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  1. "Greatest Jet of all time" just means you liked him. That's fine. I liked Chad too. Before he broke down and started throwing those atrocious interceptions I had a high level of confidence in his decision-making and thought we always had a chance to win with him behind center. What I don't get is the love for Curtis Martin. His production was that of an average starting running back. Nothing special. He averaged 4.0 yards per carry for the Jets, which puts him 13th on the all-time Jets running back list (for those with more than 300 attempts). To put that into perspective, such tailback luminaries as Shonn Greene, LaMont Jordan, Joe McKnight, Bilal Powell, and Isaiah Crowell were more productive per attempt than Curtis. He had a lot of rushing yards, sure, but his rushing attempts per game were stratospheric. As for him being a warrior, I've heard that said about him ever since he started playing for us and I still don't know what that means. 90% of NFL players are warriors, in the sense that it takes a goodly amount of courage to play this crazy game at the pro level. My vote for greatest Jet is Joe Klecko. I just liked him.

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