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  1. I don't know why posters find this take so hard to believe. 1) What are the odds that Chicago keeps Dalton, Fields and Foles on their roster? 2) What is the likelihood that the Jets go into the season with Zach, Morgan and White as their QB's? Neither situation is very likely, Chicago close to 0% unless one of the other QB's get hurt in Preseason and our situation is unlikely unless Morgan or White lights it up in training camp and the preseason. Based on the fact that Morgan and White couldn't even handle OTA's with just shorts on, I'm not taking that bet. To those questioning why
  2. There are a few interesting story lines - The return of Dak, McCarthy could be this year's Adam Gase etc.
  3. I honestly thought the article was going to be about Zach Wilson being able to complete a press conference without using the word "awesome" 10 times, unlike Sam Darnold. Would it be a ridiculous and uninformative article? Yes. Would it fit right in with 90% of other sports articles coming out of the media recently? Also yes.
  4. Makes sense...someone will shake free in the coming weeks. CHI isn't keeping Fields, Dalton and Foles on the roster unless one of the top two get hurt.
  5. Anyone else hear that? I think it's the sound of Crowder's paycheck going down lower and lower.
  6. Saleh just said in his press conference that Crowder was missing because he was working through his contract with JD and his agent but that he expects him back and that he "has a role on this team". Connor Hughes said he doesn't have any guaranteed money left on his contract so maybe that's the issue? Or JD is asking him to take a pay cut since we have Moore or is Crowder asking for out? Will be interesting to see how this plays out moving forward.
  7. Fun fact - Prior to becoming "Blippi" this kid tried to be more of a shock comedy YouTube bro performing as Steezy Grossman, like a new age Johnny Knoxville. One of his claims to "fame" was a video of him taking a sh*t on one of his sleeping friends! Quite the 180 in content.
  8. For a guaranteed $68M, I would throw security, comfort and my left nut out the window!
  9. Same thing I always do when our Franchise QB busts....take their knock off DHGate jersey out of my closet and add it to the donation clothes bag for the year....argue with strangers on here about which QB will be the next best thing....get talked into liking a QB that I didn't want from the onset.....get overly excited on draft night......my Wilson knock off should be arriving in the next week or so.....promise myself that if THIS QB plays well enough to earn a 2nd contract, I'll spring for the $300+ authentic.....rinse and repeat
  10. Thank you! This is exactly what I was going to say. It's funny how journalists and posters never include the 4th rounder that we got back as if it's completely meaningless and yet cry rivers about the 3rd rounders we gave up.
  11. The Trevor Lawrence era is over before it even started.
  12. I gave him a B+....I like Moore as a prospect but I felt our WR group was average as-is and another OL pick could have really made more of an immediate impact. Although, if they get rid of Crowder and give Moore a ton of reps than Moore would definitely move the needle and potentially push this up into the A territory.
  13. Similar to the first poll - next morning how are you feeling about the Jets second round last night?
  14. Easy enough - next morning how are you feeling about the Jets first round last night?
  15. Johnson and Adams were better RB’s than Perine last year and both are still on the team. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  16. Definitely consider the X. We already have an SUV but with 2 kids even our Model 3 has been amazing the last 3 years. No issues or maintenance costs so far. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  17. Fans with two eyes saw that in his last couple of years with us Robby did the two things that good NFL receivers need to do: (1) get open and (2) catch the ball. The fact that he is crazy fast is the cherry on top. Unfortunately for all WR's they are entirely dependent on the QB to actually get them the ball in a place they can catch it. Looking at the numbers will never tell the true story, which is why JD admitted he made a mistake not resigning him. Sam routinely missed Robby deep when he had 2 steps on a defender or short armed a throw that turned a long touchdown into a 20-30 yard g
  18. God Warfish is such a homer....waiting for the day you take off your green-colored glasses
  19. 1. Wilson 2. Trade down 3. Assuming we don't trade - EDGE 4. Not if we already traded down from 23 5. Yes 6. Two trades 7. No 8. No 9. Yes 10. 3 Bonus - I think we end up with 10, we get a few by trading back but lose a few by trading up at some point. 1 ST, 5 OFF, 4 DEF
  20. Do you guys really need two threads to go back and forth on? Like do you have to constantly go back and forth to get answers from the same posters to different posts because that sounds exhausting.
  21. As someone loosely following both threads, can I see if I have this right? We have an "all things Zach Wilson" thread where Wilson supporters say good stuff about him and Field's guys counters with why Fields is better......and we have a "get in here for Fields" thread where Fields' guys post good stuff about him and Wilson supporters counter with evidence as to why Wilson is better? Like, is there really a point in having two separate threads that have evolved into the same back and forth arguments?
  22. 80??? What do you think he is some kind of granny on the way to Bingo night? Throw some respekt on this kid's name! https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2535585-sheldon-richardson-arrested-after-going-143-mph-latest-details-on-jets-dt
  23. Well brothers, it seems that CookieMonsta was on to something after all. We may have finally found the measurement that will end the Wilson vs. Fields debate once and for all. I can't embed the picture but click the link to check it out. https://imgur.com/a/vFb2uiU Essentially, there is a strong correlation between neck size and career passing yards. Unfortunately for @Villain The Foe and Mike Glennon, this applies to neck circumference and not length. It's all about the GIRTH baby!
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