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  1. Well I'm highly dissapointed with this topic since TGG and JN have been on good terms. Sure as hell could have been handled better in private trying to come to an understanding on any problem instead of this mess. And for you with problems with TGG Mods you just have no idea what kind of ignorance your all showing. Keep it up.
  2. Get that guy and him vote for all the other sites so everyone beats JI. They allready do anyway.
  3. Hehe heh. Thanks. We're laughing it up on TGG too. When the message boards get involved it's always a big riot over at the JI.
  4. Where is joanMayone now anyway?
  5. Through much personal attacks and slander. A meeting was set up to decide all.
  6. Don't recall starting anything. Sorry if a pic of STFU is too much. Just having fun.
  7. Is it just me or is this place set three minutes fast that real time?
  8. I see you bending over. Are you sure you can put that all the way up? Wow!!!!!
  9. Just goes to show you that us Jets sites can support one another unlike some hitlers out there.
  10. I love how my name will forever be tattooed on your brain. And stop PMing me and asking me to send you naked pictures of myself. Silly hick. Now go bag my groceries. JETSFAN5180: Play the innocent virgin all you want. Everyone always does. If you make a topic about it. Then you definitely deserve it. Now, take my name and tattoo it on your mind for all eternity like Southern Hick. Have fun.
  11. Hah. What an idiot. Is he banned from JI too? That dumb **** won't have anywhere to post at.
  12. 51pa tried two time to reregister. Hey 51 go put on your Steelers jerseys and try and grasp this. If you try and reregister the Mods will catch you. Dumb ass....
  13. Why the hell did you reregister if you hate TGG and think JI is so much better? Stop trying to get back onto TGG. I will just ban you again...... Righty....
  14. There seems to be some trouble with a few members. Keep trying.
  15. I like 4 but take Coles out and put Chrebet in.
  16. You have been asking that question 10 times a day. And now start a new thread? The log in is for Petro the admin. He's working on it right now.
  17. GlennFoley was banned from TGG too. And I think he's at JI.
  18. Hahaha. Lets put alot of stock into a list that came out this Feb.
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