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  1. Ok so we got a good tackle. they better be able to hold their blocks for 10+ seconds every time we pass because I don’t think our WR are capable of getting open in that timeframe. (Or any timeframe)
  2. Myers himself would most likely not give us as good a season as he did last year either.
  3. No reason to move from 6. Cleveland wasn’t taking 2 qb. Worth risk stay 6. Paid way too much to get to 3.
  4. Could have had him at 6 with all our 2nd rounders too. Hes not going to work here. If we were going to pay all that we should have moved to 1 got mayfield.
  5. Can’t trade up from 6 to 3 and overpay greatly to do so and then not take a QB
  6. First half had time second half 3 rushers running free every play
  7. So happy we are purposely sucking to get one of these 3 average qbs
  8. This is hackenburgs second year. He wasn't even good enough to get a game in for a 5-11 team. Comparing him to Derek Carr is apples to oranges
  9. We already have 3 practice squad caliber QB.
  10. "Hello Khakis, it's the big Woodrow. Come coach my team 4 years 100m and an exclusive contract from Dockers. " Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  11. 4 yrs, 100m guaranteed may change his mind Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. Kicking a FG down 41 had to qualify too.
  13. Jets were pretty damn drunk too when they didn't put in a claim
  14. Why would he? He got a 5 year deal and only coached 2. That means whatever job he takes would basically be for freee since it would just offset the money owed from Buffalo.
  15. Forget "if he becomes available". Make him become available. If it takes 20m a year, do it. A great coach can make an ordinary team good, a good team great and a great team unbelievable. There is no salary cap on coaches either so they amount really doesn't matter. Harbaugh got the 49ers to the super bowl with kaepernick. We all thought he was good then but look at him since. He got UofMich to 6 in the country with no QB and really no offense.
  16. Would have been nice to see him play without handcuffs
  17. ryan wasn't great but this wasn't on him... Pryor had 2 penalties that directly cost us 14.
  18. I'd settle for Pryor He had 2 penalties that cost us 14 points.
  19. how did it go? I was hesitant to sign up for yet another DFS site before seeing how it went.
  20. When MACC played hardball (which didn't work out great) with Wilkerson, everyone on this board went nuts, "how can we not sign Wilkerson"...
  21. The probability is unlikely, but KC made it after going 1-5 last year, so teams are now all thinking they can be the next KC. Our schedule is soft. We definitely can be 5-5 at the bye. Will it happen? Probably not, but it's definitely possible, so I see Bowles point.
  22. don't blame him for thinking this way at all. Maybe he shouldn't have said it, but don't blame him at all.
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