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  1. Ah, the D.H. Lawrence novel that was adapted into a very nice little chiller, "The Rocking Horse Winner".
  2. That was actually 1986 and they made the playoffs and won a playoff game against the Chiefs that season before losing a heartbreaker to the Browns in double OT. Relax, things will only get better this season. You'll see.
  3. Your fingertips cover 4 keys at once and you have to sit 3 feet from the keyboard?
  4. Born and raised in Oklahoma, I watched his entire career. And as great a basketball player as he was there (even Blake Griffin takes a back seat) he was an even better person and will be missed by all who knew him. RIP Tizzy.
  5. Says the battle-scarred and aging 3 year veteran of neary 26 years of age...
  6. +1 - I loved his work in Tales From the Crypt
  7. Geez - how old is this guy? Mean Joe ended his career in 1981 - 28 years ago, and this was his favorite player? Sounds like a Pats fan to me...
  8. What I liked: 1. Has good speed and quickness enabling him to get separation. 2. Has good hands and can make the difficult catches. What I didn't like: 1. Quits on routes. I saw him get open and the ball was well thrown. If he had kept running it probably hits him in stride. Instead, he stops and turns it in to a jump ball (which he catches, but it allows the defender to easily catch up and make the tackle). 2. No highlights of him blocking downfield for someone else All in all, not sure if he's the right value at 17.
  9. http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=72712
  10. Yeah, I remember when we drafted Pete Kendall...wait...what?
  11. Here is a fine example of shoddy reporting/investigation. Locklin was not an All-WAC tight end because NMSU did not join the WAC until 2005. At the time Locklin attended the school, NMSU was a member of the Missouri Valley Conference. Someone basically heard he was all conference at New Mexico State University and looked up what conference they are now in and put that down. Nice work NY Jets PR department.
  12. Rhodes was good, but I thought Barton played an amazing game. He was everywhere.
  13. 3 posts to say the same thing? Dude...
  14. I don't think of it as a banning - more of an intervention. He has enjoyed many more hours away from his mom's basement ever since.
  15. Manjudas? Way to compare one of the lowest forms of scum on the Earth, Bill Belichick to Jesus. Mangini betraying that low-life hardly compares to Judas betraying Jesus. Tool.
  16. 34-17 Jets win. Backups get some game experience in the 4th quarter.
  17. Hey Ray - why don't you and your posse go stab another person to death and leave us alone? Pro Bowl qualifications just aren't what they used to be...
  18. Done...twice. Once from my home PC and another from my work laptop. Good luck!
  19. and still the Steeler's FO vehemently denies the charge that the team had rampant steroid use in the 70's... RIP Dwight White.
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