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  1. Great points everyone and I am definitely concerned about our inability to give Sanchez more then 2 seconds to throw the ball. While it was a sub-par effort overall, it is nice to see the other team implode instead of us. There was a stat thrown up on the screen I found mind-boggling and very impressive - in their franchise history, the Cowboys had never lost a game when leading by 2 TD's in the 4th quarter (241-0-1). So overcoming that in and of itself was a great accomplishment. At least Garrett can put that on his resume...

  2. Cusp may refer to:

    I'm hoping its more like the 2nd reference...

  3. Welcome to the sight JJ31. totally understand your anger and in a perfect world you could have skull stomped that heartless bastard and we would have all bought you shots and applauded you. but in the real world you would have ended up arrested and that idiot could have sued you.

    Yet just be happy wher you live and teh hot woman you get to enjoy as opposed to ....


    Holy crap - is that a wedding ring on her finger?

  4. He wasn't bad enough? Blame the holder? Seriously? Kickers have been released for less - on the day of the bad game! Let's keep it real, this is not the kicker who is going to get us to the Super Bowl. He left 9 points out there! He made the others? He's supposed to! That's his job! This is what Jets fans were asked to accept in the days of Kotite and Coslet. No more! Unacceptable. CUT HIM!!!

    Solid first post...:rolleyes: Seriously, watch the snaps. Weatherford had to reach behind and pull them over each time almost. This is like blaming the running back for losing yards on a swing pass where he has to stop and reach back for the ball (Vinny T I'm talking about you...).

  5. Hey Instant Karma,

    Good to see you around here again!

    Agreed. Most of us in the mod lounge were convinced that you had eaten him as part of some new fad Karma Diet. Plus you were looking around for him a bit too intently, not unlike the way OJ claimed to be looking for Nicole's real killer.

    Glad to see Instant Karma is alive and well.

    Good to be seen. Having seen Namath play it's tough to get around in my walker these days. Grandkids just don't come by often enough so I can dictate my thoughts to them so they can place them in the fancy computerthingamachiggy. :rolleyes:

    Dolphin fans are like the Logan's Run of football fans I guess - they just don't exist after 30.

  6. LOL like you guys never had this feeling. Unless your mad old and saw Joe Willie put in work back in '69, which i doubt you did because you probly wouldn't be on a computer, we both have sucked for decades.

    Won't disagree withe never having that feeling, but I did see JWN do work and I make a living out of using the computer and managing people whose livelihood is Desktop IT Support. We aren't dinosaurs...

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