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  1. Rogue One ******Spoilers*****Spoilers****

    The callbacks were glorious, the ending, just epic. chirorob, Chopper is visible at Yavin base for a few seconds too.
  2. Jets Fans At FedEx Field

    I was in Sec 214, Jets side in the corner, also under the overhang, which would have been awesome in the rain, but otherwise, yeah, it was a bit limited... Loved how many Jets fans were there!
  3. Jets Release Smart Phone App

    Free through Apple App store as well...
  4. Braylon Edwards likely a goner

    Braylon just tweeted "Not the best of days so far.... but I'm trying to stay positive"
  5. Jets still targetting Randy Moss

    I just can't root for certain guys; if the Jets get Moss, I'll cheer for the O-Line for every catch he made... Just like I cheered the D's coverage for Jason Taylor's sacks last year...
  6. your top 5 sports radio shows?

    FYI, Czabe is back on in the morning Sporting News radio, which is availale on XM/Sirius, online & via smartphone radio apps if you can't get him over the air. Here in Richmond, we freaked on the FSR affiliate when SAS went on, we were one of the first to bring Czabe back on...
  7. Jets- Lions score

    Jets 27 Lions 16
  8. Humble Request to BZ

    BZ, Since you're the only iPhone Web App Developer I "know", how about an app that plays the J-E-T-S chant at the touch of a button?? Any chance?!? Your humble servant, Wolfe
  9. The Morning After

    A Chowd runs my office & she asked my immediate manager to lock me in a file room today so they wouldn't have to deal with me.... The sweet sweet taste of victory....
  10. I've been counting down the minutes all day... J - E - T - S JETS! JETS!! JETS!!!
  11. Favorite App Store Apps?

    I'm headed to see Sheryl Crow tomorrow night, so I just downloaded the Zippo for encore time - it'll just be goofy fun, going old-shool light with new-school technology... I initially combed the free ones, and grabbed i.TV, Urbanspoon, Around Me, White Pages I've had my iPhone for 4 days, and I may love it more than my wife... Adding this a few days later - the free Shazam music tagging app is AWESOME! Hear a song you need to know Artist/Title/Album, etc?? - hold your iPhone up to the speaker, and it locates almost anything & gives you a link to get from iTunes store, video on You Tube if available - VERY COOL!!!!!
  12. Authentic jersey question.

    [quote name='Blackout
  13. Authentic jersey question.

    Wrong board - that thread is at the other site.
  14. Let's Be Honest Here...

    C'mon, we've won the last 3 times there with HERM leading us... Jets win 31-28