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  1. It was his best season ever.. He's much better holding a clipboard than he is at football.
  2. Whether you want to believe it or not, being in the protocol, and 1 more mistake away from 10 games, hurts his value. I don't know what his value is, but I know it's less than it would have been without his suspension and pending action against him.
  3. Sadly, he has been suspended for 4 games already and may be suspended again. He's in the protocol, and that hurts his value.
  4. I doubt he "didn't try" because he knew he was out. No NFL player wants "lazy" film. I honestly think Cro will be back.. at a reduced cost, but that's a different argument. In today's NFL, if you don't have someone like Prime, Hester or maybe Patterson returning your kicks, down the ball in the end zone. The benefit is far outweighed by the risk.
  5. we don't need a kick returner specialist. If we have someone like CRO who can do it (it not cut) great otherwise down the ball. Punt retuner is a different story. That we Need
  6. Very hard to predict schedule difficulty in January. Sure, it looks tough now. No question. We'll see once cuts, cap casualties, etc etc happen.
  7. At halftime he needed to adjust and put revis up on Watkins. If he beat revis deep so be it, but the slow death was worse. I actually think it would have been better to play up in his face when we were down 2 win 10 minutes to go and take the risk of going down 9 then let them control the ball for 6:30 and go up 5.
  8. The old saying "we played not to lose" was applicable here. Revis played off all day. He was abused, but I think the scheme for the day had some to do with it. It's one thing to play 10 yards off, which isn't good, but you don't have to keep that cushion the entire play! I blame both Revis and the scheme. At some point, we needed to play press man on Watkins, even with safeties over the top and dare them to go deep. If they beat us, we still wouldn't have been happy, but I almost think it would have been better, down 2 with 10 minutes to go, to have them score a TD and be down 9 with 8:30
  9. We aren't a perfect team. However if we could have stopped Watkins on the 8 yard slant we win. Fitz was bad but really with all his mistakes, the one that hurt was the first pick. If we get up 20-19 I bet it's a different game
  10. While I know Fitzpatrick was BAD today fact is the D was worse. The bills can't do anything besides throw to Watkins and run and somehow we couldn't stop it with what everyone thinks is the best corner in the game. Revis was abused today.
  11. the Dolphins won't be much better. They are stuck with tannehill. That means they have qb mediocrity like we do
  12. Tompkins was almost a hero. Fitz was the goat along with the defense.
  13. my point? The big 10 is weak. If they have 1 legit team it's TOSU. Michigan is ok. Florida sucks. How they won the games they won is beyond me. Sadly, TOSU had one bad game and it cost them a chance to defend. That would have been a battle I would have wanted to watch (bama/TOSU). The top 2 teams in the Big 14 lost 83-16 The 4th highest ranked team in the big 14 got spanked 45-6 Sure, Michigan spanked the 3rd highest SEC team but I wasn't saying the SEC was super strong I was saying the Big 14 is weak god help the team that drafts Connor Cook thinking he's an nfl qb Connor C
  14. it's not that they lost. They didn't look like they belonged on the same field. This wasn't a close game that snowballed. It was over EARLY. Their qb looked scared. They couldn't dream of moving the ball let alone move it and they didn't even think of a plan in case bama used play action.
  15. This just shows how weak the Big 14 err I mean 10 is. Conner cook is so far from an nfl qb it's not funny.
  16. Rex would not have been playoff bound. WHY? He would have been stubborn. He would have went back to Geno. He would have insisted on running the ball nonstop (50 rushing attempts plus pass completion crap). He would not have recognized that we have a pretty good passing game and would have kept running.
  17. If you take away points allowed on special teams (returns) and on offense... Jets in 4th on scoring D. I eliminated XPs as well but counted 2pt plays. So basically, Receiving and Rushing TDs * 6 + Field Goals (assumption here is D let them in position) * 3 + 2 pointers * 2. Didn't count XP simply because I can't differentiate which came from TDs allowed on special teams and offense....
  18. Points for and Points Allowed is not a way to gauge schedule strength. In a 2 game stretch, if you win 40-10 and then lose 40-37 (+27) does that make you better than the team that wins 20-17 and loses 24-10 (-11)? There are 11 teams over 500. That's it. The NFL is just down overall, very top heavy with strong teams.
  19. I think we're getting a little carried away calling Victor Hobson a legend....
  20. I wouldn't be greedy either if I knew a percentage of my "salary" was being sent to my corporation avoiding the salary cap. Best of both worlds... gets his money and looks like he's a team first guy.
  21. It doesn't seem to be a coincidence that brady cut his salary to 9m. 9m is a lot but not for a QB of his elk. Russell Wilson gets 20 plus. Even Peyton Manning gets 14.
  22. We also spent a fortune, so this isn't the same team that went 4-12 last year. We are going to miss because we couldn't score, from the 3 after Buffalo botched a punt. Even with us winning out, Rex has a chance to have kept us out of the playoffs. We had shots against Houston and Buffalo to win, and had the lead going into the 4th on NE. Losing to Buffalo and then Houston with Yates at Qb hurts. It's been a decent year, but I wouldn't have signed for this position. Going 11-5 and missing the playoffs is no better than going 4-12 and missing the playoffs. The only difference between th
  23. if they felt fox had to go fine. Should have promoted Case and had him hire Phillips. They'd still have an awesome D but they'd have an offense that can score.
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