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  1. Phil: Does JetNation have a Motto?

    We're the people your mother warned you about...
  2. So you mean all self respect and the suspension of belief that you did not cheat to win your Super Bowls...I could be down with that...
  3. No...Eli has had some Hall of Fame moments - but not a Hall of Fame career...
  4. Shared Stadium Fiasco

    The end zones have been a problem for us all year - but for far different reasons...
  5. PSL Fool's Gold - (good read)

    Somewhere the SAR1 bat signal went up....
  6. My bad saying upstate not getting the game. I should of said Albany area...
  7. Looks like they're showing NE vs Buf..... http://506sports.com/
  8. What is your take on this

    Who are four people who have never been in my kitchen.
  9. You're right about him coming up short on rings since the only one he has is tainted....really a shame...
  10. No Home Field Advantage Today

    I may be out of line but I won't get on the fans who actually attend the games. I was a season ticket holder for 10 + years - it's time consuming and expensive. As we all know the Jets have not always made it an enjoyable experience for ticket holders...I appereciate the Jets fans who show up week after week...
  11. Game Predictions- Bengals/Jets

    Jets 23 Bengals 17
  12. 1. More Coples fallout: Another layer to the Quinton Coples story has emerged. The former first-round pick was involved in an incident on the team's return flight from Houston last Sunday, a source said. Whatever happened on the flight is unclear, but it didn't sit well with the powers-that-be, sealing his fate. Remember the circumstances of the day: Emotions were running high after a difficult loss in which Coples played a season-low five snaps on defense. The Jets declined to comment. Previously, coach Todd Bowles cited playing time and scheme fit as the primary reasons for waiving Coples, an oversized linebacker who went from starter to bit player over the last two months. The curious timing, though, was a red flag. He was fired only 12 hours after the team arrived home from Houston. He didn't become a spare part overnight, and yet they couldn't wait to get him out of the building. Bowles doesn't mess around, as he showed months ago after the IK Enemkpali/Geno Smith altercation. He's a no-nonsense coach, and he will hold players accountable. Coples was an easy target because he was on thin ice anyway, but the plane situation provided a convenient opening to send him packing. Bowles said he wasn't trying to convey a message to his slumping team, but he added, "We're just trying to play good football players and we're trying to play guys that want to play and guys that are ready to play." Interesting choice of words. Clearly, the move rattled the locker room, judging by the players' hesitancy to comment on Coples' ouster. Coples, claimed by the Miami Dolphins, returns Sunday to face his old team. http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/56525/source-incident-on-jets-team-flight-led-to-quinton-coples-ouster