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  1. Thank you for reminding me of the player who I was thinking of who went AWOL on the team, Dimitri Patterson. Looks like he has really changed his life around 🙄 https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/philadelphia-eagles/dimitri-patterson-injures-2-police-officers-trying-flee-court-room
  2. Pretty funny that he is watching the Aaron Hernandez documentary while getting treatment. Hopefully he is studying what he did on the field and not what he was doing off of it.
  3. Worst FA in terms of wasted money has to be Trumaine Johnson but Worst FA in terms of production has to be that CB we signed from Miami that no-showed the Preseason game and just disappeared from the team. Can't remember his name and unfortunately googling "Jets Defensive Back Disappears" brings up WAYYY too many results.
  4. Next year Jamal will be up against Stidham x2, Allen x2, Tua may be in late x2, throw in an old Philip Rivers, a 2nd year K. Murray, an unproven Lock and who knows who the Chargers QB will be. Point being, most of those are all good teams that will be favorites against the Jets but not necessarily good quarterbacks. Maybe the gameplan is for Jamal to increase all those LB stats and all of a sudden that 1st and 3rd round picks trade deal becomes 1st and 2nd or 1st, 3rd plus player. Joey D. is out here playing 4D chess.
  5. This is a legit counterpoint and gives me something to think about. Kudos sir.
  6. I'm sorry, I thought your argument was that "successful franchises" would have no problem trading away their best safeties so that they could use the resources in other areas......is that not what we are discussing right now?
  7. I feel you, I do. But with this team's track record in the draft two high draft picks don't necessarily do it for me without the guarantee that both become solid starters. Couple that with the fact that the teams we are being linked to in terms of a trade are likely playoff teams so at most we are talking a late round first and late round second (or third) and my interest drops further. Now, I'm high on Joe D so if this 2020 draft class and the next one are legit and perform the way we hope they do, I'll have some more faith that those draft picks will actually be put to good use. So far I like what I'm seeing though.
  8. Yes, because as well know, a lack of interceptions renders all tackles, sacks, hurries, passes defended and every other defensive stat meaningless. I honestly can't tell if you are just trolling here. Serious question, if Jamal got an interception on 4th and 1 instead of making the stop against the Giants or if he got an int instead of pressuring Dak into an incompletion on the 2 point conversion to seal the game against Dallas does he magically become a better safety?
  9. 100% this would happen. I honestly don't care how much bitching Jamal does because I understand that 1) it's a negotiation tactic and 2) it has no bearing on whether he will actually suit up and play on the field this season. Would it be preferable for him to keep his mouth shut and handle things behind closed doors? Of course. But this stuff happens all the time across the NFL, we just don't care about it because it doesn't involve the Jets.
  10. Or, a fair trade never materializes, Jamal and his team realize that they have no leverage since he still can be controlled by the Jets for 3 more years and he can decide to talk to LeVeon to see how well sitting out did for him or lower his contract demands to be more realistic. Joe D. should hook Jamal up with Clowney and Logan Ryan to show him how he plays this game.
  11. Yeah, can you imagine what dynasties the Ravens, Steelers and Patriots would have turned into if they had actually held on to Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu and Devin McCourty (who appears earlier in this thread as one of the highest paid safeties in the league) or Lawyer Milloy?
  12. Regardless of whether fans want to sign or not sign Jamal, you have to excuse their ignorance. It's not often that the Jets are actually looking to re-sign players that they drafted. Fans of this team aren't used to being in this position.
  13. Jenkins is the exact type of guy championship teams have as a backup/spot-starter/rotational player. I wouldn't mind keeping him longer term in that type of role. Of course that assumes like you said above that we find a better replacement as starter.
  14. It's not our fault that some can't distinguish the difference between average and median when the same people are calling for him to be a Top 15 QB. If you have a goal you want to set for Darnold next year, you should probably understand what that goal actually is. Then again, I'm not sure why I am trying to argue with a poster that uses "dumfuq" and "ewww" not ironically in their posts.
  15. This is a solid point and one that I hope people consider in their expectations for next year. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

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