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  1. Same here - of course I am biased being a Lobo alumnus. However, DonTrell is one of only six backs ever to rush for over 1000 yards all four years of their career. He does have that "high character" intangible that the new FO likes in their players too. He might have a shot.
  2. Wasn't Minnesota going to draft Nugent last year and we took him right before their pick much to their surprise? Now, this year, they were all set to take Clemens and we jumped ahead and grabbed him too. So the big question is... Who is selling out the Vikes plans to the Jets organization?
  3. That's why Herm held both titles - Grillmaster AND Spinmaster...
  4. Good thing we won the final game against Buffalo last year - otherwise there would be no debate at all right now. We'd all be screaming about how we got Bush and didn't have to buy breakfast in the morning...
  5. Once again it is obvious that someone has pissed in your Fruity Pebbles. Go back, get another bowl, and keep away from real Jets fans.
  6. This mock is attrocious. First, it has New Orleans selecting Matt Leinart and us selecting D'Brick. Then, later in the first round it has us selecting Nick Mangold who will supposedly be snapping Leinart the ball for years to come. Then, with our first 3rd round pick, they have us taking Maurice Stovall from Notre Dame -"A big target for Matt Leinart." Draft and trade with New Orleans ???
  7. He neither said nor implied that it had anything to do with football...
  8. http://espn.go.com/nfl/1999/991115/boxscore/nyjnwe.html
  9. He's also rated CompUSA as one of the best places to pick up men. Don't put too much stock in his ramblings.
  10. As opposed to Herm-Like - spontaneous and moronic....
  11. Pass...or since we're talking about VY - Run...far away from this guy. Write the FO to campaign for this guy if you want but please stop creating a new thread every other day saying the same thing. You like Vince Young - we get it.
  12. dare to dream my friend...dare to dream...
  13. Not for nothing, but I can count the number of throws in that reel in which he had both feet planted firmly underneath him on one hand. That should be correctable though.
  14. Please stop with this Young campaign - we know where you stand. Additionally, you can do us all a favor if you'd poke around your PC for this: http://www.ivygreen.ctc.edu/avery/activities/tech/images/Caps_Lock.jpg
  15. too late Bren: Redskins | Fauria signed Sun, 12 Mar 2006 18:00:59 -0800 Redskins.com reports the Washington Redskins have signed free agent TE Christian Fauria (Patriots) to an undisclosed contract.
  16. Check out this gem over there...wow. http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/index.php?showtopic=148167 Tx should troll over there for awhile - very fertile soil.
  17. It's the top left for Firefox users and top right for IE users - just to clarify.
  18. If Penny is released it's blatantly obvious that the Pats will pick him up. They aren't afraid to upgrade at any position whenever possible and Penny is waaay better than Brady. There have been 2000+ threads on Jets' message boards over the last 4 years that said so - and I know for sure that Tex read em all because he had at least one post in every one of them so he can vouch.
  19. Samuel Adams....always a good decision.
  20. A Cadillac Escalade and another shot at Toni Braxton...
  21. Guess you missed it... http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14146
  22. I'd be willing to bet they won the first one before you became a fan and gave up on your beloved Cowboys. Instigating jackoff.
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