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    Hudson Valley/NoVa
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    Jets, Rangers, Yankees, Tennis, Soccer
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    Patriot Center Usher

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    The final game of the 2002 season against the Packers. Chad threw for 4 TD's and the Jets clinched the division. Best game I've ever attended.
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    Playoff game against the Steelers. Doug Brien. Need I go on?
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  1. He's also won 4 playoff games and Romo has won 0 but that's clearly not relevant.
  2. This is all assuming there is any chance of a terrorist attack at a football game. I'd say the chances are slim.
  3. This seems like standard boilerplate to me.
  4. Saw that. And he gave a creepy a$$ look at the camera while saying Nnamdi Asomugha. It was weird.
  5. THIS. Definitely thought CharlieBurk was this guy. Naga...naga...not gonna work here anymore!
  6. Of course it's a tough situation playing in Pitt, but it was essential for the offense to sustain a drive with the way our D was getting run over. No doubt the D gets a lot of blame for the loss but the offense did pretty well in the 2nd half, and their first half performance was just as inexcusable as the D's was.
  7. Except if we scored a td on that drive there would have been around 7 minutes left and we would only have been down by a TD. Instead we cut the lead to 12 and took a few minutes to get the TD, and were left with only 3+ minutes left IIRC. Even if the D made the stop at the end the offense would have needed to go 60-70 yards in just over a minute. Not scoring that TD absolutely killed us.
  8. The defense was pitiful, but they sure could have used a few first downs from the offense to allow them to get some rest. The offense couldn't do a thing in the first half as usual, and the hole was just too deep to dig out of. And the 3 play calls made on the goal line stop are a fireable offense on their own. That was just indescribably stupid and an utter decision making failure. I don't see how we can trust this guy to help us get to the Super Bowl when he chokes in the biggest spots.
  9. I think the refs made the right call on that. We were on the wrong end of some crap calls by the refs, but the Jets could have won this game if they tackled at all in the first half or if Schotty wasn't such a maroon.
  10. It's all part of Schotty's master strategy. When we're running the ball really well with Shonn Greene that means we should obviously trick them and throw it! Or run LT up the middle! They'll never know whats coming bwahaha! Seriously Schotty needs to be fired. Tonight. /
  11. Schotty needs to go. Don't see how this can be argued right now. He improved in the 2nd half of the season but this game was such a complete and utter failure and his part I don't see how he comes back from it.
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