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    Jerome Barkum's catch against the Dolphins at Shea, play-off win over Jaguars at Meadowlands.
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    Mud Bowl, 98 AFC Championship Game, the fake spike game, Gastineau's roughing the passer penalty, Dennis Byrd injury, Testaverde's achilles.
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    I don't know any of them.
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  1. They were actually pretty loud at the beginning of the game, but by the end of the 1st quarter...their exuberance had dissipated. I guess it was past most of their bed times.
  2. Seriously, a wave at a football game??? Not only that, but they kept doing it while the Giants were on offense...which clearly violated the "Quiet please, Offense at Work" sign on the scoreboard. Pathetic!
  3. Anyone else ditching the Jet game this Sunday for the last home game EVER at Shea?(the way they're playing, they'll be 2 games out by then).
  4. F&^%%ing Reggie Hodges? WTF???? The guy hasn't played since 2005 and even then his numbers were atrocious! Is there no one else out there?
  5. The problem with that is that you would have to inactivate someone else in order to dress Ainge for the game (just to be a holder). Ratliff is listed as the #3QB and he can't play until the 4th quarter.
  6. Good point, Max. Here's another reason why it's a good thing that the Jets dumped Graham.....he cannot throw an "american" football! I watched him and Nugent at training camp last year throw the ball to each other and he could not throw even remotely close to a spiral. Nugent was having a hard time catching it, and you could tell that they were not goofing around. Given Mike Westhoff's ingenuity, don't you think that he would like to inject a fake FG in the playbook every once in a while? Also, having a back-up QB hold will be better for any botched snaps.
  7. I admit that I have listened to them for most of their 19 years, but that was more funny to me than sad. He just sounded weird. It is nice to hear Francesa actually not be a dick to the listeners though.
  8. Russo is on right now. He's not leaving because they don't get along. He's 48 and it's time for a little change.
  9. the explanation is simple: he is not fast, he is slower than most!
  10. I can assure you that there are two seats that will become available in Section 309 after next season. It's a damn shame that NFL owners feel that the fans need to pay for a "privately funded" stadium. We didn't ask for this!!! Now, maybe - just maybe - I would have paid a PSL if they were able to get the stadium on the West Side. At least it would have been our own AND in NY. Something I have wanted for 30 years!
  11. LMAO, Thor. Great find. I haven't seen that in about 15 years. Good stuff.
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