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  1. Did you read this post?  It's legit the description of a JAG.  If not for this, and not for that and not for these other dudes, he'd be this.  You're not even convicted enough to guarantee he's the starter next season.  
    Lots of RB's have speed and many have flashed in the pan.  He had a great game, the first of this type 4 years into his career.  I'm not ready to say he's anything more than a JAG, if you are, cool.  I think it's pretty foolish to make anything out of 1 obvious anomaly of a game but hey, you do you. 

    Again, clearly you never watched the 49ers in the second half of this year or you would know that he did well in way more than 1 game. Is 146 yards plus a TD on 19 carries against Baltimore not a good game now? Versus NO, 10 carries for 69 yards plus 2 receptions for 40 yards with 2 TD’s...again not a good game? Last game of the season against SEA with division on the line: 10 rushes for 57 yards 2TD’s plus 1 reception for 16 yards. Total JAG numbers right?

    He did all this while also playing special teams by the way.

    The guy put up solid numbers with many games getting less than 10 total touches because SF was so afraid of taking carries away from Coleman who they gave big $ to in the off-season. And yes, I do hesitate to say SF will make him the clear starter next season because again, if you watched the games you would see that they split carries all year along and refused to make 1 back the main focus until late in the season.

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  2. 3 hours ago, JiF said:

    lmfao - he's not a JAG because you picked him up on waivers and are stupidity using him as a keeper?

    You are making yourself look foolish because you think you are making some point by repeatedly calling him a JAG. Mostert didn't put up big numbers this year because they didn't give him an opportunity until after Breida and Coleman both went down. 

    Do the o-line and scheme help him? Obviously. But you also can't teach speed and that is what sets Mostert apart. There were a couple of games late in the season where Coleman was healthy and did NOTHING while Mostert was tearing the defense apart. JAG's don't do that. I'm not saying he is going to be an All-Pro either but I wouldn't be surprised if he enters into 2021 as a favorite to take the lead position. 

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  3. 5 hours ago, jgb said:


    Not sure how anyone was supposed to get that from “Keenan Allen also ends upon IR every other year.

    More likely you’re attempting an elegant flip flop after being faced with facts... which I accept and respect!

    I thought it was obvious I was being facetious but clearly my attempt at humor fell flat. In either case, I admit that he did burn me in fantasy both of those years so I'm probably holding on to some resentment from that time as well. 

  4. Proven?  RA numbers are mediocre Crowder had a better season we need a WR who runs better routes, gets physical for the ball..RA is not a game changer. I keep him only if the price is right. 

    Do you know what deep threat WR’s rely on to do their job? An offensive line and an accurate deep ball QB.

    If the Oline can’t hold blocks for longer than 2 seconds (see the first half of the season) then they basically take RA off the field. I’m a big Darnold fan but can still admit he left at least 3 TD’s on deep balls to Robby on the field. It’s was probably closer to 5 but just thinking the ones I specifically remember. As soon as Sam missed those 3 games, you know Robbie’s numbers were not going to be good, especially paired with our o-line.

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  5. I think the NY Jets need to let RA walk in free agency. 
    We cannot overpay an underachieving WR we need  consistent production from the position to help Sam Darnold. 
    RA thanks for the memories. 

    Yes, let’s “help” Sam by sticking him with 1 good receiver next year (crowder) and letting the only other proven one go. It worked so well when we did the same with Sanchez. Anyone have Chaz Schilen’s number?
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  6. Maccagnan passed on Terry McLaurin to draft Jachai Polite. McLaurin has played in the worst QB situation in the league this year:
    Terry McLaurin: 58 catches, 919 yards, 15.8 yp, 7 TDs, 62.37 catch%
    Robby Anderson: 49 catches, 761 yards, 15.5 ypr, 5 TDs, 55.04 catch%

    Even when losing at least WAS still threw the ball. I find it hard to believe how quickly fans forget that we went through 3 games THIS SEASON (almost an entire quarter of the year) where we hardly attempted any passes and when we did they ended up in like 15 sacks so all we did was behind scrimmage and RB dump offs. Those 3 games skew every offensive stat because we basically put up 0 numbers. It was an unprecedented stretch of putrid offensive football.

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  7. No way Robbie Anderson is worth 10 plus million a year the guy is not a #1 or even a #2 WR he is a slot guy who only having success running straight routes. He has a skinny frame he isnt a great physical type WR who can get you a ton of receptions on short heavy traffic routes in the redzone. He isnt even Darnolds favorite target Crowder is. So why are the Jets going to overpay for another slot guy who has a history of disciplinary problems outside of football who never had a 1000 yard season. Robby Anderson is a dime a dozen just like Enuwa was neither one of these guys ever looked good. The fans fall in love with everybody and want to keep them all,  let him walk. There are better options. Right now on the roster I think Vycint Smith has potential to be a better WR then Anderson ever could be before even drafting and hitting free agency. 

    Stopped reading as soon as you called him a slot guy. If you think there is anything about him that qualifies him to be in the slot, it’s pretty clear you don’t understand football.

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  8. 1 hour ago, TeddEY said:

    Not implying causation, just something to consider when you have a salary cap.  Who are you calling the other 3 SSs?  Because if you’re including Kenny Viccaro of TEN, I have no issue with Jamal Adams at 6M per.  Think we can keep him for that?  Considering he’s making over 5 now?

    Double post. 

  9. 52 minutes ago, TeddEY said:

    Not implying causation, just something to consider when you have a salary cap.  Who are you calling the other 3 SSs?  Because if you’re including Kenny Viccaro of TEN, I have no issue with Jamal Adams at 6M per.  Think we can keep him for that?  Considering he’s making over 5 now?

    Gotcha. I honestly didn't do a deep dive into the underlying argument of the original poster, just took him at face value of the other highest paid SS in the league but definitely agree that well-constructed teams should dedicate salary cap percentages according to positional values (QB, Edge more; RB, SS less). OTOH, there are exceptions to the rules and I don't think anyone would argue that the Jets are currently a well constructed team. I think that's the crux of the pro vs anti-Jamal sentiment...is he worth being an exception (whether due to his own abilities or just the fact that the Jets have no one else to spend the cap on for the next couple of years anyway)? 

  10. 18 minutes ago, Dcat said:

    Good points but you completely ignore what Adams will demand and cost in a couple of years.  As great as he may be, positional value is kind of important in a salary capped league. Need to factor that into the decision on Adams. If the team does not believe in investing what he will demand to that position, then it makes great sense to trade him while he's hot.

    That's definitely true...and the closer we get to his contract extension the lesser value we get back. I also think that teams are more likely to overpay during the season than they are in the offseason. During the season, a team on the edge of the playoffs can easily justify losing a 2nd - 4th round pick if they feel the alternative is watching from home. In the offseason, everyone is more optimistic about their chances, especially before the draft, and would rather keep the extra pick and try to find a gamechanger in the draft. 

  11. 1 hour ago, TeddEY said:

    It's also worth considering that the team that employs the highest paid Strong Safety in the NFL, is about to pick #2 in the draft.

    Correlation does not equal causation. Could easily say that 3 out of 4 teams with the highest paid SS in the NFL are playoff teams (assuming TEN gets in) so we should lock up Adams ASAP if we want any hope of making the playoffs next year. Neither point holds any water in real life though. 

  12. 19 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    I see lots of people in the gameday thread conveniently hammering different people on the Jets depending on the situation.  The same people criticizing Gase end up saying how bad Sam Darnold was playing...so which is it?  Did Gase win a game over Mike Tomlin and a playoff caliber team IN SPITE of Sam Darnold?  Did he suddenly motivate all these guys to step up today and make solid opportunistic plays when we needed them.  Did he buy Sam Ficken some glasses?  Or, did Sam Darnold bail out Adam Gase against a Top 5 defense?  Can't have it both ways.

    I obviously think that the notion Gase had somehow "lost the locker room" was complete bullsh:t.  The dude is dragging a Bottom 5 NFL roster to a 5-2 record over the past 7 games.  There were even posts in the GD thread complaining about the Bell run on 3rd down to make that FG a little closer for Ficken so the Jets could go up 16-10.  Could you imagine either going for it on 4th down or an incomplete pass on 3rd that caused Ficken to miss from further away?  The Jets would have had to protect the short and intermediate distances on Pitt's last drive so that a FG wouldn't tie the game 13-13.  It was absolutely the smart way to manage the game there.  He knew the Jets D could prevent a TD....a FG was more dicey.

    I think Gase has been very, very consistent the past two months.  He knows what he has now on this team....and what he doesn't.  He's found a decent way to try to balance run/pass with an Offensive Line that can do neither particularly well.  This was the Jets best win of the season....and they finish with a winning record at Home.

    Go Jets!

    Fans never put nearly enough emphasis on what it takes to learn an entirely new offensive system. Not to mention the defensive side as well but at the very least on D, if you are unsure what to do you can at least read the player in front of you to try and make a play. Fans expected the entire offense to be masters of the Gase system by Week 1....and never mind the fact that we are now down to our 2nd, 3rd and 4th string players in multiple positions as well....you think they knew the playbook? Half of them weren't in training camp over the summer. 

  13. 4 minutes ago, ScarletKnight89 said:

    I'm not trading Jamal Adams for just a 1st round pick. And if i'm another team, I wouldn't give up much more besides just a 1st round pick for a SS.

    The Jets have a great player in Adams. They should just lock him up and move on unless some team wants to massively overpay them for him. 

    This. You don't trade a Pro Bowl player for the same draft capital that you used to pick him. Regardless of posters here like it or not, he was taken in the draft right where he was expected to go and has lived up to his pre-draft status.  If we decide to trade him, the team that wants him has to pay us back a top half first plus additional picks to compensate for the fact that he is now a known commodity and not a risky draft pick. 

    People question why the Pats consistently trade picks for players (like a 2nd for Sanu) instead of just drafting potential better ones. It's because while the ceiling MIGHT be better in the draft, at least you know what you are going to get with an established player...the floor is much higher and it seems a lot of other GM's don't consider that nearly enough when making player trades because they put too much stock in their own drafting abilities. 

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  14. First, the entire argument is not based on W/L record.  But, you already knew that.
    Second, for a fanbase that's spent the entire week projecting future failure of an opponents MVP QB due to injury, you would think the fact that Darnold has been unavailable for 20% of his games would be considered part of the evaluation with him.
    Third, if you want to make the argument that Sam Darnold is more valuable to the Jets than Luke Falk, I can certainly concede the point.

    I'm not casting blame so much as stating a fact. The team was 5-11 the year before we drafted Darnold, it was 4-12 his first year as a starter, and it's going to end up 5-11 this year. The reason you give up four picks for a QB is because you think he can paper over all the holes you can't fill because you gave up four picks for a QB. So far he hasn't done it.

    Feel free to try and spin how this argument isn’t based entirely on wins and losses.

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  15. 1 hour ago, TeddEY said:

    Facts are not welcome in conversation about Sam Darnold.  Only reasons why, despite facts, he's elite.

    Yes, when basing an entire argument off of the Win/Loss record of a QB, attributing 7 additional losses to him for games he didn't play is now considered #facts. 

    For those interested in a legitimate discussion about Darnold, his record last year was 4-9 and this year it is 5-6 so even if he loses the next two games, he still showed improvement year after year. 

    Also, if you are going to talk about giving up picks for a QB who should be able to affect the Win/Loss record of the team, I think it should also be noted that the team is 0-7 without him as QB. If he truly had no positive impact on the team, they should have won 2.6 out of the 7 games played without him, the same as his winning percentage with the team. 


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  16. I'm not casting blame so much as stating a fact. The team was 5-11 the year before we drafted Darnold, it was 4-12 his first year as a starter, and it's going to end up 5-11 this year. The reason you give up four picks for a QB is because you think he can paper over all the holes you can't fill because you gave up four picks for a QB. So far he hasn't done it.

    Didn’t Sam miss a few games last year and this year which all turned out to be losses? Seems like your argument is a little disingenuous when you start handing him L’s in games that he didn’t play.

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