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  1. nice, but i like to see more of the flight crew
  2. Curtis Martin will retire it will be official before training camp.
  3. No there is no option to change language. http://babelfish.altavista.com/ if you are curious.... edit// no perfect thing..... forget about online translation....
  4. hey i am back and got my website up, but it is german...... http://www.theganggreen.de click on and take a look at the german version of TGG. [url=http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33776]Don
  5. Hey guys. you are talking about the german version of The GangGreen? So you have to take a look at the whole page. Take a look at http://www.theganggreen.de btw we are not affiliated in any way with TGG.com.
  6. Late but never too late. Happy B-Day from german guy
  7. God knows i wanna be there. But at this time i am happy watching the jets on tv.
  8. I found a Jets Fight Song there. Is this for real?? Don
  9. Hongera! or Heri ya Siku kuu! Hope you had a wonderful day.
  10. Max, that was also my experience. Actually my site is down. But one of them has signed to my newsletter. Crazy!! I wrote to him but i never get an answer. Bren, is it Helen ? Yes, i will never forget.
  11. please, may someone explain the soothnation to me? Thanks for PM.
  12. Great job! Hope he gets the damned ball more than last season. And without getting hurt...
  13. Another Jet Fanpage has learned that the jets are looking for a replacement for Baker??? Why? In my team he would be the starter.
  14. Thanks guys. Your wishes mean a lot to me. Tonight i will drink one or two (more)... on you. Thanks for being a part of the nation...

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