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  1. Can't come soon enough. All this talk is great, it really is. But the sooner they can actually improve this team the happier I will be!

    "After midnight, were gonna let it all hang down.

    After midnight, were gonna chug-a-lug and shout.

    Were gonna stimulate some action;

    Were gonna get some satisfaction.

    Were gonna find out what it is all about.

    After midnight, were gonna let it all hang down."

    I could have attached this to the Sean Salisbury thread instead but this seemed a better choice IMO. :P

  2. It is like the yearly excuse for Vick.

    He is "going to change the game" but so far the only thing he has changed is how many excuses can you add up for why he is not changing the game.


    He IS changing the game BZ. He is about to become the single-season rushing leader for QBs. He is proving that he can still bring his collegiate game to NFL stadiums and set records. Not for wins mind you - individual records. The ones he cares most about I'm sure.

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