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  1. I wondered what Jim Carey was up to...
  2. Imagine zipping a few together...
  3. Happy Birthday Phil - Enjoy the day!
  4. I always thought the Giants should relocate there that way the VA Giants would actually be their name and not just a nickname...
  5. Type kodi.tv in your browser (first step). I find KODI works best for me in Linux but there is a Windows version as well. After KODI is installed, click the link below to learn about SportsDevil and how to install it in KODI. I've used this to watch the games and while the quality isn't 1080p, it is still very watchable. http://koditips.com/nfl-on-kodi-sportsdevil-free/
  6. Happy Birthday Crusher! Love to hear your New Year's resolution...
  7. Jalen reminds me a lot of Terrence Mathis - hopefully he can produce like Mathis did for Atlanta.
  8. go whine about how you should never have switched from rooting for the Giants some other place then. Your bitching just doesn't carry any weight with someone who has rooted for the Jets since well before you were born.
  9. Was that when you were watching them play the Giants? or was it the Jets?
  10. Yeah, having Don worked out great for Marino.
  11. A very Happy Birthday to you Max - and a thanks for all you do!
  12. I hear he is the future. Maybe that was Brandon Llyod though.
  13. If Coples plays to his potential (and we all hope he does), he will absolutely embarrass Hunter or Ducasse in practice. This is neither good for our offense or Coples development. He needs to have better competition at practice. OT needs to be the pick in my opinion.
  14. Translation: The Jets need to look at Wilson the QB. Why not? This kid has talent - Brees like talent. Hey, why not? We can move to the 4th. He will be there. It's just crazy that we will blow this draft. I mean, Upshaw? Really? If we drop to 20 then get Hightower. He can play outside and inside and he can cover and he's a smart guy. Upshaw can't run with a TE. We need good players - not just 3rd down only players.
  15. Wait - We lost Schotty AND Schottenheimer??? Trolling at its finest...
  16. Yeah...and the best coach you ever had is a swindler, a cheater and an adulterer.
  17. I'm pretty sure it was Brandon Llyod is the Future and what you are really asking here is: Who is the tallest midget? (so to speak...)
  18. Bump... add 1 to each team where they had a 1 to begin with... Fins are now 2 back of everyone after 2. They did hold Schaub to a 118 passer rating and Ben Tate (Ben Tate???) to a mere 103 yds rushing.
  19. Damn - I wish I typed faster... great post!
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