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  1. There is no truth to any of SAR's posts in this thread...yet you have Jet Nut and Brooklyn lapping it up like little puppy dogs.
  2. Let me try a different tact since you clearly have no understanding of what is being discussed. Please answer these questions in a yes or no format: 1) Is a logo the same thing as a uniform? Yes or No. 2) Is it possible to dislike one aspect of something but still like the way something looks as a whole? Yes or No. 3) Is it possible to dislike a logo but still like a uniform as a whole? Yes or No. 4) If someone likes the uniform does that mean they like the logo? Yes or No. Vice versa, if someone likes the logo does that mean they have to like the uniform? Yes or No. 5) In a discussion about a logo, does citing polls regarding uniforms have any relevance? Yes or No. I've never called "all those" who like the uniforms stooges, I've also never said anyone was wrong for liking something, especially not "over and over again". If I did any of these things, I'm sure it will be easy enough for you to quote the posts where I did that.
  3. Mac couldn't advertise that he wanted to trade down more if he had planes carry banners over the 31 other practice facilities.
  4. The last few years have featured very little "storyline" games as week 1 for us so I am going with the unassuming Bengals
  5. You and the other two stooges can keep dragging on and on about some mysterious "majority" but the results speak for themselves 103 - 31, not even close....some would call that a massacre:
  6. Exactly...funny he mentions China and Mexico. To the average person from those countries who have no idea what the NFL is our "sentence" actually reads: "Gibberish Gibberish GIBBERISH (picture of a taco? hamburger? clam shell? pistachio? male reproductive organ from top view?)" MAYBE they understand "New York" but the rest remains the same.
  7. LOL...okay a poll on this site, with results from actual Jets fans, is less important than some "majority" that you are conjuring including "Every NFLN show, every ESPN show, every retired player" as if any of those people were asked about the logo specifically and were not talking about the uniforms or helmets in general. This is so over your head you don't even understand what the conversation is about.
  8. Keep talking about generalities and claiming you've won all you want. I like the uniforms, I like the helmet, I don't like the logo. I can voice that opinion as can others. There was a poll on this very site regarding the logo specifically pre-reveal with over 100 votes and the people who voted disliked the logo by an 80-20 spread. There are absolutely logo design "rules" just as there are in music, just because you don't know about them does not mean they don't exist. The posters weren't even talking about this new logo in terms of rules, it was the old one that it was based on anyway.
  9. But but but....he's a locker room cancer....he's all about ME ME ME!!! In other news, this dude has over 1,000 unread text messages!
  10. All some people remember are the two costly fumbles he had in the first 3 games of the season...never mind the fact that he didn’t fumble again the rest of the year. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  11. And surprise surprise, he doesn't weigh 260 pounds Manish!
  12. And if you are being real, you would admit that on the other side, it's 3 posters who apparently are getting their feelings hurt that not everyone likes the "new/old" logo. And if you are being real, you would understand that while the majority of fans like the uniforms overall considered as a set (myself included), the majority of fans do not like the helmet logo when considered on its own. In terms of liking something that has a right or wrong I offer you this analogy. The local college decides to put on an instrumental concert featuring the best works Vivaldi, Beethoven and Bach. You attend the concert. At the end you say "that was really nice, I really enjoyed that". Next to you is a music teacher who points out that while the sound was nice, whoever arranged the pieces got the styles of the various time frames completely wrong. Long story short, it's entirely possible for people to like something that is also technically wrong. Shouting "I DON'T CARE, I STILL THOUGHT IT SOUNDED GREAT" doesn't make the music teacher any less right in pointing out the flaws just like vice versa the music teacher likely couldn't change your opinion on what you heard based on errors in technique.

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