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  1. Thanks for the wishes GET 2 - but today is your day so enjoy the hell out of it!
  2. I believe his use of their "fire" sauce on his tacos was a dead giveaway...
  3. Howdy Back JFBM!!! Looks like this one has run it's course so I'll start another... Your day breaks, your mind aches You find that all the words of kindness linger on
  4. What can I do - what can I be when I'm with you I want to stay there... if I'm true, I'll never leave and If I do I know the way there...
  5. Actually it's the Patsies who like to carry 6 or 7 TE's on their squad. I wouldn't be surprised if you continue to beat this dead horse until it's bones are dust. Same 'ol jack@ss PatsFanTX.
  6. RIP Bud Carson. Additionally... Herm should have been gone 3 games ago...
  7. Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void...it is shining.
  8. Apparently Nebraska's win over Colorado wasn't all that impressive after all.
  9. The guy in the middle looks like the pope...Pope Syndicate?
  10. 59. Great White 60. Twisted Sister 61. The Tubes
  11. Well HJ, I hope it's a good rendition. Is that from the "Fly On The Wall: B-Sides & Rarities" CD set? Let me know how it all sounds. In other news - Do it wrong or do it right... 'salright... 'salright...
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