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  1. Thigpen can go because he will be the 3rd. If they can get something for him that would be good. Cassel is the real deal 4sure.
  2. Competition? I am just glad that the pride of coastal carolina isnt going to be under center anymore.
  3. Why would you guys have two different jets sites both using nation? That seems strange.
  4. Tyler Thigpen's foot work is terrible. He is an interception waiting to happen becuase he never sets before he throws.
  5. I played the demo, it looks sick. love the fighting so many games stopped doing that years ago bring it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. They are going to keep Dewayne and we are happy about that. I think haley just wanted to send a message but bowe is out of the doghouse and practiced with the 1st team all week.
  7. Christian Okoye should be on that list.
  8. Chiefs fan here but I have a question about Jets Nation. I have been a long time member of this site and check in from time to time. Why does http://jetsnation.com point to another site? I typed it in earlier and put in the s by accident. Ended up on jetsinsider.com. Weird? How do you guys feel about your year? Are the jets going to be good this year? My cousin is a jets fan and he says sanchez is going to make the probowl.
  9. Thank you for the reciprocation Max. As to others who went to Arrowhead for the game. Did you enjoy it? Personally, when I went last year to the playoff game against the Colts, I had a blast but no tailgaiting. Did any of you get to partake in the tailgating?
  10. Well, speaking that we played NE last year and are playing them again this year, I just don't like NE. Not to mention, I'm sick of the New England d*ck-riding. Besides, I can't have a little love for the Jets after conversating with the group over here?
  11. As stated in another thread, I am sorry that the one d-ck Chiefs fan had to come over and give us other Chiefs fans a bad rep. Judging that he has not responded to this thread, I assume that he has been banned, which I commend you for. Now only if they would do this at the Huddle. However, I disagree that there should be an age minimun; Im guessing this was a joke anyway. Anyways, supposedly, this kid is older than me as he has told his age and a photo of a "What We Look Like" thread; in which this kid has posted 2 different pictures which look nothing alike. As to the Injury
  12. I want to begin my statement by saying sorry about the few d-cks at Chiefs Huddle. I would be happy if you just booted the one, I wont say any names, eighty2, because I have had past beef with him also. To my point. You fellers should be grateful that all these mistakes happened against the Chiefs because we were on point today! (the looks on most of your faces, most likely.) I believe that the Jets will pan out, and have a productive season though. Please, though, take the East could'ja?
  13. He's from my hometown, MacArthur HS, so that should be reason enough be appreciative of him. Plus, I believe he was rated in the top 3, number 2 I think, in the nation for receivers. I really hope he pans out, and does well for you.
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