseason. Out of the running for top 2 QB's? Check. Didn't evaluate Petty? Check. Didn't evaluate Hack? Check. McCown performs well but has absolutely no bearing on the future of the team? Check. Jets still in NFL purgatory with a completely wasted season? Check. Hope the #realfans really enjoy those 5 wins McCown got us for years to come.
  6. This. Not to mention, the vast majority of "tankers" never mentioned wanting the team to give less effort to try and lose games. As much as the #realfans want to paint us as idiots, we know that players are looking out for themselves #1 and will try to put up big stats in search of a big contract. Tanking involves playing the youth over the veterans. In most cases, the youth will be less talented and make more mistakes in this point of their career while they continue to learn and grow. Losing games is a byproduct of playing the younger players, not a byproduct of coaching or playing to lose the game.
  7. Other Week 15 Games

    Anyone know why Indy is still throwing thee ball? I thought if you were losing with under 11 minutes left you were supposed to run the ball every play???
  8. I don't disagree with you about evaluating other players, I would have preferred starting Petty the beginning of the year and making the change if he fell on his face but that is neither here nor there at this point. I just find it very hard to judge Petty based off of last week when he had to come off the bench cold with 0 practice reps. If he performs even close to the same way this week, he's done.
  9. Washington Redhawks

    As if your story about sitting around the table making jokes has anything to do with the name of a professional sports team in our nation's capital. I am hispanic, when I am around family or close friends we make ethnic/racist jokes all the time. I do it with my black, Italian, Jewish, and Irish friends as well. What exactly does that have to do with an NFL team?
  10. Washington Redhawks

    Says the guy that basically calls Warfish an anti-semite because he "assumed" your life history. LOL
  11. Washington Redhawks

    Key word...THEY, not YOU. Also do they use "Red" or "Redskin"? Bottom line is if the Washington Redskins were a team owned by a group of Native Americans, and THEY wanted to keep the name, we are likely not having this conversation.
  12. The part that makes no sense to me is that Petty was asked if he received ANY 1st team reps in practice this year and he tried to soften the answer but it was clearly no. And posters wonder why Petty was completely off timing and throwing to wrong areas when he took the field last week. Are you telling me that with a 38 year old QB on a one year contract, you can't give the younger backup QB 3-5 reps in practice? Are those 3 reps really going to change how McCown played, one way or another? QB's can spend 24/7 in a classroom learning an offence but if they are physically limited to only running the scout team offense, how exactly is that developing a QB for the future? Even if we do pick a QB in the 1st round in the draft, is this how the Jets plan on running practice, that they get no reps when McCOwn is inevitably resigned assuming Cousins doesn't come here?
  13. Other than Cousins (I would pay the man), I agree 110%
  14. I would be down with that plan but really trying to gauge how people value our draft picks vs the need of obtaining a QB, even knowing the draft isn't a sure thing by any means (obviously).