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  1. Well, I posted my question, but it got buried beneath other good questions. TS pushed for it to be answered and apologized to me that it was kind of passed over. No knocks on the chat, really. Good job overall, and I hope you do it again.

    I agree, the chat was good. You couldn't press the issue on some of the questions we'd all like, because he'd just not chat anymore.

  2. Bro we asked him a bunch of questions ourselves. We opened it up to the floor and our members asked a bunch of questions. If you had something specific that you wanted him to address you should have been there or PMed the question to Tom in advance.

    I didn't even know about the thing until it already happened.

    As for the questions, I give you guys credit for actually breeching the subjects, but the fact is, the questions, at least the ones he responded to, were open enough for him to wiggle out of them. It's not your fault; he's a slimy journalist who knows how to weasel out of things.

  3. You notice though that Randy Lange got his info from player and agent sources. If the players do not like Cimini (as has been mentioned) enough to give him a tip, it's possible that he didn't know. Lange always has a lot of good inside info in his column that you don't see anywhere else.

    I think it's because Lange's journalism degree didn't come from a cracker jack box. (although I must admit, I think Cimini went to Syracuse which is #1 for journalism.... )

    If Cimini thought Chad was going to throw in an OFFICIAL practice in June, he's just not very bright. He was just looking for a negative spin on the last couple of weeks and he found it.

  4. I will not get into the semantics of soft tossing on the sidelines and actually participating in organized drills- we need Chad healthy and on the field ready for the season is what I am concerned about

    I agree, but tossing on the side = throwing. If Cimini thought that Chad was going to be under center throwing routes in the early part of June, he's more of a moron that I first thought.

    The goal was for Chad to throw the ball by the end of June. He's a month early. There are no semantics about it. He picked the ball up and projected it from his hand, overhand. Whether that was done 10 yards down the field after practice in the bubble or done under center, the fact is it's a starting point and he has started throwing.

  5. For crying out loud folks, the guy was nice enough to spend over an hour of his time talking with fans?

    I give him a tremendous amount of credit coming on here and taking the heat.

    Remember, he is a journalist and certainly entitled to his opinion.

    Whether Jet fans like it or not, you shouldn't bash him for his opinions.

    That email was the 2nd one I emailed him. The first one was kinder.

    As for "taking the heat", I read the transcript, and there wasn't much "heat" applied. The 2 tough questions were open ended, leaving him plenty of wiggle room.

    I don't believe the sarcasm excuse for a second. To me, Cimini is spineless and I don't even bother to read his articles unless they are posted on here.

    Take today for example, someone posted a Cimini article saying Pennington has not thrown yet, while Randy Lange, who is the BEST Jets Beat writer in the business says he has for 2 weeks.

    Randy Lange was also the ONLY Jets Beat Writer who reported Chad's surgery was more involved the day after the procedure. All the other beat writers were repeating what Herm Edwards said in his press release, while Lange actually did some LEGWORK and found out it was worse... MUCH SOONER than anyone else!!!

  6. Randy Lange, who is the best Jets beat writer (why does anyone believe what Cimini writes? He's a moron), claims Pennington HAS thrown, quietly, for the last 2 weeks.


    Chad Pennington is throwing again.

    That is the word from player and agent sources involved with the Jets. Pennington, the quarterback who tore his right rotator cuff in October and had his shoulder surgically repaired in February, has been quietly soft-tossing at the end of Organized Team Activity practices for about two weeks, one teammate said.

    That's the word the Jets and their fans have been waiting to hear. Coach Herman Edwards said at the full-squad minicamp five weeks ago that the end of the OTA sessions the second week of June was a possible target for Pennington to begin throwing.

    "One thing about Chad, he's always been a quick healer," Edwards said then. "He's really champing at the bit. We'll wait till June and see what happens."

    Initial reports were that with a full rather than a partial tear in the rotator cuff, Pennington might need more time, perhaps into training camp, to begin throwing. But apparently he has pushed the envelope, beginning his throwing in late May, in much the same way he did in coming back from his left hand fracture/dislocation in 2003.

    The last OTA session was held Wednesday and players aren't scheduled to report back to the complex until the July 29 start of camp. The Jets have made no public statements about Pennington's condition.

    But the franchise QB is likely to continue rehabbing his arm and throwing under observation of team doctors and trainers and offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger the rest of this month and the early part of July.

    E-mail: lange@northjersey.com

  7. RichCimini] 7:09 pm: Oh, boy, I knew that was coming. First of all, I think that whole Chad incident got blown way out of proportion. Yes, it's newsworthy when a QB doesn't take questions after a game, especially a great game, but the story got way too much play. Part of that was Chad's fault, and I think he admitted he handled it poorly. As for

    the "priveleges" piece, I was just trying to be funny, I really was. Obviously, some people didn't "get" my sarcasm. Believe me, I do appreciate my job.

    [RichCimini] 7:09 pm: I realize Im lucky to be doing what I'm doing. I never meant to stir it up with that piece. I just wanted to make light of a situation that I think had gotten a little out of control.

    BS, and I have an email to prove it!

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Cimini, Rich" <RCimini@edit.nydailynews.com>
    To: aec4
    Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2004 4:13 PM
    Subject: RE: "It's a privilege"

    Just for the record, only the columnists have an email address published in the paper. I'm a beat writer. If you think you can do it better, send in a resume.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: aec4
    Sent: Wed 12/22/2004 9:35 AM
    To: Cimini, Rich
    Subject: "It's a privilege"

    My initial response to you was going to be, "What, are you 12 years old?" You may not like how Pennington acted; you may say it was childish, but does that give you the right to do the same exact thing? It sure does sound like it with your little "it's a privilege" tirade.

    You are doing a job that 90% of us Jets fans would LOVE to do. I probably make more than you do, but I'd be willing to take the pay cut to do your job instead. Heck, I'd be willing to do your job for expenses only. I'd absolutely love it. It would be a privilege and I'd have to pinch myself daily to make sure it's real. I wouldn't complain about ANY of the things you complained about in your tirade. Furthermore, I doubt all of them would happen because I would treat the players with respect, and not take every opportunity I can to make things up and/or chastise the players.

    The fact that you are still talking about this on Wednesday morning is pathetic. Finally, an athlete gave you a taste of your own medicine and you didn't like it. Too bad! I say it's about time. I don't know how reporters feel they can treat people disrespectfully all the time, and when it's done to them once, they bitch about it for days on end.

    We can debate all day on whether or not Chad Pennington was right. If I was him, I probably would have answered a few questions, but as soon as it got back to the way it was the week prior (big game crap, which he has won at least 4 by my count), I would have ended the session and walked away. That would have been the last you saw of me for the season.

    Chad decided to take a different route. I don't have any problems with it, because something HAD to be done. I stopped reading the papers the Wednesday before the Seattle game because you guys insisted on ripping Chad each and every day. I think it's OK to write 1 article about his struggle in the 2004 big games, but every day? It's like beating my head with a stick daily. It's not necessary, and I am sure it's personal after a while.

    I must admit, your articles have been my least favorite over the last couple years. They are the most inaccurate of any one of your colleagues. You do have a tendency to use the typical journalist, "an unnamed source within the organization" a lot. To me, I read that is, "Here comes something I am about to make up to give MY PERSONAL OPINION some credibility."

    The last time I checked, journalists are supposed to be unbiased. Pennington was 100% on the money when he said that you guys need to be objective, and not subjective. Don't you find it interesting that Pennington singled you out by name? I do. It shows the players KNOW who the real problems are.

    I also find it very interesting that you are unwilling to take the heat and publish your email address. All of your colleagues do. I've emailed with Vic Ziegal before. I may not agree with anything he has to say either, but at least he's willing to face the customer and justify his position. I give him credit for that. At least he has a backbone.

    You should be embarrassed that you have lost all journalistic integrity. If a player had lost his skills to this degree, we'd be asking him to retire, or the team to cut him. I think it's time for the Daily News do to do the same thing. I know of PLENTY of replacements who could do the job MUCH better for FAR less.

    Mr Ziegel: If Rich Cimini's email address is wrong, would you do me a favor and forward a copy to your spineless colleague? Thank you.



  8. Ham....I dealt with Rich Cimini in order to set this thing up. Let me say this...the man never asked what kind of questions we were going to ask. He made it clear that he would answer anything and he did.

    He is a stand up guy.

    Sorry, but I can't agree. I asked him last year via email why he went off on a tirade about "it's a privilege" and received ONLY snotty replies back from him when I was cordial, believe it or not.

  9. Rich Cimini has to be one of the worst sports journalists on the planet. I have no idea how this man keeps his job. He must have naked pictures of someone. When he went into his little 12 yr old rant about "it's a privilege" last year, he should have been fired on the spot. He gets paid well for a job that 1000s of people would love! I emailed him about that when it happened, and the man didn't even try to defend himself, instead saying, "If you can do better, send in a resume." I'm positive I can do better, but a resume tied to computer programming assignments is not going to get me the job.

  10. I don't know aec. Money talks and bullsh*t walks. I don't care how many crack den slumlords want to sue over the whole thing, Bloomie and Pataki are behind the thing. It will be a Guiliani-esque blood-letting for the locals if they want to pipe up about their sh*tholes being plowed over for the new Stadium. IMO, there's too much cash and political beef behind this thing to fail now.

    I think what alot of people are missing too is that not only does Woodman want this to happen, but Steinbrenner, Bruce Ratner and Fred Wilpon would LOVE to see Bloomie throwing huge cash at a stadium because they know that down the road, especially Wilpon and Ratner, their time will come to collect some city and state coin for their new digs. Those projects, along with the West Side Stadium, will have NYers working for the next twenty years. Expensive? Hell yeah. But it'll happen, IMO. WAY too much money pushing it.

    You may have a point here. I would have thought it would have died already, but it hasn't. However, I still doubt it happens.

  11. DirecTV told me the EXACT opposite on the phone. They told me NO HD games displayed, except those on CBS HD and FOX HD. This means that you are at the mercy of what game is broadcast where you live. If you are in NY, you'll get the Jets games and Giants games.

    However, here's a secret. If you COMPLAIN, they'll give you CREDITS. I got $10.00 a month for 6 months on my HBO/Sports Pak. I also got $5.00 more on my Total Choice Plus because I kept complaining. This means I got $90 back for a $99 package.

  12. There is no way this stadium gets built without help of the government.

    $300 million isn't all the government is giving the jets/Olympics. There is another $300 from the CITY that the CITY COUNCIL is saying Bloomberg can not give to the Jets without a vote. There is also the 500-800M (whomever you want to believe) to cover the difference between the original 1.4B estimate that now stands between 1.9-2.2B.

    Lastly, you haven't even SEEN the lawsuits from residents of the west side. That can make all that has happened so far CHILD'S PLAY.

    Once the IOC report comes out Monday, PRIOR TO THE VOTE, and it shows that London and Paris receives "brilliant" ratings while NYC did not, Silver/Bruno may feel more comfortable voting no.

    The only reason these guys have not voted NO already is they do not want to be the politicians to KILL the Olympics. It's lame, as I think you should vote up or down and just get it over with.

    I'm definitely AGAINST any stadium built with even $1 of TAXPAYER MONEY. If Woody Johnson wants to fund the ENTIRE THING, including the PLATFORM (no way he does that), let him go for it.... it's HIS land. However, if he wants 1 billion dollars (don't bother telling me it's 600M only, because it's MUCH MORE than that when you take into account loans that NY will take out for the Jets, and TAX BREAKS they will receive).

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