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  1. Spending $35 on a stitched knock off that I can safely wear for the next 3-4 years doesn't seem so bad to me. Worst comes to worst it ends up in the pile of clothes donated to the War Vets, just like my Sanchez jersey!
  2. Where did you order from? I just got my $35 knock off today as well but I'm not as pleased with the quality as I have been in the past. A lot of frayed seams and they didn't cut the letters on Darnold very well.
  3. JetFreak89


    Agreed...between this, the non-stop coverage of Boston, the non-stop coverage of LeBron and the fact that SportsCenter's "highlights" now are just 1 or 2 plays out of an entire game and most often aren't key plays just plays of whatever the superstar on the team made, it's just become unwatchable. Why would I devote an hour of my time to watch SC when you don't get any real feel of how the games actually played out, have no idea when they will talk about your team and when they do, it lasts about 2 minutes before returning to breaking news about a tweet that LeBron just sent and then the Top 10? Would rather just head straight to YouTube and watch 5 minute recaps of the games I'm interested in.
  4. JetFreak89

    Episode 3

    Agreed. This is like Hard Knocks but the team has control over the message and how much the cameras are around the players. Very smart marketing move by whoever suggested this idea.
  5. Last time Winters tried to lay down the law, he headbutted an opponent....and gave himself a concussion and he had to leave the game.....
  6. JetFreak89

    One Jets Drive (6/19 8 PM)

    Loved that they ended it on a cliffhanger...wonder who they are going to end up drafting at 3!!!
  7. JetFreak89

    One Jets Drive (6/19 8 PM)

    Rex and Mangenious went down the tubes after losing weight and starting to become film celebrities (Sopranos)....maybe the opposite will hold true with Todd and his cameo on Luke Cage? One can only hope.
  8. JetFreak89

    New Hat/logo?

    Lol. That’s true. Anyway I’m on the bring back the plane logo wagon. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. JetFreak89

    New Hat/logo?

    Yup...that's the logo I wear on the hat I rock. Mine is black hat with the Jets logo in green though, black is easier to wear with any outfit so I went with that instead of the green.
  10. Because Baker already came up with "HEE HEE" 🙄 https://www.sbnation.com/2018/4/26/17288584/browns-baker-mayfield-pied-piper-hee-hee-hue-jackson
  11. JetFreak89

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    Let's just hope it's not ours....😥
  12. (Dad joke incoming) Let’s hope he knocks centers over like a Fats Domino! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  13. I remember visiting that target not long after that story broke just thinking, “man, this may be the very parking spot where Kellen Winslow was rubbing one out....” I felt so close to greatness. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app