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  1. I think it's pretty obvious, you look at the history of the Jets and the players that were "hometown kids" and see that Mohammed Wilkerson was from Linden, look at how well that turned out and extrapolate........have I ever told you the story about a wily kid from Piscataway, Kyle Wilson? No, well he joined the jets and shortly after........so there was a kid with a great pedigree, chiseled face and blonde hair from Franklin Lakes, that kid's name? Matthew Phillip Simms, from the time he put on his helmet in 2013 he just took command and......alright maybe we should focus on the front office...so you take a look at Todd Bowles, a nice boy from Elizabeth, NJ and you see that over the course of his career.........so Mike Maccagnan was a strapping lad born in Hightstown, NJ, he came to the Jets and completely changed the........did you hear that we resigned Neal Sterling???
  2. I think you should have let Haskins be an option for the Raiders. I know there has been talk recently of them being interested. If I had to guess it is probably a smokescreen but we said the same thing about Mayfield and the Browns last year so I wouldn't be shocked if he ends up being the pick.
  3. Just to take the contrarian point of view: 1) Defenses are usually ahead of offenses in the earlier part of the schedule. 2) Greg Williams will have our defense fired the **** up going against his old team on Week 1. 3) Hopefully we won't have any key member of our Defense injured so we will be at full strength. If I had to take my chances, I think our D will be better than their O on Week 1. I think our O will be at least competent enough to be able to score on their D.
  4. I'd like to take a moment away from discussing the "sentence logo" just to revisit this. So just to be clear, the Jets and Nike (a multi-billion dollar expert in design as many have pointed out) took 5 years to add black to the uniform. Why did they choose black? Not because it is "stealth" as the marketing department calls it, not because black means "New York" or has any legitimate ties to the Jets specifically, they chose it so the team could sell more apparel. Because green is too hard for the youth to match with the rest of their ensembles. As was discussed pre-reveal, gray is much more modern and in style nowadays than black. It would have been a much easier tie-in with the team being Jets, would have been more unique in the NFL and still would have been easier for people to incorporate into their outfits....but the Johnson's and Nike wanted to go the safer route, the route that led to even MORE apparel sales. This is the type of decision-making that has been going on behind the scenes between Nike and the Jets. Don't let the marketing department and production videos about "bolder, faster, sleeker" fool you. Take it right from the NFL Art Director's mouth.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. When did the title get transferred from Miami because I never heard about it? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. Bucky Brooks has the Jets taking Allen and then a TE with their next pick in his mock draft. That is all I will say about that. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. I actually agree that I didn't see a fan-made logo that I liked better than an update of the 80's logo...but I do hold Nike up to higher standards and it's been said that they were pushing for a change so I'm sure there were better options we never saw.
  8. Despite what some here may say, I actually agree with you 100%. I just don't like the logo, other than that, we're good.
  9. Yeah, no. You do realize that a logo does not, in fact, have to contain a "big ass JETS wordmark" right? That is the entire point of us saying they should have gone in a different direction.
  10. Did someone allude to middle-aged decision makers trying to "get hip" with the youngin's?
  11. Peace Frog, you are exactly what this thread needs right now. No sarcasm, thank you.
  12. @Mogglez I almost single-handedly got this thread to page 250 after the reveal....you owe me some sort of producer credits
  13. I....thought you were going to stop responding to me? Or do you not understand even your own posts at this point?
  14. Okay bud, I'm really thinking that you may be mentally deficient so I'll leave you alone. Stop making crap up and saying things that I didn't.
  15. There is no truth to any of SAR's posts in this thread...yet you have Jet Nut and Brooklyn lapping it up like little puppy dogs.
  16. Let me try a different tact since you clearly have no understanding of what is being discussed. Please answer these questions in a yes or no format: 1) Is a logo the same thing as a uniform? Yes or No. 2) Is it possible to dislike one aspect of something but still like the way something looks as a whole? Yes or No. 3) Is it possible to dislike a logo but still like a uniform as a whole? Yes or No. 4) If someone likes the uniform does that mean they like the logo? Yes or No. Vice versa, if someone likes the logo does that mean they have to like the uniform? Yes or No. 5) In a discussion about a logo, does citing polls regarding uniforms have any relevance? Yes or No. I've never called "all those" who like the uniforms stooges, I've also never said anyone was wrong for liking something, especially not "over and over again". If I did any of these things, I'm sure it will be easy enough for you to quote the posts where I did that.
  17. Mac couldn't advertise that he wanted to trade down more if he had planes carry banners over the 31 other practice facilities.
  18. The last few years have featured very little "storyline" games as week 1 for us so I am going with the unassuming Bengals
  19. You and the other two stooges can keep dragging on and on about some mysterious "majority" but the results speak for themselves 103 - 31, not even close....some would call that a massacre:
  20. Exactly...funny he mentions China and Mexico. To the average person from those countries who have no idea what the NFL is our "sentence" actually reads: "Gibberish Gibberish GIBBERISH (picture of a taco? hamburger? clam shell? pistachio? male reproductive organ from top view?)" MAYBE they understand "New York" but the rest remains the same.
  21. LOL...okay a poll on this site, with results from actual Jets fans, is less important than some "majority" that you are conjuring including "Every NFLN show, every ESPN show, every retired player" as if any of those people were asked about the logo specifically and were not talking about the uniforms or helmets in general. This is so over your head you don't even understand what the conversation is about.
  22. Keep talking about generalities and claiming you've won all you want. I like the uniforms, I like the helmet, I don't like the logo. I can voice that opinion as can others. There was a poll on this very site regarding the logo specifically pre-reveal with over 100 votes and the people who voted disliked the logo by an 80-20 spread. There are absolutely logo design "rules" just as there are in music, just because you don't know about them does not mean they don't exist. The posters weren't even talking about this new logo in terms of rules, it was the old one that it was based on anyway.
  23. But but but....he's a locker room cancer....he's all about ME ME ME!!! In other news, this dude has over 1,000 unread text messages!

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