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  1. Haha, damage control. Walsh blabs on HBO and Belichick, well known for monosyllabic answers, gives an interview. What a transparent turd. He knows the league is protecting the integrity of its product and that he got away with highway robbery. The fact is, Goodell, of now milquetoast fame, didn't ban this lying slob because again, he's protecting Mother Church at all costs.

    EDIT: And is it any wonder that other teams are essentially laying low? Because it is in their best fiscal interest to look the other way, thanks. The league does NOT want to open Pandora's Box all the way. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but count me in on this one. And, no matter that he won't get banned as he undoubtedly deserves. May the suspicion of taint and the taint of suspicion follow him and his Chumpionships all the days of his life. Amen.

    Spot on. POTW nomination.

  2. final day of real practice until june

    a few of the rookies have added me on facebook so i been asking them how camp is going

    hopefully they respond

    and i been promoting jetnation.com to them

    You are a strange litte douche in deed. Does this look familiar?


    Final Day Of Mini Camp

    final day of real practice until june

    a few of the rookies have added me on facebook so i been asking them how camp is going

    hopefully they respond

    and i been promoting jetsinsider.com to them


    So apparently you are promoting both? or are you posting everything on both sites in an attempt to become the next pfTex?

  3. If those two players start and contribute, yes, we closed the gap.

    We stunk at rushing the passer last year. I think we made it all the way to week 10 without a sack. We needed someone who can put pressure on Brady and make him make the mistakes.

    We also couldn't keep the offense on the field. We couldn't put enough scores on the board and didn't have a big TE with great hands and incredible speed. We have that now.

    I will be looking for some help in the secondary today and a bunch of other projects.


    I agree with you here BZ and agree we'll look for Secondary help/Inside Linebacker. But with three picks left we won't get a "bunch" of other prospects.

  4. Yeah, didn't bakers numbers go up since Clemens came in? anyone have the stats?

    btw Shockey to the Jets neva gonna happen

    w/Chad: 13 catches, 135 yds, 2 TD's

    w/Kellen: 28 catches, 274 yds, 1 TD

    Each with 8 games. If you double each of their stats for a full season, Baker puts up decent numbers with Kellen (sans the TD's). Still - even with the 4 TD's projected out over the year for Chad, that is pretty pathetic red zone production from the TE position. Of course, once you add in the production of the other 3 TE's as well (9 catches, 71 yds, 1 TD (from Kellen which evens them at 2 TD's each)) it's muuuuch better... :rolleyes:

    We can only hope Franks has something left in the tank.

  5. specifically, Peter King:

    The Patriots very much wanted Iowa tackle Matt Light in the second round, but worried that the Jets might want Light too.

    Light went to Purdue

    Exactly right PR37. Another bang-up reporting job by ol' Petey. Facts have never been that important to him nor has actually following the game been. He should stick to reporting about what his daughter does - he seems to have a grasp of that.

  6. He committed a crime, he's doing his time for it. What more do you want? If you're going to keep complaining about these guys having lives afterwards, then we should just keep criminals in jail forever. Most people complain about other country's being too harsh, yet then these same people just won't let anything go. Might as well just keep people in jail forever then, or just kill them for any crime they've committed.


  7. http://www.star-telegram.com/329/story/559120.html

    Marion Barber Rule?

    The NFL's competition committee is recommending, as a point of emphasis, that officials make stiff arms to the face a 15-yard penalty. Cowboys running back Marion Barber, among others, has used the stiff arm to his advantage.

    Titans coach Jeff Fisher, co-chairman of the competition committee, said "grabbing on or twisting" the face mask by an offensive player on a defensive player will be a 15-yard face-mask penalty. Offensive players also will be flagged 15 yards if they shove a defensive player backward with a stiff arm to the face, Fisher said.

    "The plays we looked at, we had a couple of instances where a stiff arm led to a horse-collar tackle," Fisher said. "We try to give the benefit of the doubt to the defense. When [offensive players] do stiff arm, they've got to be careful about going to the face."

    A committee's recommendation on a point of emphasis of an existing rule does not require a vote to be implemented.

  8. Don't know if it qualifies as relevant, but she's still making cash. This commercial is on about once ever four minutes over here.

    That's a commercial??? The damn thing was 3 and a 1/2 minutes long! Good thing they didn't play that during the Superbowl. It would have cost them over 15 million for one showing and most people would have gone to the fridge to make a sandwich and grab a cold one.

  9. Question (since I didn't see the game) - Why would a big, lumbering lineman with the ball try to hurdle a much smaller defender? He should have just ploughed right through him. I guess he didn't get that many opportunities to run with the rock but still... :confused:

  10. What? The guy didn't post a losing season until his 7th season, making it to the playoffs in each of his first 6 seasons. Exactly how many young coaches do you know of that get fired for posting 10+ win seasons five of their first six seasons?

    There is a huge difference between Cowher and your average "young" NFL coach. Cowher has never lost as many games in a season as Mangini did last year. That is like comparing Leon Washington to Barry Sanders, and claiming rookie RBs don't get a chance in the NFL.

    Cowher took over the reins from Chuck Knoll. Mangini took them over from...well - somewhat less of a coach than that...

  11. My guess is pretty well since she has been seriously dating the same guy for over a year now - a man who happens to be a friend of Bill's. As a matter of fact, I heard (from a very reliable source) that the former Mrs. B and her beau, BB and the lady he's been seeing for over a year (not the Jersey floozie - rather a barbie version from West Palm), were vacationing on Nantucket last year (the Mrs. has a house next to Bill -both were Bill's homes originally) and they all had dinner together. Some of their respective kids were in attendance as well. That folks, is what one would call a modern-day, amicable parting of the ways. BB is at the former BB household (Suburb west of Boston) often. He's quite close to his children.

    Wow. Sounds like a swell guy... :rolleyes:

  12. You guys *who ever bash Mcfadden's rep* have no right to judge McFadden and who he is. What makes you guys so much better to say things about the women he has been with? come on thats kinda foolish to say those things. He is a freaking kid still growning up. We all have done some ****ed up **** in our lives no one is perfiuct.

    Curtis Martin grew up in a gain related area you think he has no sketltons in the closet in his past that he has done growing up?

    How about Jerome Bettis. He had a great image before his book came out and he admited his mistakes and grew and lived his life. Dont judge a person before you walk on there shoes and live there life thats all im saying fans ;)

    Ow. No offense but that was painful to read. Not because you are incorrect necessarily, but... welll... type slower next time and proof read (it wouldn't hurt to use the spell checker either - http://www.iespell.com/download.php). It'll make your point more of an actual point. Right now it gets a little lost in translation.

  13. Is that uncle Ricco throwing him the ball for most of the clip?

    I still can't believe VY is a starting QB in the NFL. That video "highlights" just how crappy his mechanics really are.

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