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  1. Once again you totally missed the point, which is not surprising since he was speaking to the man's willpower and heart - 2 things I doubt you know anything about. Had the same happened to you I have no doubt that you wouldn't have even tried to come back from the first one. Just stayed at home on your porch swing collecting disability checks.
  2. or when have you directly answered a question on this board? You always pull out the same old tired bullsh!t you always do. So piss off mate.
  3. I assume you mean you'll be cheering for him to recover quickly and successfully from whatever he's rehabbing at the time...
  4. How does edging out the "2 doormats of the AFC East" (your words not mine TX) get the Pats the number 2 ranking? Even you should be dumbfounded by that.
  5. That's a valid point. However - I saw many Reds' games back in the day and cannot for the life of me recall 1 time where he pulled a Bill Buckner while manning the infield. He did have 213 errors in 24 years though but most of those came in the early 60's. He's just one of those guys to me that seemed to be all about winning at any cost. If he bet on his own team (denied by Rose and never proven one way or the other) I'd be very surprised. Guess none of us will ever know the answer to that one.
  6. And yet Rose has more hits than anyone in the history of the game. I wonder how big his lead would be in that category if he didn't (as you imply) throw games?
  7. McEwans Scotch Ale - Good stuff...
  8. This one is my favorite... Hahaha...6-3....
  9. yep - he was on just the other day chastizing the FO for letting go of Jabe after his standout performance - and what could ultimately be his only standout performance of this year.
  10. another shot to the rajensen midsection...
  11. He just likes to steal money at any opportunity - period.
  12. Here - I'll answer for him: But...Jennifer Anniston....uh....Brad...um..Pitt....ah....dumped. Hotter....Jolie...better than....only one year as a coordinator. 26th ranked defense...did I say dumped? Woody sucks....
  13. No - they got Bolly when the coaching staff was a ?
  14. I go to the Champps in Fair Oaks mall. Lots of plasma tv's in their restaurant and bar which are connected so if you can't get in to the bar you can still see the game.
  15. I see that "Mr. All Preseason" Chas Gessner missed out again too...
  16. 1(t). Miami - New England 3. Oakland 4(t). Dallas - Denver
  17. Leave you and your Mom's wardrobe out of this Tex...
  18. Hell Son - I'm moving you to OT! Is that genius or what!?!?!?
  19. Hey Lia - care to step up and defend your man now? We're all waiting to hear your spin on this one... The Chiefs look awful thus far, vanilla or not. And to see Herm nodding his head up and down while trying to look pensive the whole game is rediculous. It's the look that says "Green, Red - I still don't have any idea what the hell is going on out there. Must be Solari's fault..."
  20. Gary got offended that I used the word "puke." But to me, that's what his column looked like. Hey Gary - You know what would make a good story? Something about a sportswriter who makes people happy, but inside he's real sad. Also, he has severe diarrhea.
  21. Here is Tex's custom Smilie list: [More]
  22. of course the pizza was good. Obviously - cause it's pizza. and that's good. But what you don't know or realize is that there are alternatives, obviously, to that very same pizza. It could be thin - it could be thick. It may have a little cheese or a lot of cheese. Not to mention it could have no toppings or 10 toppings - you just don't know. But you know what? YOU PAY TO EAT THE PIZZA!!! HELLO?
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