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  1. Because if they start a guy who hasn't played in a regular season game, they are admitting to giving up on the year. While that may happen in a couple weeks, right now, they are still holding out hope for a KC like run.
  2. He stretches away from the other QBs. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but the OPTICS are awful. It says a lot about him.
  3. I can live with this... it may be more fair to Petty to give him another week.
  4. I've watched the "Geno is the starter" movie before. I'll pass on watching it again. You have to play Petty or Hackenberg. Since Hackenberg probably isn't ready, let's see Petty. Starting Geno does NOTHING for the team. He's not the long term answer here.
  5. Robby Anderson says hello. At least Petty has an excuse, he's hurt.
  6. Are we going to have the single entry league?
  7. Because Petty got hurt and Hackenberg isn't ready to play
  8. While all the points were on turnovers, I grant you that, they gave up 17 and it probably should have been 24 if Ware didn't do us a huge favor dropping the ball going for the pilon.
  9. They looked weak in the first half letting KC walk through. Don't forget that KC also had a TD turned back (and the ball given to the Jets) because Ware fumbled on his own going for the pilon. I know that's part of the game. The D did look better in the 2nd half. Lets be honest... this game is on the offense alone. They weren't doing anything, and then they started being a turnover machine. When Marshall isn't Marshall (due to injury), the offense isn't the same. We knock in a TD early in the 4th and we have a ball game too...
  10. Offense only had 7, but that doesn't change your points at all.
  11. He went to Harvard, but he doesn't have a degree in good choices.
  12. Don't bag this! I'd love 5 entries max instead of 1, but I'm already in this week and will keep playing..... I prefer the tourney format over 50/50, even though I finished 9th last week lol
  13. Why would cleveland trade? They aren't making the playoffs and getting the #1 pick probably sounds good right about now.
  14. So because I don't agree with you I must be stupid. That seems to be the theme of the day on the board. I'm thankful he's not on the team. I've watched the games. He's burnt more than bread in a broken toaster
  15. Guess I'm dumb then, great way to have an argument. Titans claimed him and they were #1 slot so what the hell do I know i don't know sh*t
  16. Just look at his body of work here. I don't feel he played well at all. Just because CRO sucked too doesn't make him good. Marcus Williams didn't play well either. He got the ints and everyone thought he did
  17. Not to mention hed take the pressure off the other corners by leading the team in long TDs allowed
  18. This is only true if you are a vested vet and this is only true once in the vets career. They have to elect to use it.
  19. My point is they didn't keep him because they do not have an intention of using the TE as a pass catcher.
  20. Didn't utilize him. I don't think they want to use the TE But over 2 scrub RBs? Come on
  21. Not sarcastic at all. amaro can play in this league. Milliner sadly couldn't stay healthy.
  22. Huge mistake. Huge. This is a good player
  23. I see no reason to keep Smith. If Fitz goes down, we aren't winning with Smith. Even if it's 1-2 games just chalk them up as losses. No need to have a backup qb on the roster that's been here 4 years of that is true
  24. Keep geno here for the preseason Next week play Fitz then Petty then let Hack clean up against the Eagles let Hack start play the first half and some of the 3rd and then let Geno clean up I'd keep geno because if a qb gets injured you don't have to rush to sign someone
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