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  1. LOL at all the posters trying to justify Sam having the 33rd ranked accurate passes from a clean pocket! Do you realize that our WR's have zero impact on how accurate the QB throws the ball? It isn't a completion percentage where things like separation come into play....it's the percentage that Sam is able to take the football and throw it on target from a clean pocket. Can he get the ball from point A to point B. The answer is a resounding NO! You may recall there are 32 starting QB's in the NFL....Sam is ranked behind ALL of them, PLUS 1 backup!
  2. Looks like the kind of guy who buys a stripper a drink and then spends the rest of the night trying to sell her on the benefits of opening up an IRA.
  3. Ever notice that every time there is an article is written about Watson wanting out there is an article that the Houston FO has no intention of trading him? Or today there is the report that Watson would be okay with the Jets and now all of a sudden the Jets are good keeping Sam? Or Miami is willing to give up X,Y and Z but Houston really wants the #2 pick in the draft? The teams are communicating/negotiating through the media...this is good stuff! It doesn't mean we are guaranteed to get him since there are other teams posturing for him too but it certainly means we are in the mix!
  4. Why is it so hard for some to comprehend that the vast majority of QB's drafted into the NFL bust? Sure, you have a higher success rate in round 1 than any other but it doesn't change the fact that it is more likely that whichever QB you draft won't work out than it will. There doesn't have to be a reason behind why Sam has sucked other than he joins the vast majority of other QB's who were drafted in the top of Round 1 that didn't turn into franchise QB's.
  5. While somewhat facetious, this is a legitimate point considering JD has shown affinity for picking up team captains.
  6. Haven't looked at the value but what about Darnold for a swap of our SEA pick up to 8? Edited: Actually I looked it up and the difference between pick 8 and 23 is 640 points, equivalent to pick 29. That would jive with Schefter's "late first round" value for Sam.
  7. Scary to think about how the Pats would have dominated the league even more if they had even average drafts during Brady's years there.
  8. I am happy in my current home....but if someone rang the doorbell offering me 20% above market, in cash, AND I heard rumors that one of the best houses in the neighborhood may be coming up for sale due to a pending divorce, you better believe that I am making a phone call to my real estate agent to get all the details on what is going on.
  9. Comparing Bell to Watson is one of the dumber things I've seen on here. People didn't think Carson was going to go through with his retirement threat either... https://bleacherreport.com/articles/583587-carson-palmer-threatens-to-retire-if-not-traded-by-cincinnati-bengals
  10. Hey David, what route should we go with here?
  11. In terms of wins/losses, definitely since he benefitted from the Rex era...in terms of meddling with the team, absolutely not (Tebow says hello!)
  12. He could easily hold out...or pull a Carson Palmer and threaten to "retire" for a year. The bottom line is this goes way past the usual contract dispute that players usually argue with teams about. This is about respect, and if it is true that the team promised to consult him on the GM/Head Coaching hires and went back on their word, I'm sure Watson is poised to go full "scorched earth".
  13. This isn't Free Agency. Watson "liking" Jets related content online bears no benefit to him other than advertising the fact that he wants out of Houston. I'm sure the fact that he was at the Brooklyn Nets game last night means he must hate NYC. You can keep trying to guess his mindset on where he wants to play but actions speak louder than words...or in this case, hypotheticals.
  14. Being against the trade because you would have to pay a top QB what top QB's earn is one of the dumbest things I've ever read. I guess every team that has a franchise QB not on a rookie deal should just start tearing apart their teams since they obviously won't be able to win paying a QB over $30M/year.
  15. You can sit and build through the draft until the cows come home and it still won't matter if you don't have a legitimate quarterback. I'm dumbfounded at the number of anti-Watson posters who refuse to acknowledge that the Jets haven't drafted a franchise QB in over 50 years but think we magically will in the next 3-4 once the team is "ready".
  16. LG - Sign Thuney, RG - draft a C and move McGovern over, draft a RB, WR 1 - sign Robinson. There, offense fixed in 1 offseason. The addition of Saleh, return of Mosely, QW getting better and experience from Hall and Davis should improve the D this year. We can use next offseason to finish off the D.
  17. We need to get this done. The two things we have in excess are draft picks and money. Use those assets to get our franchise QB for the next 10-15 years and stop this revolving carousel that leads to nothingness. We'll still have plenty of 2nd round + draft picks and money left over to fill out the team around Watson.
  18. I'll admit that I haven't seen anything on this kid other than the highlight reel in the first post but the thing that stuck out from the highlights were that every play was either a horrible tackle (won't happen in NFL), a wide open WR (won't happen in the NFL), or a combination of the two. All that plus the lack of total games and the obviously trash competition? Buyer beware!
  19. Until they feel the pressure of NYC and lose the weight like Rex and Mangini, or the hair and suit like McAdoo....then they turn into crap
  20. Fields is not the same caliber QB..Fields is a prospect. He has a much higher chance of busting than becoming a 3x Pro Bowler and leading the league in passing yards.
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