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  1. Anyone else do this yet? It was pretty fun to look back at the schedule the past few years and try and find some tendencies to come up with this. Also, interesting choices of green colors for home and away.... Here are my picks for what the schedule could look like:
  2. Oh man that is a sad sight to see....that board is just JetsRule and 3 other posters talking to each other.
  3. Dude, you are completely underselling what Gary has done...and while I liked SowellTrain I'm not even Gary's biggest fan but he's way more than a motivational speaker. Gary spun that Wine Blog/Youtube show into a pretty large media company, VaynerMedia, which employs like 600+ people. As of 2017, his net worth is $160M+. For a guy who has preached he wants to one day own the Jets and we all pretty much would have laughed in his face 10 years ago, he's done pretty well for himself. Obviously him and his brother have now spun that off into VaynerSports as well so who knows where they will be 10/20 years from now. We'll probably be wishing they would buy the team from the Johnson's.
  5. Ehhh...kick returns were one of the few areas we excelled in last year. Roberts put us in position to score a lot more points than we would have otherwise.
  6. You've never heard of the best Mexican Fortune Teller in all the biz?
  7. More like a peepshow in Times Square back in the 70's....and Manish is the one behind the glass.
  8. Yup more than a Jets fan...he wants to one day buy the Jets. I know its not likely to happen but Gary has done pretty well for himself from running a wine store to online sales, starting the Wine youtube show and when he started doing media he was working with some Jets players at the time. Now he runs his own media company and sports agency so I guess you could say "never say never" about him actually becoming an owner.
  9. Here is the tweet. He really does look to be in great shape which bodes even better for the future. https://mobile.twitter.com/KOseven0/status/1095418162097451008?s=19 Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. Trent Richardson is posting a 2.4 YPC for the Birmingham Iron but does also have 7 TD's....hmmmm
  11. Because he was given a large contract by a prior administration and this one drafted someone that they view as his replacement. I would imagine they also think that Vernon could return to his once elite pass rushing capabilities so they feel the upside of Vernon is more valuable than whatever hit they take by moving Zeitler.
  12. Picks, yes but player.....who would you have in mind?
  13. Going from Hunter green to an Emerald-like color would be considered a "significant" change. This is a multi-billion dollar business, they aren't going to let their teams change the shades of colors they use on an annual basis.
  14. So you're saying they wouldn't have accepted a 5th rounder for him? Hmmm. I do have to wonder what exactly Mac is doing at his desk right now,,,,,
  15. Agreed...I can see it being the oval with just JETS inside, removing the NY from the background and the football to make the logo much less busy.
  16. Not sure how that might affect the Redskins trading up for a QB. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001021456/article/redskins-broncos-working-on-trade-for-qb-case-keenum
  17. And for those who are upset that there are so many pages in this thread, I present to you: https://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/115389-new-york-jets-are-confirmed-to-be-getting-new-uniforms-in-2019/page/75/ SportsLogos.net has a 75 pager and most of these posters aren't even fans of the team!
  18. Taken from Reddit based on a Q&A Hughes did on The Athletic: [Hughes] The couple of players I’ve talked to have seen [the new uniforms] describe them as “sick” and “awesome” and “dope”. It’s a complete redesign - colors, logo, etc.
  19. Don't worry Free Agency is only a week away...then we'll have a whole lot more to complain about.
  20. I'm just playing around...just a little Arrested Development humor. I'm looking forward to what they produce.
  21. "What I'm hearing from Oakland is that they are willing to part with a second rounder for Antonio Brown." Host - "Oh, you have sources within the Raiders organization?" "No, I can just hear Mayock and Gruden talking about it from over here in New York."
  22. Exactly...that "boring" quote actually gave me a sigh of relief.

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